March 8, 2021
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Google Play Revises Developer Policies

  • By Developer.com Staff

In an attempt to get rid of some questionable apps in its store, Google has updated its Google Play Developer Program Policy. Many of the changes center on deceptive advertising. Developers are no longer allowed to run ads that install apps without the user's permission, to run "deceptive" ads or to send ads via text message without permission. In addition, "Ads must not simulate or impersonate the user interface of any app, or notification and warning elements of an operating system. It must be clear to the user which app each ad is associated with or implemented in."

Other changes to the policy include not allowing apps to send text messages to users' friends without permission, tweaking the language prohibiting pornography, forbidding apps that contain links to malware and requiring more clarity about in-app purchases.

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This article was originally published on March 31, 2014

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