November 17, 2017
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What Tools and Technologies Are Java Developers Using Now?
Kotlin, Spring and Intellij IDEA have a lot of fans.

The Programmers Who Sent Men to the Moon
Writing the code that ran the computers of the Apollo mission was an incredibly difficult …

GitHub Unveils Teletype Code Collaboration Tool
The new open source tool works with the Atom text editor.

Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Tools for AI
The company's IDE is getting better support for collaboration and artificial intelligence.

Who Are the Bug Hunters?
People who earn bug bounties are young and highly educated, and they love a challenge.

Scripting Languages Fall out of Favor
Perl, PHP and Ruby are experiencing popularity declines.

HPE Launches Blockchain-as-a-Service
The beta service will be ready for production enterprise use early next year.

Robotics, Blockchain Top List of In-Demand Freelance Skills
Cloud computing, augmented reality and deep learning were also in the top 10.

Facebook Revamps Buck Build Tool
The open source tool now provides faster compilation times for Android apps.

IBM Launches 20-Qubit Quantum Computing Cloud Service
But the new technology still faces many hurdles before it's ready for widespread use.

40% of Quick Base Users Are Women
No-code development tools appeal to a broad base of citizen developers.

80% of Consumers View AI Positively
People don’t know what artificial intelligence is, but they like it.

Survey: 93% of Developers Evaluate Software
Developers look for good documentation and a clean startup process when evaluating …

Salesforce, Google Announce Cloud Computing Partnership
Salesforce customers will get free access to G Suite.

Salesforce Launches Low-Code Mobile Development Tool.
It is also upgrading its AI capabilities.

Will AI Replace AI Developers?
Google, Facebook and Microsoft are investing in meta-learning technology.

Synopsys Buys Black Duck for $565 Million
The deal highlights the growing importance of open source code for enterprise application …

What's Coming for Visual Studio Code in 2018?
The free IDE will promote "happy coding."

IBM Renames Its Cloud Computing Service
Bluemix is dead. Long live IBM Cloud.

Are Capsule Networks the New Neural Networks?
AI expert Geoff Hinton is taking a new approach to computer vision.

Developers Hate Perl
They aren't too crazy about Delphi or VBA either.

Report: AWS Has 35% of IaaS Market
Despite Microsoft's impressive numbers, Amazon continues to dominate cloud computing.

Webalo Launches No-Code IIoT App Dev Tool
No-code mobile development meets the Industrial Internet of Things.

Report: Developers Want Jobs with Work/Life Balance
A high-quality codebase is the second most desirable job trait.

Report: Average US iPhone User Will Spend $88 Per Year on Apps by 2020
Back in 2012, the average spend was only $12.

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