January 27, 2021
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Z. Vex Goes Open Source

  • By Developer.com Staff

Usually when people talk about open source, they're referring to software. But the open source phenomena is spreading deeper into hardware too.

Today, Zachary Vex, the mad genius behind the handcrafted and hand-painted Z. Vex guitar effect pedals, announced the Inventobox.

The Inventobox allows anyone to hack Vex's pedal designs however they choose. Vex debuted the hacker-friendy Inventobox at the National Association of Music Merchants.

Wired's Michael Calore covered Vex's demonstration and he's not stopping with the Inventobox. Vex is going all-in on open source.

"Vex says he intends to eventually publish each of his designs for free on the internet, giving away the schematics and the instructions on how to assemble the circuits for every last one of his signature pedals. He is also creating an iPhone app that will let you purchase new pedal modules as they become available and view the published schematics."

Vex said, "I'm going to be giving away all my secrets. People are already hacking my pedals anyway, posting my designs on the various forums. So, I don't care what they do to them."

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This article was originally published on January 15, 2010

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