January 18, 2018
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Survey Predicts More Workloads Will Migrate to the Cloud
Cloud computing experts believe Azure and Google Cloud will grow rapidly over the next two …

Google Will Require All Android Apps to be 64-Bit
The company says 64-bit apps offer better performance.

Apache Kafka on Azure HDInsight Reaches Production Status
Microsoft is also decreasing fees for its big data cloud computing tools.

Forrester: 42% of Enterprises Deploying Agile and DevOps Together
However, it is hard to scale agile software development throughout a large IT organization.

New iOS App Is Controlled by Users' Eyebrows
Will facial recognition be the next big thing in control interfaces?

Apache Releases Hadoop 3.0
It's the first major update for the big data framework since 2013.

The 7 Most In-Demand Programming Languages
These are the languages that can help you get hired.

How TensorFlow Helped Discover 2 Planets
NASA used Google's artificial intelligence software to examine starlight.

W3C Announces HTML 5.2 Specification
And HTML 5.3 is now a public working draft.

C Experiences Sharp Rise in Popularity
C is back.

Google Will Open an AI Lab in China
The company hopes to attract local talent to work on artificial intelligence research.

All Chicago Public School Students Will Learn Swift
The new coding education initiative could spur greater interest in mobile development.

Apple's App Store Now Has Pre-Orders
Developers can start getting paid for apps before they're even released.

CA Study Highlights Problems in Enterprise Application Development
Developers aren't ready to handle AI, IoT, agile or DevOps.

Microsoft Previews Quantum Development Kit
For now, the new quantum computing tools are available for free.

AWS Will Teach Cloud Computing to High School Students
Amazon is expanding its AWS Educate program.

Survey: 76% of Enterprises Have Apps Developed Outside IT
More than a third of survey respondents say citizen developers are faster then enterprise …

Cloud Foundry to Get a Serverless Service
AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions and Microsoft Azure Functions are getting some new …

Microsoft Unveils IoT Central
The new SaaS offering is a low-code app development tool.

How to Do DevSecOps, According to Gartner
The analyst firm expects 80 percent of rapid development teams to use DevSecOps by 2021.

Google AI Creates 'AI Child' That Outperforms Human-Made Tools
Machines might be better at creating other machines than humans are.

Code.org Has Raised $12 Million
The money will help fund efforts to teach more young people how to program.

The Best Android Apps of 2017
The mobile development firms behind these apps earned kudos from Google.

Amazon Launches AWS Cloud9 Cloud-Native IDE
The new IDE integrates very tightly with other Amazon services.

Microsoft, SAP Expand Cloud Computing Partnership
SAP S/4 HANA is coming to Azure, and the two companies are using each other's cloud …

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