February 20, 2019
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What Is JPA Technology?
Study an overview and JPA's supporting implementation in Java.

Developing a Module with Java 9 in Eclipse IDE, Part 1
Discover the basics of creating and developing a module in Java 9. The Eclipse IDE is …

Going Beyond Unit Testing with SpotBugs
Learn how to install the SpotBugs Eclipse plug-in and use it to identify issues in your …

Building an Android Live Wallpaper
Learn to locate the live wallpapers available on your device, what the wallpaper APIs are, …

Getting Started with Shareplex on Windows on AWS, Part 2
Learn to install Shareplex and start Shareplex service and test Shareplex by running some …

Secure Your Web Apps Using the Servlet API
Configure a Banking servlet to invoke HTTP Basic Authentication using annotations.

Exploring the Basics of Java Logging
Explore the basics behind logging in Java and see how it helps in Java development.

Getting Started with Shareplex on Windows on AWS, Part 1
Learn about installing Shareplex on one of the most commonly used Cloud providers, the …

What Is the Microsoft Graph?
Become proficient with the Microsoft Graph, the concept of connecting services and devices …

How to Multicast Using Java Sockets
Learn more about the overall concept of sockets in general and multicasting in particular, …

Migrating an Oracle Database from AWS EC2 to AWS RDS, Part 4
Migrate ongoing changes to the data created in the previous articles.

Migrating an Oracle Database from AWS EC2 to AWS RDS, Part 3
Create and run a replication task to migrate existing data, continuing the work from the …

Interthread Communication in Java Multithreaded Programming
Discover what Java has to offer for interthread communication in a multithreaded …

Migrating an Oracle Database from AWS EC2 to AWS RDS, Part 2
Explore migrating an Oracle Database from EC2 to RDS.

Migrating an Oracle Database from AWS EC2 to AWS RDS, Part 1
Learn to migrate an Oracle database from EC2 to RDS.

Autoboxing and Unboxing in Java
Autoboxing and auto-unboxing streamline the coding of algorithms, removing the tedium of …

Leading Edge Topics Developers Should be Watching
A half dozen core topics worth watching are presented for your consideration.

Virtual Reality 101: Understanding the Types of Lighting
Learn about five different light approaches for your virtual worlds. You'll learn what …

Creating an Amazon Aurora Cluster
Learn to use Amazon Aurora, a relational database that is available only on Amazon …

Using Jenkins with Kubernetes AWS, Part 3
Learn to run the Jenkins pipeline explained in an earlier article to install Kubernetes …

Using Jenkins with Kubernetes AWS, Part 2
Follow along to configure a Jenkinsfile for a Jenkins pipeline and create a Jenkins …

Accessing Contacts Data on Android Devices
Learn how to utilize Google's contacts data to our software's benefit.

Using Jenkins with Kubernetes AWS, Part 1
Follow along and learn to automate the Kubernetes installation process using a Jenkins …

Understanding the Basic JavaFX Classes and How to Use Them
Dive into the basics of the JavaFX classes, especially with respect to the use of …

Using Oracle JDeveloper with MySQL Database Service on Oracle Cloud Platform, Part 3
Learn to query the table created in earlier parts and how to export the result set to a …

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