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As a result of the Internet of Things (IoT) there are stellar future devices being built today. Here is a list showing some products that already exist.



Five Exciting Devices Where IoT Is Being AppliedFive Exciting Devices Where IoT Is Being Applied


The Internet of Things (sometimes known as the Internet of Everything) is a network of physical objects that have been embedded with electronics, software, and sensors allowing us the possibility of producing some stellar future devices. Some products on this list already exist, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be better.

By Hobbs Karg and Ilan Nass of Fueled


Smart RefrigeratorsSmart Refrigerators


One of the products you may think already exists is the smart refrigerator. The only problem is they aren’t very smart. Sure, they have a touch screen that is connected to the Internet, but what if they were much more than that. Imagine your fridge could analyze what’s inside it, and then create a shopping list based on previous shopping history. What if it could even have the groceries delivered to your home by itself and even sense when you would be home from the GPS signal on your mobile phone and move a pizza into the oven through a connected door on the side? These are all very realistic tasks our refrigerators could take on without constant monitoring.


Smart ToothbrushesSmart Toothbrushes


The smart toothbrushes we have today are in the very early stages. They can only detect whether or not you have properly brushed particular areas of you mouth. However, a smart toothbrush could be advanced even further to be able to detect how healthy your teeth are, telling users when it is time to see the dentist.


Smart CarsSmart Cars


When we think of smart cars today, we envision little fuel-efficient vehicles that barely have room for two people and luggage. The future smart cars will be much more active, being able to sense when you are leaving the store and drive up to the curb to pick you up with your favorite music already playing. You won’t need to hassle over where you parked your car because soon enough they will park themselves.




This home security system will include a HD video camera as well as sensors that trace air quality, motion, sound, temperature, and vibrations within one unit. The system will adapt to its surroundings to determine what is considered normal activity within the home. Canary alerts you via your mobile device when something is not right, and can also be configured to send alerts to secondary users when you are away.


Crash Proof CarCrash Proof Car


Volvo has announced by 2020 they will have a crash proof car. These high tech computerized vehicles will be fitted with sensors that “refuse to be steered” into other objects. The technology has largely already been developed; the obstacle is having public acceptance. Prototypes have already been driven thousands of miles’ worth of tests on public roads and the company’s test track.

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