October 25, 2020
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Microsoft Debuts JavaScript Testing Tool

  • By Developer.com Staff

Microsoft has announced the release of a beta version of BrowserSwarm, a JavaScript testing tool available for free under an open source license. The company developed the tool in collaboration with AppendTo and Sauce Labs, and it's aimed at those who are creating new JavaSript development frameworks.

"Most top JavaScript frameworks like jQuery, dojo, prototype and Modernizr—used by over 70% of the top traffic Websites worldwide–have enough resources to perform testing regularly," blogged Microsoft's Justin Garrett. "But what if you're a startup building a new framework? Testing is probably the last (but necessary) thing you want to do. So–just like we announced modern.IE testing tools for developer sites–we are partnering on BrowserSwarm to help framework authors. We want to alleviate the time spent testing frameworks (and the sites they service) so that developers have more time to innovate on the Web."

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This article was originally published on September 27, 2013

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