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Online Polling with XML

In a previous article, I demonstrated how to create a simple guest book application using XML and XSL. This time I'll be showing how...

An XML Guest Book Application

"By harnessing the power of XML, XSL and ASP, you can write Web applications in a snap."Most developers' first impression after reading about XML...

A Simple Stack Class

A Simple Stack Class Author: Chris Eastwood Author's WebSite: This class module functions as a simple stack that can be dropped straight...

Creating Shortcuts using Windows Scripting Host (VB5/6)

Author: Chris Eastwood Author's WebSite: The Microsoft Scripting Host is a co

Creating Internet Shortcuts with VB5/6

Author: Chris Eastwood Author's WebSite: This article builds on the code detailed in Accessing the Special Folder paths By utilising the class...

VBCodeLibrary Version 2.00

The second version of the VBCodeLibrary tool is completed and outlined on this web page. Overview This relea

VBCodeLibrary Tool for Developers

The VBCodeLibrary Tool is the first of a series of full applications for VB Developers written especially for the CodeGuru VB...

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