May 27, 2019
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5 More Notable Java 7 Changes

Project Coin ushered in a notable set of Java 7 language changes. Here are five that cover everything from generics to NIO to GUIs.

Use JavaMail to Automate Email Distribution

Learn the basics of using the JavaMail API to build a Java mail application.

Java Serialization: Persist Your Objects

With serialization, you can serialize (persist) any Java object for future use or recreate it from an existing source.

Implement Java Connection Pooling with JDBC

When you keep database connection pools initialized and ready to use, you effectively can grab an object from one, use the object to get your work/task executed, and then return the object to the pool.

Securing Your Java ARchive (JAR) Files

If your JAR needs the capability to access resources outside the JVM, sign it. The user can then feel secure in granting the required permission for your JAR to perform its actions.

Java ARchive (JAR) Files 101

JAR is the Java way of compressing a file. Learn how to use some basic and advanced features of this fundamental tool.

Java Socket Programming in Client/Server Applications

Java provides all the capabilities required to develop socket-based applications relatively easily—and it hides all the complexity involved.

Catch Errors at Compile Time with Java Generics

Using generics in your Java development can help you detect issues during compile time rather than being confronted by them at run time.

Where to Start with Java Web Start

Learn the basics for using Java Web Start to deploy your Java application clients.

Java Internationalization Made Easy

Java internationalization is a simple concept, and when it is implemented correctly, long-term management requires only minimal or no code changes.

What's Going On in There? Java Reflection for Program Insight

The Java Reflection API provides insight into the classes, interfaces, and objects in a given JVM. Learn how you can use reflection to ascertain a class's behavior.

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