November 18, 2017
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HPE Launches AI Tools
The company wants to encourage more enterprises to deploy deep learning technology.

Google Releases Android Studio 3.0
The company is also rolling out a preview of Android 8.1 Oreo.

90% of the Public Cloud Runs on Linux
Microsoft is no longer a top contributor to the Linux kernel.

'App of the Day' Increases Downloads by 1747%
When Apple features a game or app in the App Store, downloads skyrocket.

Q3 2017 App Downloads and Revenues Reach Record Highs
The mobile development industry continues to thrive.

Report: AI Specialists Making Up to $500,000
High demand and short supply are leading to skyrocketing paychecks.

Apple and Samsung Are Going Back to Court -- Again
Following a new Supreme Court decision, Samsung wants Apple to give back some of the money …

The Most Popular Languages, Projects and Tools on GitHub
JavaScript, TensorFlow, Microsoft Visual Studio Code and Kubernetes are very popular on …

AlphaGo Zero Beats the Original AlphaGo 100-0
The new artificial intelligence program relies on reinforcement learning.

Multiple Changes Coming to Google Play
Google is promoting Instant Apps, reducing fees for subscriptions and starting a bug …

Docker to Include Kubernetes
The container orchestration tool will be integrated with both free and paid versions of …

Report: 88% of Java Apps Include Vulnerable Open Source Code
Enterprises often rely on Java components with known security flaws.

Woz U Will Train Developers and Tech Support Pros
Steve Wozniak wants to offer affordable training for people interested in technical …

Tim Cook: Learning to Code Is More Important Than Learning English
The CEO calls on people everywhere to learn basic programming skills.

'Git Bomb' Vulnerability Could Crash Systems
GitHub has released a patch for the flaw.

Grafeas Standardizes Container-Based Software Supply Chains
The open source tool will make it easier to manage applications built on microservices and …

AWS, Microsoft Partner on Gluon Machine Learning Library
The two cloud computing giants want to make artificial intelligence more accessible for …

Survey: 40% of Developers Skip Testing to Release Faster
Enterprise application development teams are feeling pressured to release code right away.

GitHub Adds Dependency Graph, Security Alerts
The open source hub is making it easier for developers to track dependencies.

Andela Aims to Train 100,000 African Software Developers
The startup trains programmers and places them in contract jobs with large companies.

Java Comes to Azure Functions
Microsoft's serverless computing platform now supports the world's most popular …

Is Kotlin Overtaking Java for Android Development?
Interest in the newer programming language has skyrocketed.

Visual Studio Code Adds Code Folding
The code editor now boasts faster performance.

Twitter Bot Records GitHub Developer Swears
If you've posted profanity on GitHub recently, this bot tweeted about it.

Software Industry Contributes $1.14 Trillion to Economy, Report Says
Ten million people are employed thanks to software development and distribution.

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