May 23, 2019
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Eclipse Juno Delivers 70 Projects Including E4

Eclipse 4 now is the default platform for the IDE, but that doesn't mean Java developers will be using it just yet.

Komodo 7.0 IDE Syncs Up Development

Mozilla-powered IDE Komodo 7 gets new collaboration features and extends support to Node.js and LESS.

IBM Brings Message Queuing Telemetry Transport to Eclipse

Open source client for MQTT protocol could open up the Internet of Things.

PHP 5.4 and Zend Framework 2.0 Gearing up for Release

Beta releases of PHP 5.4 and Zend Framework 2.0 show developers what to expect in major updates set to debut in 2012.

Subversion 1.7 Released with Some Git-esque Merging

Popular open source version control system gets a major release aimed at meeting enterprise needs.

Coverity 5.5 Finds Bugs and Continuous Integration Kinship

New release of Coverity 5.5 static analysis tool integrates FindBugs and Jenkins to expand continuous build and test workflow.

Java 8 Delayed Until 2013 As Java EE and ME Push Forward

Oracle lays out roadmap for Java releases

What's In Store for Java 8 and 9?

Java Chief Architect Mark Reinhold gives a glimpse of the future of Java at JavaOne, going beyond Java 7 to give a sneak peek of Java 8 and Java 9.

Zend Server 5.5 Beta Advances PHP Automation

The dev release of Zend Server previews cloud automation capabilities for the PHP middleware server.

W3af Open Source App Vulnerability Testing Hits 1.0

Application vulnerability testing toolkit finally stabilizes with new PHP static analysis tools.

Rails 3.1 Nears Delivery

Rails 3.1 is now at the RC stage. What's new in the open source Ruby framework, and why should developers be excited?

Perl 5.14 Improves IPv6, Unicode

Latest release of Perl open source language continues to expand features for developers.

Oracle Commits to Open Source Hudson at Eclipse

Fork? What fork? Oracle re-affirms its open source commitment to the Hudson continuous integration project, moving it to Eclipse with multi-vendor support.

Oracle Advances NetBeans for Java 7

The NetBeans 7 release adds Java 7 and HTML 5 support, as well as new integration with WebLogic to the open source IDE.

Zend Advances PHP Development for the Cloud

Zend partners with RightScale in new PHP development effort for the cloud.

Adobe Extends Flash Builder for Mobile and PHP

Adobe updates Flex and Flash Builder with new releases that enable developers to develop for multiple mobile platforms including Android, Blackberry and even iOS.

Novell Mono Port Brings .NET to Android

Mono for Android adds a new mobile target for .NET developers.

Java EE 7 Specification Request Approved

The Java Community Process (JCP) Executive Committee votes in favor of JSR 342 for Java EE 7, clearing the way for the more cloud-optimized spec.

Eclipse Pushing Orion Development with New Hub

Eclipse effort to build a browser-based embeddable IDE continues to grow.

Oracle Tool Lets Developers Extend Java Apps to Mobile Platforms

New Oracle Application Development Framework Mobile Client enables developers to extend enterprise apps to Java-enabled smartphones.

Python 3.2 Improves Multithreading, Awaits 2.x Adopters

Python 3.2 is now available. Is it finally time to ditch Python 2.x?

LibreOffice 3.3 Frees Open Source Office Suite

Fork of Oracle OpenOffice hits its first release, improving Windows support, taking aim at old bugs and reducing the dependency on Java.

Mozilla Skywriter Becomes Part of Ajax.org Cloud Editor

The Mozilla Skywriter Web editor leaves Mozilla Labs to become part of the Ajax.org Cloud9 Editor.

Eclipse Launches Orion, Browser-based Web Development Tool

Eclipse Foundation kicks off new effort to build a Web-based dev tool, but don't think of it as Eclipse for the Web, it's something different.

JRuby 1.6 Advances Ruby on Java

New version of JRuby updates core Ruby on Java and adds performance improvements on Windows.

Drupal 7 Updates Open Source CMS

Popular open source content management system Drupal gets a major boost after a long development cycle. Is it now ready for the enterprise?

Open Source Languages in 2010: Developer Year in Review

Open source language and tool development ramped up in 2010, a big year for Java and Ruby while PHP, Perl and Python also advanced.

Google Donates Java GUI and Profiler Tools to Eclipse Foundation

Google set to launch the WindowBuilder Java GUI designer and CodePro Profiler at Eclipse, donating code worth over $5 million.

Google Wave Migrates Into Apache Wave, Novell Predicts Adoption

Google's real-time collaboration project Wave is set to become an Apache project. Novell believes that open source can advance the technology.

Google Tunes Up App Engine Cloud Platform with Focus on App Availability

The newly released Google App Engine 1.4 promises better performance and new capabilities for cloud application deployment.

