May 21, 2019
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Painting Web Applications

Discover how to save time (and sanity) by cutting through "high ceremony" frameworks, overly-involved XML configuration files, and excessively wordy code with graphic modeling.

Modeling Content Types with Schemata

Explore Archetypes, a content schema system, and see how it fits in with content management systems. You will also create new content types to tackle simple but real-world challenge, managing your DVD library, and all with a pretty user interface.

The Plone Content Management System

Jump into Plone, create simple content objects, and start personalizing the system. You'll start to explore how this open source content management systems can model most web applications by treating business objects as content and business rules as management.

Speeding Up AJAX with JSON

JSON's clever idea of being a subset of JavaScript (and Python) makes it an instantly useable, lightweight, and highly nimble way to handle data interchange for AJAX. It's faster to parse and vastly easier to use than XML.

Making Mistakes with XML

XML is indeed a powerful tool. But, it's just as easy to misuse and abuse XML as it is to get it right. Learn here what mistakes to avoid.

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