February 26, 2021
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MSIX Packaging: What Is It and What Can It Do for You?

MSIX is a new application packaging format from Microsoft. Here's how to install it and its many uses.

Angular 11 Routing Basics

Navigating between Angular components requires a router outlet within one or more app components. Here's how to add that routing.

Microsoft Win32 APIs Become More .NET compatible

Win32 APIs have evolved a lot over the years. Here's the latest - and some history.

Keeping Track of Form Changes In Angular

When a form changes from its original pristine state, we refer to it as being "dirty." For Angular developers, NgModel provides a solution.

Embedding Interactive Code onto a Web Page

Take the quality of your training materials to a new level with interactive code embedded into your manuals. It's easier than you think.

Build & Deploy an ASP.NET Core App to Azure App Service

We create a .NET Core app and deploy it in Azure App Service using Visual Studio.

Repl.it: An Online Editor for Coding or Learning

Repl.it is a free online integrated development environment (IDE) that deserves to be noticed.

Online Development IDEs You Can Access Anywhere

IDEs can take up a lot of drive space. Here are five cloud-hosted IDEs that don't - and that you can access from anywhere.

Arrays and Slices in Go

The Go language includes complex types for real and imaginary components. Arrays and slices are two of the most common. Here's how to use them both.

An Intro to Swift Programming - on Windows Even

The Swift language lives up to its name, and offers a number of modern features too, like automated memory management. It even works on Windows.

Creating an API with Deno

Deno offers some disruptive ways to deal with backend application development in JavaScript. Here's one example using a REST API.

Using Material Font Icons in your Angular 11 Projects

Judicious use of icons can help convey the meaning of application elements and greatly enhance user experience. Here's how Angular can help.

Getting Started with Deno

Deno improves on Node.js in important ways. Here's an intro to Ryan Dahl's latest creation.

Why Is Python So Popular?

Python has blasted up the programming language charts in popularity, reaching number two. This Python intro will help you understand its popularity.

.NET 5: Native Code Improvements and More

ComWrappers, Logging and ClickOnce are some of the exciting changes in the new .NET 5 release.

PHP Database Options: More Than Just MySQL

PHP is often used with MySQL, but there are many options thanks to extensions and an abstraction layer.

Getting Started with the Elixir Programming Language

Elixir is a dynamic, functional, and scalable language that developers have grown to love. Here's what you need to get started.

TypeScript: JavaScript with Safe Types

TypeScript adds a data typing layer to JavaScript that is well worth learning. We'll get you started.

.NET 5: An Introduction

.NET 5 combines .NET Core with .NET Framework to create a unified environment and a unified output for all things .NET and .NET Core.

Getting Started with Go Programming

In this tutorial, we explain the basics of the Go programming language and offer some coding examples.

Avoiding Math Confusion in Your Programs

Here's a Java exercise and code that get order of operations right.

Creating CSS Components with Emotion JS

You can write CSS styles with JavaScript using the Emotion library. Here's a tutorial and code examples to get you started.

Creating a Network Speed Monitor in C#

How to create a network speed monitor in C# and display the results.

Doing Tech Presentations and Team Meetings in VR

VR presentations and meetings are cool and hip - and you should be doing them.

Creating an API with Rust and SQLite

Now that we've learned the basics in Rust, it's time to get more advanced. We'll start with an API.

Introduction to Kotlin

Kotlin has been gaining steam in the developer community over the last few years. Here’s a quick glance at what Kotlin has to offer.

Introduction to Go

Go overcomes a number of imitations of C languages, which explains its surge in popularity.

The Java Switch Statement Undergoes Big Changes

The Java switch statement has some new capabilities; here's how to use them.

Creating an Azure Cognitive Search Service

Azure Cognitive Search can give your web site or application an AI and natural language search service. Here's how to set up Azure Cognitive Search.

An Introduction to the Rust Programming Language

Rust has become the most-loved programming language. Learn why - and get a great introduction too.

Understanding the Role of EntityManager in JPA

Explore a quick overview of the importance of entity manager while using persistence with JPA.

Understanding Java Support for Persistence with JPA

Create a mechanism for seamless interaction between two unyielding models: the object-oriented nature of Java and the relational database model.

