October 21, 2017
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Asynchronous, High-Performance Login for Web Farms

Turning sync to async: Create a secure, high-performing user authentication and management solution by using asynchronous messaging patterns and long running workflow.

Occasionally Connected Systems Architecture: The Client

In systems where Smart Clients disconnect, work offline, and re-connect, users still need to get their work done during synchronization. In this second installment of the Occasionally Connected series, you will delve into the design of Smart Clients that make use of messaging to communicate with an application server.

Occasionally Connected Systems Architecture: Concurrency

When designing systems that support users who need to work offline, one of the challenges developers face is how to deal with concurrency problems when these users re-connect and synchronize their data with the server. Explore patterns for conflict identification and resolution in the first of this series on Occasionally Connected Systems Architecture.

How to Select an Object-Relational Mapping Tool for .NET

When choosing an object-relational mapping tool, you need to understand why you need object-relational mapping and where it will fit into your architecture.

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