May 24, 2019
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GraphicsMagick: Image Processing Add-In as Easy as Abra Cadabra!

Need to create, update, or convert images programmatically? Look no further than GraphicsMagick for help for your C, C++, Perl, or .NET app.

Hamsterdb: a Small, Fast Database That Won't Weigh You Down

Need a fast database that won't bloat your application? Try this fast b+tree record manager with a small footprint, especially good for embedded device environments.

Wt: C++ Web Toolkit Library Lets You Write Scripting-Independent Web Apps

Tired of over-committing to one web scripting technology only to get derailed by the client's browser? Wt will insulate your application logic from the bumpy ride of trying to guess the right web platform for your apps.

Faster and Friendlier Access to Oracle's OCI API

Why get bogged down in the quicksand of the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) when you can get the same service with less code and fewer headaches with Vincent Rogier's OCILIB?

Simple DirectMedia Layer: Gaming Platform for C++, Java, and More

Got game? SDML immerses you into a complete game developer's environment, including low-level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, OpenGL, and 2D video framebuffers.

Libxml2: Everything You Need in an XML Library

Got XML files? Look no further than libxml2, which gives you both DOM and SAX model XML parsing in a single freeware library that works with most common languages in all popular platforms including Linux and Win32/Win64.

VTD-XML: A New Vision of XML

XML parsing has been stuck in the mud through cumbersome implementations of the DOM and SAX models. The VTD-XML model provides a new XML access method that both exceeds all existing parser models and also is easy to use.

Two Cool Things in C++00X: Object Initialization and Move Semantics

C++0X is coming and with it are new object initialization features and better control over struct/class member alignment.

Peeking Further into C++00X

A smorgasbord of new C++ features is coming in C++00X: constant-expression functions, predeclared identifiers, and simpler runtime type information tools are just a few of them on the way. Based on the newest report N2336 released in July 2007.

What's New in C++00X?

Frustrated by what C++ can do for you? Find out about how the new C++00X language standard will help you: TR1, delegating constructors, template aliasing, and strongly typed enums await! Based on the newest report N2336 released in July 2007.

Let Your Parser Go for the GOLD

Learn how the GOLD Parser system can help you develop fast and efficient parsers in any programming language environment, including C++, Java, and .NET just to name a few. GOLD is a freeware parser generator that includes a DFA and LALR parser you can include in your app with unlimited licensing.

Blitz++: Fast, Accurate Numerical Computing in C++

With Blitz++, you can turbo charge C++ so that you get advanced language features but lose its poor performance.

Find Simplicity and Portability in PNGwriter Graphics Library

PNGwriter is an easy-to-use open source graphics library that uses PNG as its output format. Jump right in with a demo for creating a PNG programmatically.

Classic Parsing with Flex and Bison

Its ease of use combined with its low footprint and high degree of portability make Bison and Flex ideal for rapidly developing useful parsers for today's challenging translation applications.

Flex Your Lexical Analysis Muscles

The Flex lexical analyzer generator enables you to accurately act on and react to incoming character data streams in a way that is both predictable and debuggable.

TBarCodeDLL-Board the Barcode Bandwagon

Reap great benefits from barcode integration. The TBarCode DLL component is a barcoding solution you can use to print reports or stickers that will verify inventory when scanned.

Doxygen: A Breath of Fresh Air for API Documentation

The Doxygen documentation system addresses the age-old dilemma of how to keep documentation consistent with actual use cases by extracting it directly from the source code.

A PDF Solution for All Programming Platforms

To begin writing raw PDF files, you need a solid working knowledge of PostScript—and that's not pretty. In reality, you need a complete PDF library that handles all your document-creation needs.

Help Your Application Users Become Great Spellers

Spell checkers for the Visual C++ and Visual Basic developer are plentiful and easy to integrate. So why not enable your interactive applications to help users look a little smarter?

Crypto++ Holds the Key to Encrypting Your C++ Application Data

The need to encrypt sensitive information is more important than ever. Luckily, the C++ class library Crypto++ enables you to encrypt your application data regularly and painlessly.

zlib: Add Industrial Strength Compression to Your C/C++ Apps

The zlib compression library enables developers to integrate lossless compression into their application suites with ease. The benefits are saved time, space, and therefore money.

PortAudio: Portable Audio Processing for All Platforms

The days of locking your audio applications into one platform are over. PortAudio, a free, cross-platform audio I/O library, enables you to record and/or play sound using a simple callback function.

Internationalize and Localize Your C/C++ Code with ICU

The International Component for Unicode (ICU) library can save you from being hopelessly mired in numerous character encodings as your C/C++ application matures into internationalization and localization.

Discover the Network Search Capabilities of the Boost Graph Library

Once you commit your data structures to a graph representation with the Boost Graph Library, the possibilities of sorting, searching, and connecting networks are limitless.

Expose Your C/C++ Program's Internal API with a Quick SWIG

The Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator (SWIG) tool connects C/C++ programs with a variety of scripting languages. Learn how to make your application's internal API callable from within Perl scripts.

Add Embedded Scripting to Your C++ Application

Nearly every application can benefit from a scriptable interface. Learn how to use C/C++ interpreters to plug a scripting language into your applications.

Accessing Your Database with C++ Is as Easy as DTL

Go one step beyond the Standard Template Library (STL) with the Database Template Library (DTL), which offers many advantages over the traditional procedural approach to database access.

Cross-Platform Game Development for C++ Developers, Part V: OGRE 3D

The Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine (OGRE) enables you to quickly and easily produce applications with hardware-accelerated 3D graphics by abstracting all the details of using the underlying system libraries. See for yourself.

Cross-Platform Game Development for C++ Developers, Part IV: ClanLib SDK

Although the cross-platform C++ framework ClanLib is focused primarily on the game developer, you could easily use it to develop a scientific 3D visualization tool or multimedia application as well. Take a look under the hood of this versatile API.

Cross-Platform Game Development for C++ Developers, Part III: The 3D Irrlicht Engine

Although open source, the high-performance Irrlicht Engine offers state-of-the-art features normally found in commercial 3D engines. Find out what they are and how to use them.

Cross-Platform Game Development for C++ Developers, Part II: The Allegro Platform

Get an under-the-hood look at the Allegro open source gaming library, and then dive into a demo that will show how to get up and running.

Cross-Platform Game Development for C++ Developers

Are you an aspiring game developer who's not sure how to get started? Get a close-up look at an open source, cross-platform gaming engine that can have you on your way to creating a hit game title in no time.

What's New for MFC in Visual Studio 2005

To prove that the Microsoft Foundation Class library is not dying, Microsoft has made some changes. Explore what is new and changed in MFC 8, coming with Visual C++ 2005.

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