May 21, 2019
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Using a PhaseListener to Debug JSF Development Defects

Troubleshooting JSF applications can be challenging, especially if you are transitioning from a servlet and JSP framework. Using a PhaseListener can help demystify JSF debugging development defects.

7 Project-saving Source Control Tips for the Eclipse IDE

Applying these seven simple source control tips will save your Eclipse-based project team hours of debugging and improve your code quality.

10 Things You Should Know About WebLogic Server 10.3

Getting ready to upgrade to WebLogic Server 10.3? The decision to upgrade should be based on the value realized. Let Scott Nelson fill you in on what you should know before you do.

Tips to Updating and Upgrading with Eclipse

Follow these steps for smoother updates of minor releases and less painful migrations to major releases.

Writing Excel Files with Apache POI HSSF

Learn how to create fully formatted Microsoft Excel workbooks at runtime. Just use Java with the help of the Apache POI projects' HSSF libraries.

Reading Excel Files with Apache POI HSSF

Learn how to create a pure Java class for reading Microsoft Excel with the help of the Apache POI projects' HSSF libraries.

Cleaner Code with the PMD Eclipse Plug-In

The Eclipse PMD plug-in finds code that isn't up to the standards you define, improving the code's consistency and preventing the avoidable production bugs.

Building the Perfect Portable Eclipse Workbench

Increase your productivity when developing in Eclipse with plug-ins that reduce the number of applications open on your desktop and make those infrequent tasks easier with wizards.

Why Agile Projects Fail

Agile methodologies can deliver more functionality and better quality in less time. When they don't, is it the process, the people, or the project?

Improving Code Consistency and Standards Compliance with Eclipse Preferences

Everyone knows that coding standards save time and improve quality. Learn how to provide consistency in code formatting and environment preferences seamlessly in any Eclipse-based IDE (fast becoming the majority).

Reduce String Literal Overhead with Eclipse

Every J2EE web application can get an immediate performance boost by eliminating common and unnecessary overhead that uses an uncommon Eclipse setting and a little discipline.

Stubbing For Fun, Profit, and Survival

The importance of stubbed methods is often misunderstood, leading to approaches that hinder development progress. Learn why this common technique is key to a project's success and a variety of approaches to adapt in your daily development.

Fix a Broken Page by Breaking the String

Data not fitting in the space provided is a common conflict among developers, data owners, and visual designers. Read about solutions that will satisfy all three with clear, easy to copy examples.

Improving Portal Page Load Performance

Portals provide users with access to more applications from a single point of entry, but if it takes too long to get in,, they will go elsewhere. Learn specific techniques to improve page load time and track down what is slowing your pages down.

Planning WebLogic Portal Security

The WebLogic Portal provides a highly flexible and customizable security framework. Knowing your options will help you plan the security implementation that is usable, reliable and maintainable.

Portal Performance Planning

The performance of your portal has a direct impact on usability, and usability can make or break your portal ROI. Learn design and development approaches that will help prevent and pinpoint pesky portal performance problems.

10 Keys to a Successful Portal Project

Portal success depends on more than just the technical and information architecture (though they are important, too). Here are 10 practices that can help make or break the success of your portal.

Three Workflow Approaches with WebLogic Portal

Knowing multiple ways to create workflows in WebLogic Portal will provide you with the ability to deliver solutions based on requirements, methodologies, and timelines.

Reusable Syndicated Media Portlets: An Example of Simplified Content Presentation

Portal content presentation can quickly become a maintenance chore. Learn one solution for a reusable, flexible, extensible, maintainable approach to managing content presentation in a portal by combining the use of configuration and includes files rather than developing all new code for new content sources and/or layouts.

The Two Faces of JSF on WLP

Starting with version 9.2, WebLogic Portal provides two options for creating JSF (JavaServer Faces) portlets. Learn how to use both approaches and choose the right approach for your project.

Top 10 Portal Projects Killers

Discover the 10 most common causes of portal project failure and how to avoid them, based on 12 years of experience.

Integrate Legacy Web Applications as Full Page IFrames in WebLogic Portal

If you must use IFrames to integrate legacy web applications into your portal, here is a manageable, extensible, and maintainable approach.

Portal Federation with WebLogic Portal WRSP: Advanced IPC Techniques

Learn how to share data between remote portlets while managing session size for performance and maintaining a loosely coupled architecture. Then, see how to provide these features without the use of forms, followed by dynamic navigation between federated pages.

Portal Federation with WebLogic Portal WRSP: Advanced Techniques

Learn how to share entire pages and books between portals and then how to use data input from one remote portlet in another remote portlet.

Portal Federation with WebLogic Portal WRSP: The Basics

WSRP (Web Services for Remote Portlets) is a handy specification from the folks at OASIS. It provides a standard for portal applications to share portlets between portals. Discover what it can do for you.

How to Customize the Color Scheme for the BEA WebLogic Server 9.x Administration Console

Even if you have no experience in portal development using the Weblogic 9.x console as a portal allows you to change the look and feel of your project.

Propagating Weblogic 8.x Portals

The propagation tool is here to rescue you from late hours and tedious tasks deploying your portal applications from staging to production (not to mention from developemnt to integration and integration to staging).

BEA Weblogic Portal 8.x Tips & Tricks

Get the most out of Weblogic with these development tips and tricks.

Hacking the Weblogic Portal UI Framework

By using some useful hacks of the BEA portal, you can give your users functionality that they want and the extensibility that you crave.

Open Source-Based Portal-Lite

The key to writing reusable code that returns its promise is in identifying a future use before making it reusable. Open Source implementatons and portals are the perfect opportunity to write reusable components such as the light-weight portals.

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