January 27, 2021
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Julia, Go, Kotlin, Assembly Make Surprising Popularity Gains

  • By Developer.com Staff

Tiobe has updated its monthly index of programming language popularity, and this month the company noted some languages that made unexpected popularity gains. For example, Julia, a numerical computing language, cracked the top fifty for the first time, and Kotlin, a JVM language created by JetBrains, made it into the top 100. Google's Go continued its climb, coming in 19th after ranking 44th a year ago.

Perhaps most surprising of all has been Assembly's rise to 8th place. "I am really surprised about Assembly," Tiobe Managing Director Paul Jansen said. "I thought that we all agreed that programming in Assembly is not efficient and error-prone, but apparently there are sufficient reasons to use it."

The top of the chart still contains plenty of familiar names. The top ten included Java (18.236 percent), C (10.955 percent), C++ (6.657 percent), C# (5.493 percent), Python (4.302 percent), JavaScript (2.929 percent), PHP (2.847 percent), Assembly (2.417 percent), Visual Basic .Net (2.343 percent) and Perl (2.333 percent).

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This article was originally published on September 9, 2016

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