January 23, 2021
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Using Appdynamics with Xamarin Forms

Learn how to integrate app dynamics with the Xamarin mobile app to do verbose logging and crash reports.

Integrating Fingerprint Authentication with App Login for iOS and Android

Follow this code to use a plug-in available for Xamarin Forms that enables fingerprint detection.

OAuth with Xamarin Forms Passive Authentication for iOS Apps

Learn how to do a passive authentication in Xamarin Forms for iOS.

Xamarin Forms: Refresh Data Using MessagingCenter

Learn to use Xamarin Forms' MessagingCenter's publish and subscribe model to refresh shopping cart data.

Programming a Snackbar into Your iOS App

Snackbar is a default control available in Xamarin Android. It is useful to display in-app notifications. Learn to create a snackbar for iOS.

Android Development: Tracking Target Apps When Sharing Information

Learn to take the appropriate actions when a target application is selected while file sharing.

Displaying Push Messages in a Custom UI (Xamarin-Android)

Learn to display a popup dialog when a notification is received and the app is open.

Sending Notifications to Mobile Apps from Azure Function Apps

Learn to integrate a service bus with a function app to send push notifications to your mobile app.

Implementing Azure Push Notifications in Your Android Apps with Xamarin Forms

Walk through the steps to integrate an Android App with the Azure notification service.

Displaying Dynamic Navigation Information in Android Apps

Solve the problem of dynamic navigation on your Android device with Xamarin Forms.

Implementing Apple Pay with Xamarin

Learn to integrate Apple Pay with the Xamarin iOS.

Azure Machine Learning (Azure ML) How-to

Discover how to create a training model and then deploy it as a Web service.

Using an Angular Calendar to Highlight Event Dates

Learn how the AngularJS date picker control can be used to display events in the mini calendar view.

Using Angular Typeahead

Learn to populate a typeahead dynamically from a Web service; the data displayed will be in tabular format with headers. This is implemented using Angular JS.

Building Workflow Solutions with Nintex and SharePoint Online

Learn about the features provided by Nintex in SharePoint online.

A Comparison Between Amazon Redshift and Azure Data Lake

Read through a comparison study of Amazon RedShift and Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

What Is Azure Data Lake?

Explore what Data Lake is and learn about the new services included under Data Lake Services.

What Is Amazon RedShift?

Probe the RedShift architecture and reap its benefits.

SharePoint 2013 Workflow Limitations and Work Arounds

SharePoint 2013 has different features from that in the 2010 version. Learn to work around the changes.

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