March 22, 2018
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Amazon Will Pay for Alexa Skills Targeting Kids
It's not clear how Amazon decides how much money it will give developers.

Female Google Software Engineer Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
The former employee says the company has a "bro culture."

More Developers Using Go Language at Work
The programming language continues to grow in popularity.

Google Unveils Beta Version of Flutter Mobile Development Framework
The tool supports native, cross-platform rapid development.

Microsoft Releases Quantum Development Kit for Linux and MacOS
The new kit is a whole lot faster than the last one.

Java EE Is Now Jakarta EE
The Eclipse Foundation has a new name for the open source project.

More Smartphones to Feature 'Notch' Design
Mobile development pros that disliked the strange screen shape on the iPhone X are in for …

Rovio Loses Half Its Value
The mobile development firm was once worth $1 billion.

Bad Coding Leaves 34,200 Ethereum Smart Contracts Vulnerable to Exploit
Smart contracts might not be so smart after all.

Gartner: Smartphone Sales Drop for the First Time Ever
It's unclear whether the declining phone sales will impact the mobile development industry.

Microsoft for Startups to Give Away $500 Million in Cash, Services
Participating companies will get free development tools and cloud computing services.

AI Developers Are Getting Desks Next to Their Bosses
Google, Facebook and even Overstock.com are placing big bets on artificial intelligence.

Chef InSpec 2.0 Speeds DevSecOps
The open source compliance tool has been updated with new cloud computing features.

W3C Publishes 3 WebAssembly Drafts
The standards body is making progress towards WebAssembly specifications.

New iPhone Apps Must Support iPhone X Screen
Beginning in April, Apple will impose more restrictions on iOS developers.

Amazon Revamps Alexa Skills Developer Console
The cloud computing giant is making it easier to create skills for its smart speakers.

Blazor UI Framework Brings .Net to the Browser
The new tool could simplify some Web development.

Demand for Blockchain Developers Skyrockets
Employers have 14 jobs for every blockchain developer in existence.

HackerRank Raises $30 Million in Funding
The developer job site has received $58.2 million in all from investors.

Are Websites Dying?
One CEO believes Google and HTML have led to bad Web design and poor customer experiences.

Google Cloud Adds TPUs
The hardware accelerators are designed for machine learning workloads.

GitHub Identifies Key Open Source Development Trends
Tools that enable cross-platform development are becoming increasingly popular.

Oracle Cloud Becomes More Autonomous
The company's application development tools are getting machine learning capabilities.

Vote for Java EE's New Name
The options are Enterprise Profile or Jakarta EE.

EFF Cofounder John Perry Barlow Dies at Age 70
Some credit Barlow for making the Internet what it is today.

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