February 28, 2021
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JetBrains Releases State of Developer Ecosystem 2018

  • By Developer.com Staff

JetBrains has released a new report on the State of the Developer Ecosystem in 2018, which is based on surveys of 6,000 developers in 17 countries. Highlights included the following:

  • Java, JavaScript and Python are the top three programming languages.
  • Go is the most promising programming language.
  • 38 percent of developers won't learn a new language this year; those that will are planning to learn Python, JavaScript, Java, Go, TypeScript and Kotlin.
  • 82 percent of editors use IDEs; 69 percent use text editors.
  • The most popular continuous integration systems are Jenkins, Travis CI, GitLab CI, TeamCity and CircleCI.
  • 35 percent of mobile development pros create apps for both iOS and Android; 72 percent use native tools.
  • 85 percent of developers code on the weekends.

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This article was originally published on June 11, 2018

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