Introduction to the UNO Platform

UNO is a terrific platform for building native mobile, desktop, and WebAssembly apps. Get in the game now.

R.I.P. Short-lived .NET Core 3.0

The king is dead. Long live the king. .NET Core 3.0 has been replaced by .NET Core 3.1. Here are some tips about upgrading your system.

An Introduction to JVM Threading Implementation

Creating Amazon Skills with .NET, Part 4: Testing Tools

Learn to create your own Alexa skills.

What Is the Role of the Externalizable Interface in Java?

Research the idea behind the Externalizable interface and learn how to use it with object-oriented streams.

A Quick Introduction to SandDance

SandDance, first released in 2016, is continuing to grow and integrate with your various Microsoft tools. Learn more about it here.

Nested Classes and Their Use in Java

Explore the idea of nested classes and their use in Java.

The Intricacies of Multiple Inheritance in Java

Explore some of the concepts of inheritance in general along with the intricacies of multiple inheritance in Java.

Understanding static Modifiers in Depth in Java

Probe the use of the static keyword and learn about its importance in practical situations.

Introduction to Deepfake

Another new buzz word, or the upcoming new norm? Find out here.

Amazon Skill Tools for .NET, Part 3: Creating a Basic Skill in .NET

Learn how to create a basic Amazon Skill using C#.

What Is Java Agent?

Get into the concept of Java agent gain an introductory idea of how it works.

How to Use Exceptions Effectively in Java

Exceptions tackle abnormal circumstances in program flow. Some of them are fatal; some are recoverable.

How to Use Reflection Effectively

Delve into the intricacies of reflection and see how to use them effectively.

.NET Core 3.0 and Visual Studio 2019

Become more proficient in using the .NET Core within Visual Studio 2019.

Creating Amazon Skills with .NET, Part 2: Getting Tools and Setting Up

Here's how to get the appropriate AWS tools to install and work with the tools within Visual Studio.

Top 10 Java Coding Guidelines

Coding guidelines bring quick, easily overlooked tips to good programming practices. Take these ten guidelines as reminder.

An Introduction to the Java Compiler API

Dig into the concept of Java Compiler APIs and learn what they are all about.

Code Editing Tools in Visual Studio 2019

Are you using these tools? They can help a lot.

Creating Amazon Skills with .NET, Part 1: First, Getting the Basics Right

Learn why Alexa is so popular, and how to leverage it in your development.

.NET Conference 2019 Highlights

Microsoft has been busy this year, especially with anything .NET related. See what's developed over this year.

Handling Exceptions in .NET

Knowing how to handle exceptions is crucial for any developer. This article will help you hone your skills

An Introduction to Dynamic Language Support in JVM

JVM gives direct support of modern dynamic languages. The strength of the dynamic languages is that the behavior of the program is defined at runtime.

How to Write Methods Efficiently in Java

Explore a number of techniques to establish the idea of writing efficient methods in Java.

Working with the CultureInfo Class in .NET

Work with the CultureInfo class to obtain information about a specific locale. This will give your users a more personalized experience.

How to Use Annotations Effectively in Java

Explore the effectiveness of annotations used by a Java compiler, with appropriate code examples.

How to Use Enum Effectively in Java

The idea of enums is simple, yet handy. Go hands on to show the effective use of enums in Java.

Visual Studio 2019 Git Stash

Explore the new Stashes section of the Team Explorer in Visual Studio 2019.

A Quick Look into Common and Useful Patterns in Java

Learn more about common patterns and how to implement them in a Java application.

Introduction to Azure Digital Twins

By using Azure Digital Twins, data can be queried from a physical space rather than from various disparate sensors. Master the concept here.

Visual Studio 2019 Kubernetes Tools

Learn about the various resources Kubernetes provides to Visual Studio 2019.

Introducing the New System.Text.Json APIs

With the release of .NET Core 3, which includes the new JSON APIs, JSON is far easier to use. Discover more about it here.

Introducing Azure IoT Edge Tools in Visual Studio 2019

The Azure IoT Edge Tools extensions and tools make coding, building, deploying, and debugging IoT Edge solutions easier. Start using them now.

