May 26, 2019
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Developer.com's Security Product of the Year Award

Security is on the mind of everyone in IT these days. See what products ranked as finalists for our Product of the Year 2006 and which one won.

A New Look at the Linux+ Certification

Here is your chance to build and certify your foundational Linux knowledge within a vendor-neutral framework.

The Sun Certified Java Programmer Certification, Versions 1.2 and 1.4

Here is a roadmap on the several certification paths Java developers can follow. Pick which one is best for you.

Java 2 Certifications: An Introduction

Take note of this information if you are planning to get your Java certification.

Certified Novell Administrator

To further round out our certification section we now turn to what Novell has to offer.

The MCDST: Certifying Your Desktop Support Skills (Exam 70-272)

Want to add more certification stripes to your resume? Gain certification that shows you can diagnose and troubleshoot productivity applications on the Windows XP operating system.

Certifying Your Desktop Support Skills

As long as corporations have PCs and Macintoshes as workstations, there will be a need for someone to support these machines and their users.

A Look at the CDIA+ Certification

A smaller, but growing field is document imaging and management. Determine if the CDIA+ certification is something that should be added to your resume.

A Look at the i-Net+ Certification

Are your skills solid in the areas of Internet basics, Internet security and business concepts, networking, development, and clients? The i-Net+ Certification may help to highlight those abilities to employers and co-workers.

A Look at the HTI+ Certification

Get the information on the new HTI+ (Home Technology Integrator) certification and see how to move technology into the home.

A Look at the e-Biz+ Certification

CompTIA, the makers of the popular A+, Network+, and Security+ exams, has created an entry-level, vendor-neutral certification named e-Biz+ that examines one's ability to work in an e-Business environment. Take a closer look at this certification to see what it can do for you.

A Look at the CTT+ Exam

Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge and experience with others? Have you considered training or mentoring new programmers? Take a look at the CTT+ Exam.

A Look at the Security+ Certification

With security being such a hot topic these days, adding a security certification can significantly increase your worth.

A Look at the Server+ Certification

Working with a company's information infrastructure is a critical and highly visible job. The Server+ certification is a great way to increase your visibility as a middle level to upper level technician.

A Look at the IT Project + Certification

The need for trained and skilled project managers for any number of industries is expanding, and trained project managers who have experience finishing projects successfully on time, under budget, and professionally administered can garner significant pay and respect.

A Look at the Linux+ Certification

Undeniably, the open source Linux operating system has made a lasting impact on the information technology scene. Here's a look at what you need to know to past the Linux+ Certification exam.

A Look at the Network+ Certification

The networking market needed a general exam that tested an aspiring network professional's general baseline networking abilities and knowledge. Is the Network+ Certification the answer?

A Look at the A+ Certification

The A+ certification was developed to measure baseline skills and abilities of computer service and support technicians. Learn more about this exam that is now ten years old and boasts nearly 500,000 A+ certified people.

Programming Certifications: Java 2

Are you a Java guru? Do you have the paper to prove it? Learn about some of the options available for official Java certification.

Project Management Certification: The PMP

On time and on budget... What a concept! No doubt if you have been in IT for any length of time you have been part of a project. What constitutes a 'trained' project manager? What is the answer that many organizations are turning too?

Study Strategies: Increase your Comprehension and Learning While Studying for IT Certifications

Here are tips on how to improve your understanding and retention of material for certification exams.

Security Certifications: Qualifying Yourself for System Defense

What security certifications are available? Which certifications are right for your career? Security is one of the fastest growing areas of IT certification, and you have choices between general security certification tracks and security certifications centered on specific products.

Microsoft Developer Certifications: What's Your Path?

Learn if a Microsoft certification might be good for you. Learn if the Microsoft's MCAD, MCSD, MCDBA, and MCT certifications should be in your future.

Microsoft Certifications: What's Your Path?

MCP, MCSA/MCSE, MCAD/MCSD, MCDBA, and MCT -- The Microsoft certification read like a bowl of alphabet soup! Learn if a Microsoft certification might be good for you.

IT Certifications: What's Right for Me?

The IT certification market is an ever-growing industry. The 'alphabet soup' one can put behind their name is undoubtedly a growing phenomenon that can pose a confusing, time consuming, and expensive trail of decisions and hard work. Is certification right for you?

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