January 17, 2021
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10 Cloud Databases for Developers

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    Databases in the Cloud

    10 Cloud Databases for Developers

    These are ten of the most well-known cloud databases that developers can use today.

For developers, cloud databases offer a number of advantages. First, databases in the cloud are highly scalable, making it easy to grow as demand increases. Second, choosing a public cloud provider takes away a lot of the management burden. This is particularly helpful for those working on DevOps teams where the developers are responsible for many of the infrastructure administration tasks. Third, the cloud pricing model allows developers to pay only for the amount of resources they need. Many of the cloud databases even offer free tiers, which make it easy for startups to get their applications up and running inexpensively.

In the past, many developers had concerns about the security of cloud databases, but the public cloud providers have responded by incorporating more security features, including encryption, into their offerings. For some, flexibility and vendor lock-in have also been concerns, but in this area, too, service providers have been making improvements.

Before selecting any cloud database, developers would do well to examine all of the features, pricing and uptime guarantees of the services they are considering. For this slideshow, we put together a list of ten of the best-known cloud databases for developers. It includes both SQL and NoSQL options that can suit a wide variety of different applications.

This article was originally published on 2016-08-24

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