January 20, 2021
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As Java Slips, C Is Number One Again

  • By Developer.com Staff

More and more programmers are turning their backs on Java, and as a result, the C programming language is now the number one language in the world again.

ComputerWorld's Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols has the story.

"In a survey of programming language use by TIOBE Software, an analysis company focusing on software quality," Vaughan-Nichols said, "they found that 'After more than 4 years C is back at position number 1 in the TIOBE index.' It's not that C has suddenly gained new developers: 'The scores for C have been pretty constant through the years, varying between the 15% and 20% market share for almost 10 years.' The real reason C's is back on top is because Java use has been declining."

The top three languages are C, Java and C++. Then there's PHP, Visual Basic (that's surprising), C#, Python, Perl, Delphi and JavaScript, Vaughan-Nichols reports.

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This article was originally published on April 8, 2010

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