October 14, 2019
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Only 10%-12% of New App Users Remain Active After 7 Days, Report Says

  • February 14, 2017
  • By Developer.com Staff

A new report from AppsFlyer offers both good news and bad news for user retention within the mobile development industry. The bad news is that only 10 to 12 percent of new users remain active after seven days of using an app, and only 4 to 5 percent remain active after thirty days. But the good news is that overall retention is better than a year ago.

Key takeaways from the report included the following:

  • Retention is better for organic users (those who find the app on their own or through a friend) than for non-organic users (those who respond to an ad): 15 percent better on iOS and 21 percent better on Android.
  • On Android, organic user retention declined 6 percent, but non-organic retention climbed 4 percent.
  • On iOS, organic user retention increased 9 percent, and non-organic retention went up 25 percent.
  • Fewer than 2 percent of the people who download an app make an in-app purchase.
  • iOS users are 50 percent more likely to make an in-app purchase than Android users.

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