December 17, 2018
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Cloud Heavyweights Announce Data-Sharing Initiatives
Adobe, Microsoft and SAP are partnering to enable data sharing; so are Salesforce and AWS.

Chef Adds More Azure Integrations
The DevOps tools can help enterprises migrate apps to the Azure cloud computing service.

Tidelift Wants to Be 'Netflix for Open Source'
The startup will pay developers to maintain open source projects.

GitLab Raises $100 Million in Series D Funding
The development tool vendor is now valued at more than $1 billion.

CloudBees Launches New Suite for DevOps Teams
The group of tools supports continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Amazon Introduces APL Alexa Language, Other Tools
The company is adding Alexa to a lot more devices.

Google Updates Cloud Development Tools
The company made announcements related to Cloud Source Repositories, Cloud Build and Cloud …

JavaFX 11 Reaches General Availability
The module is no longer a part of the JDK.

IBM Cloud Computing Service Helps Detect AI Bias
The SaaS offering adds transparency to automated decision-making.

Mirai Botnet Developers Sentenced to Help Feds
The former black hats avoided prison by agreeing to work with the FBI on cybersecurity.

Gartner: 28% of Enterprise IT Spending to be Cloud-Based by 2020
$1.3 trillion in spending will be directly or indirectly tied to cloud computing.

Linux Community Gets a Code of Conduct
Some developers are mad about being told to play nice.

It's National Coding Week
The effort aims to teach people of all ages about programming.

Linus Torvalds Takes Some Time Off
The irascible Linux creator wants to change his behavior.

Apple Removes Infowars App from App Store
Web and mobile development platforms are cracking down on speech considered offensive.

Microsoft Promises to Fix Apps Broken by Windows 10 Upgrades
The software giant is making life a little easier for enterprise application development …

Report: IBM Secretly Used NYPD Camera Footage to Train AI Systems
The article is stoking concerns about privacy and artificial intelligence development.

Google Launches Dataset Search Beta
The new search engine could make it easier for data scientists and big data developers to …

Atlassian Redesigns Bitbucket Cloud
The cloud development service now has a "code-first" user interface.

Wearables Market Continues Slow, Steady Growth
The Apple Watch is beating all the competition as Fitbit sales decline.

Researcher Finds 390,000 Websites with Exposed Source Code
Some Web developers are making it too easy to access their Git repositories.

Tiobe: Python Becomes a Top 3 Programming Language
Julia is also growing in popularity.

Researchers Demonstrate Method for Hacking Voice Interfaces
"Skill squatting" could cause Alexa to serve malicious content.

Apple: iOS Apps Must Have Privacy Policy by Oct. 3
The mobile development industry will need to scramble to comply.

Report: Elite DevOps Teams Deploy Code 46x More Frequently than Low Performers
Top-performing DevOps teams are also much better at leveraging cloud computing's benefits.

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