January 27, 2021
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Free Cloud Stuff for Developers

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    Free Cloud Computing Stuff

    Introduction to Free Cloud Computing Stuff

Many developers are already using Cloud services. Whether this is Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft’s Azure, or many of the others, the features and functionality the cloud offers have made it a viable tool or platform for the solutions they are building.

It is often a fear of runaway costs that can keep people away. Ironically, most of the major software companies offering Cloud solutions have programs that will allow developers and others to try their services at no cost. These programs might include a time limit, a quota limit, or a fee limit; however, in many cases you are able to get a feel for the service without the risk of spending money.

The following slides indicate some of the free programs offered by some of the major Cloud providers. Each slide includes a link to where you can either find more information or gain access to the offerings. Of course, what the providers offer is subject to change.

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Written by Bradley L. Jones, CEO of Lots of Software, LLC. Brad is a technologist that has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP, as an international bestselling author, speaker, director, webmaster, and much more.

This article was originally published on 2017-12-27

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