November 17, 2017
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Using an Azure NoSQL Solution: DocumentDB
Become proficient with Azure DocumentDB, a NoSQL database solution provided by Microsoft …

Getting Started with Windows Azure Virtual Machines
Set up your own server with your own parameters? Yes! It's easy with Microsoft Azure.

Writing Applications in the Cloud with Visual Studio Online
With the move to cloud-based services, even project development has gone to the "clouds".

Using the Media Services SDK in Real-World Applications
Vipul Patel walks cloud developers through examples of using the Media Services client SDK …

Overview of Azure Media Services
Vipul Patel provides an overview of Azure Media Services, which provides end-to-end media …

How to Get the Most Out of the Cloud
Setting up virtual servers, building new IT applications, and accessing stored data all …

Migrating PHP Applications to Run on Windows Azure
Learn the basics of migrating PHP applications to Microsoft’s cloud platform, …

Get Started Building with Adobe PhoneGap
Take your web app skills mobile with Adobe PhoneGap's cloud build service!

Design Studio HTML5
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How to Capture Code Coverage for Windows Azure Service Using VSTS
Code coverage is a way to measure what percentage of the source code of a program has been …

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DocAve Online for SharePoint
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Qeystone by Minitab, Inc.
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Web Based Timesheet Script
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Amazon Cloud Drive
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Apple iCloud
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Windows Azure Hello World
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