January 25, 2021
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The Impact of the Cloud on Software Development
Developers are moving from a MTBF mentality to a MTTR mentality. Moving to the Cloud is …

Using Oracle JDeveloper 12c with Oracle Database 12c on Oracle Cloud Platform, Part 3
Create a connection to the database service instance created by using the Quick Start …

Acronym Anarchy: Cloud Acronyms - How Many Do You Know?
Acronyms have always been out of control in the tech world. Can you look through the …

Using Oracle JDeveloper 12c with Oracle Database 12c on Oracle Cloud Platform, Part 1
Create an Oracle Database 12c instance on Oracle Cloud Platform and use JDeveloper 12c to …

Developing with Live Video Technology
Developers who are building with WebRTC are completely reinventing the way we think about …

Technologies Targeted by Developers: Where Do You Stand?
From Artificial Intelligence to Bots to Mixed Reality, there are numerous leading-edge …

Using Docker on Azure Container Service with Swarm Cluster
Learn to use Docker on the Swarm created on the Azure Container Service, which was created …

Creating a Docker Swarm Cluster on Azure Container Service
Learn to use Azure Container Service (ACS), an optimized container hosting solution for …

Break Down the Walls! How to Unsilo Your Data
To solve the data siloing problem, you need fluid, adaptable processes and a unified …

Using kubeadm to Install Kubernetes
Kubernetes 1.4 introduces a new tool, kubeadm, to bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster.

The Hard Things about Hard Integrations
Enterprises face integration challenges today from the huge number of SaaS/Cloud apps they …

Getting Started with Docker for Windows
Docker for Windows makes it feasible to run a Docker daemon on Windows Server 2016. Learn …

Setting Up Windows Server 2016 on Amazon EC2
Explore starting a Windows Server 2016 instance on AWS EC2 and accessing the instance with …

Database Services on AWS and Oracle Cloud Platform
Learn about the databases available on the AWS and Oracle Cloud Platform cloud providers.

Seven Key Benefits of Open Source Software
Here are seven key benefits of using open source software.

Using Jenkins on Google Container Engine
Learn to run Jenkins using the Docker image "Jenkins" on the Kubernetes cluster.

Getting Started with Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
The process of installing Kubernetes on CoreOS on AWS is simplified by following these …

Using Jenkins on the Google Container Engine
Use Jenkins on the Google Cloud Platform and make use of the Google Container Engine.

An Introduction to Oracle Mobile Cloud Service
Become even more knowledgeable about Oracle's Mobile Cloud Service.

Using the Google Container Engine on the Google Cloud Platform
See how to set up the Google Container Engine so that you can use it to run Jenkins.

Implementing Azure Push Notifications in Your Android Apps with Xamarin Forms
Walk through the steps to integrate an Android App with the Azure notification service.

How to Run Google Assistant on Android Things Using the Any Voice Kit
Developers can run Android Things on the Voice Kit with full functionality, including …

Learn what's up with blockchain technology, and why you should know about it.

JavaScript in 2017: Beyond the Browser
As technology evolves, so does JavaScript.

Using Kubernetes (K8s) on IBM Bluemix
Learn about installing and using Kubernetes on IBM Bluemix.

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