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A Book for VB Masters Headed to a New World

In revising the Visual Basic language to make it compatible with .NET, Microsoft formally promotes this common development tool into the world of object...

Book Review: XML for Bosses

IT managers must balance their need to learn new technologies and the increasing demands put on their time. When managers want a "crash...

Book Review: A Starting Point for Wireless Java

Writing a technical book on an emerging technology is one of the most challenging tasks any technical writer can face. Think back to...

On the Beat: Why Certify (Part 1)

The first three installments of this new column will explore Sun's Java certification for programmers. Upcoming installments will review a training course for the...

Book Review: Know Thy Enemy

Book Information</F

Demystifying Java security

A few conundrums face anyone writing a book on computer security. <IMG SRC="/ew_img/common/content/article/19990414/gm_resecure/jsecure.jpg" BORDER="0" ALIGN="left" HEIGHT="198" WIDTH="160"

Documenting a success: David Skok

David Skok, chairman and founder of SilverStream, has a proven track record of turning small companies into -million-plus organizations -- such as FileNet and...

David Skok: A documented success

David Skok is the chairman and founder of SilverStream. He has a proven track record of tur

The Web Standards Project

Tired of wasting your precious development time on workarounds so that your site runs smoothly across all the various browsers and platforms?...

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