May 19, 2019
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Assembling "New" Service Based Solutions from Existing Services

This article demonstrates how an enterprise can improve time to market without sacrificing quality when offering new services: by leveraging investments made in existing services, incorporating best practices, and adopting a level of standardization.

The Role of Component Architecture in the Realm of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)

For developers who have to live with an enterprise that has legacy and component architecture-based applications, here is a way to introduce SOA in a manner that is not too disruptive. SOA can be leveraged to preserve business logic investments made within component architecture-based systems while incorporating a better and more standards-based infrastructure.

Achieving Situational Awareness in Enterprise Services

Discover an architecture pattern that can be leveraged by Enterprise Architects to promote the re-use of business services without having to overlook or override the variances encountered in the business rules that govern individual business units of a multi-faceted company.

Service Oriented Architecture and Mass Data Movement

Explore an architecture pattern that allows an enterprise to leverage SOA principles without having to fundamentally change how certain "niche" Service Providers honor business calls including how much application or business data is held in their repository to perform business behavior. See how you can apply it to your work.

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