January 16, 2021
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Nadella, Rometty Talk up AI

  • By Developer.com Staff

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and IBM CEO Ginny Rometty are both at the Davos conference this week talking about their companies' plans for artificial intelligence (AI). Both have high expectations for the technology, but both cautioned that AI should not be used to replace humans.

"Our technology, products, services and policies will be designed to enhance and extend human capability, expertise and potential," Rommetty said. She added, "Cognitive systems will not realistically attain consciousness or independent agency."

In an interview, Nadella said, "The fundamental need of every person is to be able to use their time more effectively, not to say, ‘let us replace you.’ This year and the next will be the key to democratizing AI. The most exciting thing to me is not just our own promise of AI as exhibited by these products, but to take that capability and put it in the hands of every developer and every organization."

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This article was originally published on January 17, 2017

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