February 28, 2021
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"Middle Class" App Developers Are Earning More

  • By Developer.com Staff

In most developing industries, there's a tendency for a few top players to account for a larger and larger percentage of sales. But new data from Flurry suggests that isn't the case in the mobile development industry. Back in 2010, the top 25 iOS and Android apps accounted for 28 percent of all revenue. However, this year, the top 25 apps will account for just 15 percent of revenue. Similarly the number 26-100 ranked apps earned 27 percent of revenue in 2010, but will earn only 17 percent of revenue in 2012. All the other apps--the so-called "middle class" and "poor" apps--earned 45 percent of revenue in 2010, but that will grow to 68 percent this year.

As TechCrunch concludes, "Bottom line, in the new app economy, there’s no struggle of the 99% here. The richer are getting richer, but so are the middle class and the poor. And those last two are gaining fast."

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This article was originally published on August 1, 2012

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