Java 7 and 8 Begin to Take Shape: What's In, What's Out?

Oracle puts Java 7 and 8 features up for Java Community approval, providing a clear indication of what the next two major versions of Java are likely to include.

Zend Studio and Framework Updates Bring PHP to the Cloud

Zend Studio 8 and Framework 1.11 debut at ZendCon, as Zend aims to bring PHP development to the cloud and to mobile developers.

Fog Aims to Advance Ruby in the Cloud

Open source Fog project gets commercial backing and advances effort for multi-cloud interoperability for Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

IBM Joins Oracle in OpenJDK Effort

IBM joins Oracle in the OpenJDK open source Java project, mitigating potential fragmentation and giving new credibility to Oracle's Java leadership.

Apache Shindig Gets Social

Open source Apache project revs up OpenSocial support for Web developers, but Facebook isn't at the party.

Tcat Server Improves Tomcat Performance, Supports Tomcat 7

New MuleSoft release of commercially enhanced version of Tomcat debuts with performance and security features, adding support for Tomcat 7.

Komodo 6 Brings HTML 5, CSS 3 to the IDE

Popular Web development IDE based on Mozilla Framework gets a major update with new Python 3, HTML5 and CSS 3 features.

Zend Takes PHP Development to the Cloud

New efforts from the commercial PHP vendor will help developers to better build PHP apps for the cloud.

What's Next for Java at Oracle?

New servers, desktop and mobile initiatives for Java are detailed as Oracle takes stewardship of Java.

License Compliance Tool for Mobile Open Source Developers

OpenLogic's new tool helps mobile developers ensure they're in compliance with open source licenses.

CodePlex Foundation Aims to Evolve Commercial Open Source

The Microsoft-sponsored open source CodePlex Foundation nears its first anniversary and lays out a plan for growth in its second year.

Ruby 1.9.2 Boasts 'Production Ready' Update as Rails 3.0 Approaches

New version of the open source Ruby language release brings stability and features to the 1.9.x cycle. But is it a gem?

Google Revs App Engine for the Cloud

New version of App Engine improves multi-tenancy and adds a high-performance image serving system.

W3C Advances Web Font Standards

W3C's Web Open File Format standard for Web fonts nears completion, holding the potential to improve online typography for users of all major browsers.

Google Hacking Evolves for Defense

New tools announced at Black Hat will enable Google and Bing search queries for security vulnerability detection.

Inside Facebook's Open Source Infrastructure

How does Facebook deliver social networking to 500 million people? It takes a whole lot of storage and some open source goodness.

Will the New Perl Development Kit Bring Developers to the New Perl?

Perl 5.12 has been out since April, and now new tools are coming to market to help developers make use of the open source language. Will it matter? Is anyone actually using Perl 5.12 yet?

CouchDB Hits 1.0 with Open Source NoSQL for Windows, Too

First production-ready milestone of the CouchDB open source NoSQL database is released, providing stability and performance gains for developers and users.

Does Python 2.7's Release Mean the End of the Line for Python 2.x?

The final Python 2.x release is now available, but does that mean developers need to jump to Python 3.x now?

Apache Cayenne 3 Delivers New Features for Java ORM

Nearly four years after the last major Cayenne release, version 3.0 raises the bar on object relational mapping (ORM) with new performance and caching features.

Oracle Commits to Further NetBeans IDE Development

With both the Eclipse IDE and NetBeans IDE, Oracle is aiming to grow its Java developer ecosystem.

Tomcat 7 Debuts for Java

Java app server gets its first major refresh in years, but it's not quite stable -- yet.

PHP Development Tools Improve in Eclipse Helios Update

Latest PDT release will drive improved PHP development experience for developers.

Zend Scales PHP Server with Cluster Edition

New cluster tool from Zend Framework maker aims to provide more scale for PHP deployments.

Helios Release Delivers 39 Open Source Projects for Eclipse IDE

The coordinated Helios release of Eclipse projects delivers new tools for developers to build and deploy applications with the Eclipse IDE.

NetBeans IDE 6.9 Release Adds JavaFX Composer and PHP Tools

Oracle adds JavaFX composer and PHP tools to the new NetBeans IDE release, expanding the types of apps developers can build.

Ruby on Rails 3 Release Candidate Coming Soon

RoR version 3 has some great features slated for your Ruby on Rails development, but when will it finally be released -- and why has it taken so long?

Eclipse Community Survey Shows Open Source Dev Trends

Linux gaining tractions as a development platform, but it still lags behind Windows.

PHP Remains Strong Despite Security Flaws

Over 60 bugs were reported in PHP in May, should PHP users and developers be worried?

Dynamic Open Source Languages Head to the Cloud

New study shows that dynamic language developers are increasingly looking to cloud-based deployments.

