December 15, 2018
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Report: 55% of Developers Contribute to Open Source
Three-quarters of developers use open source software in their jobs.

IBM Buys Red Hat for $34 Million
The deal will benefit IBM's hybrid cloud computing business.

Azure, Google, Alibaba Increase Cloud Computing Market Share
Amazon still dominates the market.

Only 2% of Developers Exclusively Use Low-Code/No-Code Tools
Software developers use low-code and no-code tools, but not very often.

How a Dead Developer in a Parked Car Went Unnoticed for a Week
Although once highly successful, the aging software designer could no longer find work.

Linux Torvalds Returns to Linux
The Linux creator attended the Open Source Europe Summit.

Angular Releases Version 7.0
The update to the popular development framework focuses on performance.

Google Improves Android App Bundles, Instant Apps
The company is also enhancing its crash reporting and subscription billing features.

Atlassian Revamps Jira
The development tool has been redesigned to provide more developer autonomy.

The GitHub Octoverse: 31 Million Strong
The code hosting service also debuted some new tools.

In Memory of Paul Allen, Programmer
The Microsoft cofounder wrote some of the original code for MS-DOS.

DARPA Wants Machines to Have Common Sense
The MCS program could move humanity closer to creating a general artificial intelligence.

Report: App Store Q3 Revenue Topped Google Play Sales by 93%
Mobile development firms get more downloads with Android apps, more money from iOS.

Microsoft Contributes Its Patents to Open Source
The company is joining the Open Innovation Network and will work to protect Linux from …

Survey: Lack of Skills Is Biggest Barrier to IoT
Companies are looking for developers and others with Internet of Things experience.

Google Shuts Down Google+
The company is taking several steps that will affect third-party developers creating apps …

Swift Gains Popularity, Python Declines Slightly
Java keeps its place as number one on the Tiobe list.

Node.js Foundation, JS Foundation Contemplate Merger
The two open source organizations are seeking feedback from the community.

Cloudera, Hortonworks to Merge
The Hadoop rivals believe they will generate $1 billion in revenue by 2020.

Facebook: Third-Party Apps Not Affected by Privacy Breach
The bug that led to stolen credentials hasn't affected any third-party Facebook apps …

MS-DOS 1.25 Is Now on GitHub
If you're feeling nostalgic for the 1980s, this code will take you back.

Eclipse Completes Takeover of Java EE/Jakarta EE
The non-profit foundation now controls all the components of Jakarta EE and the GlassFish …

Best Open Source Software 2018: Development Tools
Microsoft, blockchain, and JavaScript frameworks feature prominently among this year's …

Oracle Releases Java 11
This is the second update to the open source programming language this year.

Google Releases Android Studio 3.2
The newest version of the tool has more than 20 new features.

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