March 1, 2021
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Zuckerberg Predicts Slow Ramp for Virtual Reality

  • By Developer.com Staff

On his company's third quarter earnings conference call, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg predicted that it will take a while for virtual reality, including his company's Oculus Rift platform, to catch on. "The first thing that I want to stress here is that these kind of new platforms take a long time to develop," Zuckerberg said.

And unlike Microsoft, which is targeting enterprise users for its HoloLens, Facebook will be going after gamers. "In terms of the actual content, first, we think gaming is going to be the most obvious market," said Zuckerberg. "There are around, I think, more than 200 million, almost 250 million people who have either an X-Box, a PlayStation or a Wii. And we think that that audience is going to the type of people who are going to be very excited about the type of experiences initially that you can have with virtual reality."

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This article was originally published on November 5, 2015

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