Open Source Memcached Vendor NorthScale Gets New CEO and $10 Million

Open source distributed caching gets a boost of cash and management. Where does memcached go from here?

Eclipse Labs Debuts for Open Source Projects

New effort expands Eclipse development beyond just big projects to an open system on Google Code.

Google's Going Native in Chrome With SDK

New open source Native Client SDK debuts for Chrome, bringing C and C++ to the Web. But is it just another form of vendor lock-in?

SpringSource Boosts Java Data Management with GemStone Buy

Data management vendor acquisition will help to bring cloud-level data scale for Java applications.

Open Source R Language Undergoes a Commercial Revolution

New commercial support and technology is on the way for the R language used for running analytics on big data.

Drupal Development Proliferates as Version 7 Nears

Open source content management system adds new commercial offerings as work continues on Drupal's next major release.

Perl 5.12 Debuts as Open Source Language Progresses

Still waiting for Perl 6? It could be a while, but in the meantime developers are improving Perl 5 as the sturdy language remains popular in the enterprise.

Apache Maven 3 Races to the Finish Line

After years of development, a new version of the widely used Java build tool is nearing completion. The founder and project lead shares an early look.

Ruby Development Gains Commercial Support on Java as New JRuby Version Looms

The JRuby language gets commercial support as a major new JRuby version approaches, promising easier integration of Ruby development and Java.

Mozilla Developers Talk Up Firefox as a Key Development Tool

What about Firefox makes it an enabling tool for developing content and code for the Web?

Eclipse Foundation Expands Runtime Efforts

EclipseCon kicks off with the Eclipse Foundation now advancing beyond just tooling.

Apache Maven Hitting the Enterprise and Eclipse

New technology from Maven backers Sonatype is designed to make open source Java build management technology more consumable to Eclipse and enterprise users.

What Is the Top Mobile Platform for Open Source Developers?

New study reveals a dramatic shift in the last year. Who came out on top: Android or the iPhone?

SpringSource tc Server 2.0 Adds VMware Virtualization to Commercial Tomcat

New version of commercial Tomcat Java server debuts combining Java smarts with VMware virtualization.

News Brief: W3C Gets New Leadership

Former Novell CTO takes the vacant CEO spot at the W3C web standards body.

Open Source CouchDB Heads to the Cloud

NoSQL database variant gears up with commercial support from cloud vendor and project sponsor Cloudant.

HP Fortifies Security with Static and Dynamic Analysis

Partnership between HP and code scanning vendor Fortify provides a view of application security from development code to runtime server.

PHP Developers Prefer Using Windows to Build Enterprise Apps: Study

New data confirms that PHP developers have differing tastes when it comes to their operating system of choice for development and for deployment.

ActiveState Debuts Support for Python, Perl, Tcl

Need support for dynamic languages? You don't have to rely on just the community.

Codesion Emerges from CVS

Everyone knows that CVS is a legacy tech for code repositories, right?

Facebook's HipHop Goes Public With a New PHP Runtime

Over 90 percent of Facebook servers are now using HipHop as the project opens to the community, promising better performance and scalability.

Gardening with Drupal and Dries

Founder of popular open source CMS opens up about new efforts to make Drupal easier to install as version 7 approaches.

Mozilla Firefox Gets More 'Agile' with Lorentz

A new Firefox release model is now set to take hold, which will see the popular browser's developers embrace more of an Agile-like methodology.

Selenium Gets Some Sauce for Open Source Testing

Popular open source app testing project gets funding and commercial products, too.

Sun Updates Java SE 6 for Performance

Java SE 6 Update 18 could be the last from Sun before the Oracle acquisition closes.

News Brief: Facebook Sponsors Apache Software Foundation

Facebook is built on open source Apache technology, and now it's making support of the ASF official.

SpringSource DM Java Server Heads to Eclipse

It's a major code donation for Virgo as dm Server hits version 2.0.

News Brief: PHP 5.2.12 Update Stamps Out Bugs, Patches Holes

Older version of PHP gets fixed for five security flaws and 61 other bugs.

News Brief: Best Buy and CE Vendors Sued over GPL Software

SFLC sues 14 vendors over copyright infringement related to non-compliance with open source software usage and distribution.

News Brief: JavaFX Set to Get RAD

New JavaFX RAD Tool for NetBeans coming next week, in preview at least.

It's Official: Sun Debuts Java EE 6, Plus Glassfish v3 and NetBeans 6.8

A week after the official vote, Java EE 6 is officially available and with it a new Glassfish Java EE 6-compliant server and NetBeans IDE release.

News Brief: Google Revs Web Development With GWT 2.0

Next-gen Google Web tool debuts to help boost browser-based app speed.

What's Wrong With JavaEE 6?

JavaEE 6 is now a final spec, with lots of new features and functions. But not everyone is thrilled about it.

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