October 16, 2017
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Java Applet for Signing with a Smart Card

Discover how to sign documents using a smart card through a user's web browser.

NakovDocumentSigner: A System for Digitally Signing Documents in Web Applications

By working with the NakovDocumentSigner framework you will deal with the problems that arises in signing documents on the client machine and verifying them on the server and see how the standard functionality available in the Java platform can be exploited to sign files in Web, verify digital signatures, certificates, and certification chains.

Problems with Digital Signing of Documents in Web-based Systems

Discover the most essential problems connected with the digitally signing of documents in Web-based systems and a particular solution for them.

Using Digital Signatures and Certificates in Java

Discover which specification gives Java programmers a standard way to access cryptographic services, digital signatures, and digital certificates.

How Digital Signatures Work: Digitally Signing Messages

Discover how to create and verify digital signatures.

Digital Document Signing in Java-Based Web Applications

Learn the basic concepts of digital signatures and PKI (Public Key Infrastructure): public keys, private keys, digital certificates, certification authorities, certification chains, keystores, and so forth. This article includes useful information for non-Java developers also.

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