February 21, 2018
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AI Developers Are Getting Desks Next to Their Bosses
Google, Facebook and even Overstock.com are placing big bets on artificial intelligence.

Chef InSpec 2.0 Speeds DevSecOps
The open source compliance tool has been updated with new cloud computing features.

W3C Publishes 3 WebAssembly Drafts
The standards body is making progress towards WebAssembly specifications.

New iPhone Apps Must Support iPhone X Screen
Beginning in April, Apple will impose more restrictions on iOS developers.

Amazon Revamps Alexa Skills Developer Console
The cloud computing giant is making it easier to create skills for its smart speakers.

Blazor UI Framework Brings .Net to the Browser
The new tool could simplify some Web development.

Demand for Blockchain Developers Skyrockets
Employers have 14 jobs for every blockchain developer in existence.

HackerRank Raises $30 Million in Funding
The developer job site has received $58.2 million in all from investors.

Are Websites Dying?
One CEO believes Google and HTML have led to bad Web design and poor customer experiences.

Google Cloud Adds TPUs
The hardware accelerators are designed for machine learning workloads.

GitHub Identifies Key Open Source Development Trends
Tools that enable cross-platform development are becoming increasingly popular.

Oracle Cloud Becomes More Autonomous
The company's application development tools are getting machine learning capabilities.

Vote for Java EE's New Name
The options are Enterprise Profile or Jakarta EE.

EFF Cofounder John Perry Barlow Dies at Age 70
Some credit Barlow for making the Internet what it is today.

Survey: Developer Ecosystems Need Good Content
More devs want learning opportunities than want to make money.

The Leading Contributors to Open Source, Ranked
Microsoft leads the pack.

CloudBees Buys Codeship
The CEO called it "the most impactful acquisition in CloudBees' history."

Apple Mixup Sends Developers Info on Apps They Don't Own
Developers are worried about the data breach.

Cisco: Cloud Computing to Account for 95% of Data Center Traffic by 2021
Enterprises are moving to the cloud.

March's Pwn2Own Will Have $2 Million Prize Pool
The hacker event will take place March 14-16 in Vancouver, BC.

Smartphone Sales Drop 6.3%
Apple may now be the leading vendor worldwide, depending on which report you believe.

Cloud Computing Spending Climbs 46% in Q4 2017
Microsoft, Google and Alibaba all increased their market share.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Mobile App?
About eight weeks, on average.

IBM Cloud Adds Superfast GPUs
The cloud computing vendor is offering bare-metal servers with Nvidia V100 GPUs.

Google, MobileIron to Partner on SaaS Marketplace
The two will launch an online store offering cloud-based applications to businesses.

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