March 8, 2021
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Beginner's Guide to SQL Server Database Development with VSTS Database Edition

  • By Jeffrey Juday
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Results of a Schema compare appear in Figure 9. I've applied a filter option so you can see the results more easily and compare them to the changes you made above.

Click here for a larger image.

Figure 9: Schema compare results

Included in the list of changes are database users and other items. Mostly likely, you will want to exclude users, especially if you're syncing with your development server. To exclude, you need to change the Update Action to "Skip". Right-clicking at the category level allows you to select "Skip All". This action is illustrated in Figure 10.

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Figure 10: Opting to skip all

Changes are applied in a set of DDL statements. You can view the DDL and access other options from a toolbar like the one in Figure 11.

Click here for a larger image.

Figure 11: Toolbar options

The "Write Updates" button on the toolbar will synchronize the source with the Target. I would recommend reviewing the ScriptsIgnoredOnImport.SQL file after synchronizing.

For Further Study

I've covered the basic development tools and features. There are some other useful features.

Data Compare allows a developer to synchronize the data between two databases. Instead of creating DDL statements, it creates DML statements.

Applications may require multiple databases. In fact, databases may even do cross database queries. Reference Variables allow one project to reference another project as if the project were doing a cross database query.

There are also unit testing tools. I'll cover this subject in another article.

Finally, advanced topics are included in the Sources at the end of the article. This article was meant to get you running faster with the tool. "Introducing Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals" is a much broader introduction.


Transact SQL development requires a specialized development tool. Visual Studio Database Edition is a capable TSQL development platform. VSTS database edition not only manages all of your database artifacts, it also enables various database synchronization scenarios.


About the Author

Jeffrey Juday is a software developer specializing in enterprise application integration solutions utilizing BizTalk, SharePoint, WCF, WF, and SQL Server. Jeff has been developing software with Microsoft tools for more than 15 years in a variety of industries including: military, manufacturing, financial services, management consulting, and computer security.

Jeff is a Microsoft BizTalk MVP. Jeff spends his spare time with his wife Sherrill and daughter Alexandra. You can reach Jeff at me@jeffjuday.com.

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This article was originally published on June 10, 2008

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