Understanding MapReduce Types and Formats

MapReduce has a data processing model: inputs and outputs for the map and reduce functions are key-value pairs. Learn about the MapReduce model.

Integrating Fingerprint Authentication Into Your App

Gain mastery of fingerprint authentication features that are included in the Android APIs.

Introduction to Azure Serverless

After reading this article, you'll be far more proficient working with the Azure Serverless Framework.

How MapReduce Works in Hadoop

Learn to leverage the MapReduce model used by Hadoop in resolving the Big Data problem.

Burnout and the Developer

Is developer burnout inevitable? Perhaps not. Here are some tips to help you avoid burnout.

Understanding the Hadoop Input Output System

Explore the I/O subsystem of Hadoop.

Big Data and Azure

Learn to integrate Big Data into your Azure endeavors.

An Introduction to HDFS

Hadoop comes with a distributed filesystem called HDFS, a flagship filesystem of Hadoop. Learn about the design and concepts behind this filesystem.

What Is the Java Priority Queue?

Learn the finer points of using this important Java API.

An Introduction to Hadoop in the Light of Big Data

By reading this, you will gain an introductory idea about Hadoop in the light of Big Data.

.NET Framework 5: The New Future

With .NET 5 on the horizon, you're probably excited to hear what it will contain.

Understanding Text Analytics and Big Data

Understand text data in the light of Big Data Analytics.

Using the Internet of Things in .NET

Explore what you can do in the world of IoT with Microsoft and the .NET Framework.

Understanding Big Data Analytics

Here, you will find a brief overview about the techniques used with big data analytics.

Machine Learning in .NET

Discover Machine Learning (ML) and how you can make use of ML.NET in your .NET apps for machine learning purposes.

Understanding the Characteristics of Big Data

Learn about the fundamental aspects of Big Data, its basic characteristics, and get a hint of the tools and techniques used to deal with it.

Creating a Windows Service and Installer

Take control of using Windows Services. Examples are in C# and VB.NET.

Understanding the PAAS Service Model

Creating a Tree Diagram with D3.js

Learn to use Data Driven Documents (D3) to show a data set using a tree layout.

Developer Testing Sites

Explore four top-rated sites to improve your testing skills.

An Overview of D3.js Chart Types

Explore the world of charts, with D3 as your guide.

Working with D3 Time Series Axes

Learn how to use the scaleTime() function to present time series data on the x axis of a chart.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Learn the basics of cloud computing.

Writing Reactive Code with RxJS

Get a taste of reactive programming, and learn what RxJS can do for your JavaScript programming.

Diving Deeper into Polymorphism and its Benefits in Java

Explore some of the intricate details about polymorphism and its implication on object-oriented programming.

Applying Conditional Styles to Components Using Angular Declarations

Explore the ngClass and ngStyle styles in detail to ease your Angular woes.

Learning the Difference Between Comparable and Comparator

Study the concept of both the Comparable and Comparator interfaces to see how they differ. Code examples are given to help you learn.

Setting Client-specific Styles in Angular Using Less.js

JFrog Buys Shippable for Complete DevOps Pipeline Automation

The plan is to integrate Shippable's portfolio of cloud-native and Kubernetes-ready CI/CD solutions into the JFrog platform.

Using JavaFX Tables to Organize Data

Explore JavaFX tables from the point of view of data organization and how it can be effectively be used in Java programming.

npm, Inc. Launches Managed Code Registry for Large Organizations

Key benefits include support for industry-standard SSO authentication and dedicated single-tenant hosting in a Kubernetes cluster.

Linux Foundation Launches ELISA Project for Safety-Critical Systems

The aim is to help companies build and certify Linux-based safety-critical applications for everything from medical devices to autonomous cars.

What Makes a Real-time App

Discover some of the factors that make an application one of the real-time variety.

TIBCO Intros Cloud Mashery for API Management

The solution is compatible with any PaaS or IaaS, including Kubernetes.

60 Percent of Software Pros Are Unable to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Still, 93 percent say they value customer satisfaction more than anything else.

