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The Secret to Mobile App Success: 3 In-App Purchases

  • April 13, 2015
  • By Developer.com Staff

A new report from TapJoy suggests that mobile development firms should focus on getting at least 1,000 users who make three in-app purchases in the first three months after downloading an app. The apps that meet those criteria have an 84 percent chance of getting $1 million in revenue. In addition, developers need at least 35 percent of in-app purchasers to make at least three purchases if they want to be successful.

Other interesting factoids from the report included the following:

  • The first day of the month is the biggest day for in-app purchases, especially in Asia.
  • People spend 40 times longer per use session on the top 10 percent of games (by revenue) compared to the bottom 10 percent of games.
  • In half of mobile games, the best-selling in-app purchase item outsells the worst-selling item by twenty times.

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