December 3, 2020
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Kong Announces General Availability of Kong 1.0
Version 1.0 adds several key features along with fixes aimed at improving speed, …

Google Adds Enhancements to Cloud Spanner
Recent improvements include query inspection enhancements, new region availability, and …

Parity Launches Substrate Beta for Blockchain Development
The new open source technology stack is designed to make it easy to create a blockchain …

Neurotechnology Intros Autonomous Robot Navigation SDK
The SentiBotics Navigation software development kit is designed to enable autonomous robot …

SAP, Software AG Plan Open Platform for Smart Cities
The aim is to make it easier for cities and communities to implement their own Smart City …

XebiaLabs Adds DevOps as Code Features
Developers can now manage key DevOps information the same way they manage application code.

GitLab, TriggerMesh Intro GitLab Serverless
Users can now deploy serverless functions and applications on any cloud or infrastructure …

Salesforce Intros Lightning Web Components
The new offering is designed to make it easy for JavaScript developers to code on the …

MongoDB Adds Charts to Atlas Cloud Service
The new release enables Atlas users to visualize their data without having to install any …

Trello Adds Automation with Butler Acquisition
Once Butler is integrated into the solution, the company says, Trello will be the only …

Rust Team Introduces Rust 2018
Rust 1.31.0 is also Rust 2018, the first new edition of the programming language.

Predictim Fight Raises Questions about the Future of AI
Are the social media firms right to limit the startup's access to data?

AWS Unveils New Services at re:Invent
Several of the cloud computing giant's announcements include features or services of …

AWS Launches Cloud Computing Service for Satellites
The company now has a ground station as a service offering.

Apple Announces Entrepreneur Camp for Women
Women who lead mobile development firms can apply for the program.

Supreme Court to Hear App Store Case
Users claim that Apple has an unfair monopoly.

Developer Tricks 560,000 Android Users into Downloading Malware
Two of the malicious apps were featured in the Play Store's trending section.

Is YAML Taking Over the World?
The JSON variant is becoming more popular as DevOps and infrastructure as code approaches …

Microsoft Unveils Azure Blockchain Development Kit
The cloud computing service combines templates, serverless computing and Azure Blockchain …

Google and MotherCoders Offer Free Coding Training for Moms
The nine-week class will teach HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills — and it has free …

Amazon Introduces Corretto OpenJDK Distribution
The company promises long-term support for Java users.

Microsoft Buys Bot Developer Xoxco
The software maker continues to invest in artificial intelligence technology.

The Accidental Cause of Google's Outage on Monday
Cloud computing and search services were knocked offline by an error in Nigeria.

SAP Purchases Qualtrics for $8 Billion
The big data analytics and machine learning space remains hot.

RunCode Offers Coding and Hacking Challenges
The contest previously known as Codewarz is back.

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