January 28, 2021
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Creating a Network Speed Monitor in C#
How to create a network speed monitor in C# and display the results.

Doing Tech Presentations and Team Meetings in VR
VR presentations and meetings are cool and hip - and you should be doing them.

Creating an Azure Cognitive Search Service
Azure Cognitive Search can give your web site or application an AI and natural language …

Introducing Azure IoT Edge Tools in Visual Studio 2019
The Azure IoT Edge Tools extensions and tools make coding, building, deploying, and …

Big Data and Azure
Learn to integrate Big Data into your Azure endeavors.

Understanding the PAAS Service Model

Working with D3 Time Series Axes
Learn how to use the scaleTime() function to present time series data on the x axis of a …

What Is Cloud Computing?
Learn the basics of cloud computing.

What Makes a Real-time App
Discover some of the factors that make an application one of the real-time variety.

Getting Started with Amazon ECS and Amazon Fargate
Learn about Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service), a managed service for Docker …

IoT for Developers Using Microsoft Technology
Learn about some of the things Microsoft has been doing to help you build IoT solutions.

Working with JavaMail and the Spring Mail APIs
Dive head-first into JavaMail, Spring, and the Sprint mail API and study a simple e-mail …

A PubNub Primer
PubNub provides realtime APIs and global messaging infrastructure to simplify coding your …

An Introduction to Microservices
Learn what Microservices are, see their pros and cons, and observe a few frameworks and …

Getting Started with Shareplex on Windows on AWS, Part 1
Learn about installing Shareplex on one of the most commonly used Cloud providers, the …

What Is the Microsoft Graph?
Become proficient with the Microsoft Graph, the concept of connecting services and devices …

Migrating an Oracle Database from AWS EC2 to AWS RDS, Part 3
Create and run a replication task to migrate existing data, continuing the work from the …

Migrating an Oracle Database from AWS EC2 to AWS RDS, Part 2
Explore migrating an Oracle Database from EC2 to RDS.

The Internet of Things: Is This the Year?
IoT technology continues to grow. Is 2018 the year it becomes significant enough for …

Leading Edge Topics Developers Should be Watching
A half dozen core topics worth watching are presented for your consideration.

Virtual Reality 101: Understanding the Types of Lighting
Learn about five different light approaches for your virtual worlds. You'll learn what …

Creating an Amazon Aurora Cluster
Learn to use Amazon Aurora, a relational database that is available only on Amazon …

Using Jenkins with Kubernetes AWS, Part 2
Follow along to configure a Jenkinsfile for a Jenkins pipeline and create a Jenkins …

What Is a Custom Runtime Image in Java 9?
Take a holistic look at the features of custom runtime images introduced with Java 9.

Free Cloud Stuff for Developers
Discover some of there free Cloud services, functions, and tools offered by many of the …

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