September 23, 2019
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Vipul Patel is a Microsoft MVP (two years in a row) in Visual C#. He currently works at Microsoft through Volt Information Sciences, specializing in C# and deployment issues. Reach Vipul at Vipul_d_patel@hotmail.com.

Understanding Gradle, the Android Build System

Review the basics of Gradle, the Android Build System.

Understanding Mapping Apps on the Android Platform

Learn how to get started building mobile applications on the Android platform using Google Maps.

Creating Google Glass Applications

Learn how to start building applications for Google Glass.

Android Performance: Creating a Responsive Android App

In this article, readers will learn about how to create responsive Android applications.

How Android Debugging Works

Gain insight into how Android debugging operates and learn implications to Android applications that you should know about.

Understanding Android Versioning

Learn how Android versioning works so that you can write applications that can benefit from versioning.

How to Use Android Data Binding

Walk through how the new data binding library helps simplify working with data in Android applications.

Project Layouts in Android Studio

Learn about working with Project layouts in Android Studio.

Working with Android View Animation in Apps

Walk through the basics of using view animations in Android applications.

Top Android Emulators to Drive Maximum Reach for Your Android App

Android developers, walk through the Android emulators you should use to test your application to drive maximum reach for your Android applications.

Top 10 Tips to Make Your Android Phone App a Best Seller

Explore tips for making your Android Phone App a best seller!

How to Expand App Reach by Supporting Multiple Screen Sizes

Learn how to expand app reach by supporting multiple screen sizes.

Using the Basic UI Controls in Android: Buttons, Texts, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Toggle Buttons, and Spinners (Building a Simple Android Application Demo)

This article gives an introduction to the Android picker control that can be used to select date and time in Android applications, with a working demo.

Working with the Android Picker Control to Select Date and Time

In this article, readers will learn about working with common input controls available for use in Android applications.

Understanding User Interface Layout and UI Components for Android Apps

This article walks developers through the fundamentals of how the User Interface layout works on the Android platform.

Executing Long Running Background Tasks in Android Apps Without an Interface (Using Services)

This article gives an insight about services and how to use them in Android applications.

Top 10 Android Devices in the Market

Millions of Android devices were sold in 2015. Here is the list of the top Android devices for 2015.

How to Load Data Asynchronously in Android Apps Using Loaders

Learn how to use Loaders in Android to load data asynchronously.

Working with Fragments in Android Applications

This article walks Android developers through the basics of how to use fragments by showing how to build a simple Android application.

Working with Java Resources in Android Apps

Learn the basics of how to work with resources in Android applications, including Android system resources and more.

How Android Determines Which Resources to Pick Up

Learn the fundamentals of how resources work on the Android platform and understand how to create resources by working through a sample application.

Getting Your Android App Listed in the App Chooser for Various Activities

How to get your Android app listed in the App Chooser for various activities.

How to Start an Activity in a Different Android App

This article discusses how Android developers can launch another app from within their app using intents.

Working with Intents in Android Apps

This article walks Android developers through the basics of working with Intents.

How to Schedule Background Tasks in Android Apps Using the JobScheduler API

In this article, readers will learn about using the JobScheduler API to schedule background tasks in Android applications.

Working with Files and the File System in Android Apps

In this article, we will learn the basics about file management in Android applications.

Hands on with Android Activity Lifecycle Events

In this article, you will learn about Android activity lifecycle events.

A Look Inside Azure's Next Gen Computer Platform

Learn about Resource groups—a new feature in Windows Azure Resource Manager—that powers the next generation computer platform from Microsoft.

Building Smart Apps that Understand Language, Speech, Images, and Face Recognition

Explore the offerings of the Microsoft Oxford service, which provides REST APIs and SDK developers can use to write applications that can understand content.

Tips for Debugging Cloud Applications like a Pro

Interested in learning to debug your cloud applications easily? Walk through tips that can help you debug your cloud applications like a pro.

A Look Inside the Windows 10 App Model: What Does It Mean for Developers?

This article walks developers through the new Universal Windows Platform App model coming as part of Windows 10 that will power mobile, desktop, and Xbox devices.

Drawing Objects on Android App Maps

In this article, we will learn how to draw objects such as lines and circles on Google Maps in Android applications.

Adding Map Markers and Handling Marker Events in Android Apps

Map markers make it easy to identify a location on a map. In this article, we will learn how to add map markers on Google Maps programmatically.

What's New in Windows 10 for Developers

Microsoft's new flagship operating system is just around the corner. This article walks developers through what's in it for them in Windows 10.

Building a Mapping Android App

Learn how to build an Android application that uses Google Maps.

Programming to Geocode Addresses and Getting the Current Location

In this article, we learn how to build an Android application that uses Google Maps.

RESTful Services - Best Practices on Consuming APIs

In this article, author Vipul Patel walks the readers through the best practices for consuming RESTful services.

Using Webview in Android Applications

In this article, Android enthusiasts will learn the basics about the WebView control and use it in a simple Android application.

Top 10 Performance Boosters for Your Android Apps

Join the author, Vipul Patel, as he shares tips to boost the performance of your Android apps.

How to "Platformize" Your Product: a Guide to Building APIs

Gain insight about product owners and how they can platformize their products by building great APIs.

A Look into Speech Support in CSS3

Explore the upcoming features of speech support in CSS3.

Thirteen Things to Check before Submitting to the Windows Phone App Store

Before submitting a Windows Phone App to the Windows Phone App Store, there are a few quick things you should check.

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