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Working With Design Patterns: Visitor

  • By Jeff Langr
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Listing 4: HierarchyField.

package util;

import java.lang.reflect.*;

public class HierarchyField {
   private Field field;

   public HierarchyField(Field field) {
      this.field = field;

   public String name() {
      return field.getName();

   public Object getValue(Object object) {
      try {
         return field.get(object);
      } catch (IllegalAccessException e) {
         throw new RuntimeException();

   public boolean equals(Object object) {
      if (object == null || !(object instanceof HierarchyField))
         return false;
      HierarchyField that = (HierarchyField)object;
      return that.field.getName().equals(this.field.getName());

   public Class<?> type() {
      return field.getType();

It's up to the visitor implementation to decide what to do with each of these callbacks. Listing 5 shows an implementation for the XML transformer. The XmlBuilder class implements the Visitor interface, providing appropriate logic for each of the visit, depart, and visitPrimitiveAttribute methods.

Listing 5: Implenting the XML transformer.

import util.*;
import visitor.*;

public class XmlBuilder implements Visitor {
   private static final String EOL =
   private static final String PAD = "  ";

   private int level = 0;
   private StringBuilder builder;

   public XmlBuilder(StringBuilder builder) {
      this.builder = builder;

   public void visit(HierarchyObject instance) {

   public void depart(HierarchyObject instance) {

   public void visitPrimitiveAttribute(HierarchyObject instance,
                                       HierarchyField attribute) {
      indent(level + 1);
            + instance.valueString(attribute)
            + endTag(attribute.name()));

   private void indent(int levels) {
      for (int i = 0; i < levels; i++)

   private String beginTag(String text) {
      return "<" + text + ">";

   private String endTag(String text) {
      return "</" + text + ">";

   private void appendLine(String text) {
      builder.append(text + EOL);

   private void append(String text) {

The main points? XmlBuilder isn't fettered with the navigation and reflection logic, making it very easy to comprehend. And, HierarchyWalker supports the ability to do something other than produce an XML document.

Visitor does present challenges, particularly as things change. Several variants of the visitor pattern exist to try and circumvent these issues. But as complex as visitor can be, the heart of the pattern is about simplifying things through use of the SRP.

Figure 1: Visitor

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This article was originally published on January 28, 2008

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