January 20, 2021
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What Mary Meeker's 2016 Internet Report Means for Developers

  • By Developer.com Staff

Every year, Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker releases a report on Internet Trends that is one of the most highly anticipated and discussed in the technology industry. This year's full report has more than 200 pages, but here are some key takeaways for developers:

  • Thanks in large part to India and other developing countries, Internet penetration continues to grow at 9 percent per year, generating plenty of new users for apps and websites.
  • Smartphone sales growth dropped from more than 28 percent last year to around 10 percent this year as people decided their current phones were good enough.
  • Android market share increased 7 percent, but the average selling price for Android phones declined 11 percent.
  • Online advertising continues to grow rapidly, led in large part by mobile.
  • Platforms that allow for video and image sharing are becoming more popular than text-only platforms, particularly among young "Gen Z" users.
  • Messaging continues to grow rapidly.
  • Mobile users spend most of their time in just a couple of apps, often messaging apps.
  • Voice is becoming the next big interface, as 1 in 5 Android searches are now voice-based.
  • The transportation industry is undergoing dramatic shifts thanks to autonomous cars and ride-sharing.
  • China has 668 million Internet users, creating a huge market for the mobile development industry.

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This article was originally published on June 2, 2016

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