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August is a very busy month for the software company Sybase. Last week they announced the availability of a new tool, Sybase® DataWindow® .NET only to follow up this week with announcements concerning Sybase® PowerBuilder® 10 and the beta of their Sybase® Adaptive Server® Enterprise (ASE) 15.0 beta. The first two products are available now with the beta for ASE shipping on September 1st.

Sybase DataWindow .NET

Last week, Sybase, Inc. showed a strong committment to the .NET community with the availability of Sybase DataWindow .NET, a patented technology designed to simplify application development for the Microsoft® .NET developer community.

Here is a powerful new development tool for any .NET environment that simplifies and accelerates the creation of data driven enterprise applications – including rich and smart client. Based on proven technology that has been awarded six patents, Sybase DataWindow .NET gives developers a single tool to quickly and easily incorporate data access, complex logic and data presentation into .NET applications. Sybase DataWindow .NET is available immediately.

  • With 4GL power, Sybase DataWindow .NET significantly reduces development time, coding and the need for deep knowledge of complex data access methods and SQL queries.
  • Sybase DataWindow .NET enables development of enterprise applications that can be quickly adapted to changing business needs, ensuring the right information is available to the right people at the right time.

Sybase PowerBuilder 10

Today Sybase announces the general availability of Sybase PowerBuilder 10, an advanced rapid application development (RAD) tool that enables customers to simplify and accelerate the creation of enterprise class, data-driven applications. This open IDE powers rapid application development across leading technologies, with support for XML, JSP, EJB, .NET and Web Services. Sybase PowerBuilder 10 offers both rich-client functionality and capabilities for the J2EE and Microsoft .NET environments, patented Sybase DataWindow technology, 4GL ease-of-use and integration with Sybase PowerDesigner., a market leading enterprise modeling tool.

Sybase PowerBuilder 10 builds on the 4GL+ roadmap, the RAD environment from Sybase that brings an even higher level of developer productivity in heterogeneous computing environments through tight integration of design, modeling, development, deployment, and management. Sybase PowerBuilder 10 also includes a copy of Sybase DataWindow .NET for customers who are also working with .NET development tools. DataWindow .NET, a patented technology which was announced earlier this month, is designed to simplify application development by reducing development time, coding and the need for deep knowledge of complex data access methods and SQL.

New capabilities in PowerBuilder 10 include:

  • Unicode Support — Developers writing international applications can easily display multibyte characters within a single row of a DataWindow.
  • XML Web DataWindow — Sybase DataWindow has been rearchitected and fine-tuned for greater performance, scalability, and extensibility.
  • Microsoft .NET Support — Simplified access to .NET data and complex database operations with PowerBuilder ADO.NET interfaces.
  • Support for Microsoft’s Active Accessibility Interface— Developers can now easily build applications for end users with disabilities.
  • Application Refactoring and Object Modeling — Developers can extend and reverse engineer existing applications for new uses in different architectures with a plug-in for PowerDesigner, Sybase’s market leading enterprise modeling tool.

Sybase PowerBuilder Enterprise version 10 pricing was announced at $2,995 and $645 for an Upgrade Subscription Plan (USP).

Launch of the ASE 15.0 Beta

Sybase also announces the official beta launch of Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15.0, the latest version of the company’s enterprise-class relational database management system.

  • Developers can join the free Sybase ASE 15.0 beta program and receive product information now by visiting The beta will start shipping September 1, 2004
  • Sybase ASE 15.0 beta program participants will have the opportunity to provide input into the design and functionality of the feature set identified for ASE 15.0 release, and will receive advance copies of product documentation and in-depth implementation advice from the ASE development team.

New capabilities in the beta version of ASE 15.0 include:

  • Greater Scalability and Manageability — Sybase ASE 15.0 includes semantic data partitioning and next generation query processing that will significantly reduce VLDB space management and VLDB query complexities and results in increased scalability with storage products and next generation hardware.
  • Faster, Simpler Application Development — Sybase ASE 15.0 has deep support for native XML handling, real-time messaging and native Web services capabilities for increased developer flexibility and productivity.
  • Increased Security — Sybase ASE 15.0 delivers native data encryption at the storage level for maximum security, as well as FIPS 140-2 Compliant SSL Support and ISO 15.0408 Common Criteria Certification to meet the security needs of businesses today.

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