Filtering Data with the JDBC RowSet

Discover the filtering aspect of JDBC RowSet. Appropriate examples are given to guide you.

Open Mainframe Project Intros Zowe 1.0

The open source software framework for mainframes is now production ready.

API Development with Swagger

Learn to use the Swagger CodeGen project to generate a REST client from the Swagger Petstore API example's OpenAPI/Swagger spec file.

Furnace Launched to Speed App Development

The new platform is designed to help developers create advanced, data-intensive apps in hours.

Mendix Intros Enhanced Integration with IBM Cloud

The company's development platform now fully supports Kubernetes containerization for the IBM ecosystem.

Adacore, NVIDIA Collaborate on Improved Firmware Security for Self-Driving Cars

NVIDIA will rewrite some of its security-critical firmware software from C to Ada and Spark.

Red Hat Launches Kubernetes-Native CodeReady Workspaces IDE

The new offering is designed to help developers collaborate on container-native applications.

Presto Software Foundation Launched

The foundation is dedicated to ensuring that the distributed query engine remains open, collaborative and independent.

Implementing Singleton Patterns in Java

The singleton pattern guarantees that only one object with a global access point can be created at a time. Learn to harness its power.

OutSystems, Omnext Intro Application Risk Analysis Services

The two services are designed to ensure that new applications don't introduce unnecessary risk.

Developing a Spring Boot Application Using STS

It's easy to employ Spring Boot STS to create a basic Hello World Web app in Eclipse.

JavaScript is Now the World's Most Popular Programming Language

That's according to HackerRank's recent survey of more than 71,000 software developers worldwide.

SmartBear Releases TestComplete 14.0

The new version adds native support for Behavior-Driven Development.

Implementing Flyweight Patterns in Java

Explore flyweight patterns with the help of a simple example in Java.

Instana Intros Unbounded Analytics

The new functionality is available in the latest release of Instana EUM.

Getting Started with Spring Boot

Use a Spring Boot Starter to get a basic Web app up-and-running in no time!

Dynatrace Now Provides Automatic Code Level Insights into Go Applications

The move extends the company's AI capabilities into such platforms as Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift.

Implementing Decorator Patterns in Java

Explore the decorator pattern and learn how it can be implemented by using the provided Java code examples.

Spell Launches New Deep Learning and AI Platform

The company's offering is designed to expand access to AI and machine learning.

The Best Job in America? Software Developer

The profession stands out in terms of median salary, job market and work-life balance, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Square Launches In-App Payments SDK

The solution helps developers and sellers process payments in their mobile apps.

Implementing Strategy Patterns in Java

Learn to use the strategy design pattern in your Java coding.

ActiveState Platform Gets Added Functionality

The new functionality expands on ActiveState's main focus of solving the challenges of polyglot environments.

Hyundai Joins Automotive Grade Linux, Linux Foundation

The project is aimed at developing an open platform for the connected car.

Using JShell in Java 9 in NetBeans 9.0, Part 6

Explore running lambda code snippets in JShell.

Tech Sector Hiring Slowed Last Month

Still, the outlook remains good for software developers.

QuickLogic Buys SensiML

SensiML will continue to expand and optimize its software to support SoCs from other companies as well as from QuickLogic.

Understanding Spring Boot Starters and Tools

Take on a few of the popular Spring Boot starters and tools among many and discover their uses in developing a Spring Boot application.

Zigbee Alliance, Thread Group Intro Dotdot Over Thread Specification

The organizations announced the completion of the Dotdot 1.0 spec and the launch of a new Dotdot over Thread certification program.

Using JShell in Java 9 in NetBeans 9.0, Part 5

Learn to run other kinds of code snippets in JShell.

Stimulsoft Intros New Dashboards BI Tool

Dashboards for Web and Win are designed help users create rich dashboards for visualization and analysis of key indicators in a variety of fields.

Implementing Builder Patterns in Java

Explore a design pattern called the Builder Pattern and implement it with Java code examples.

Kong Announces General Availability of Kong 1.0

Version 1.0 adds several key features along with fixes aimed at improving speed, flexibility and resilience.

Google Adds Enhancements to Cloud Spanner

Recent improvements include query inspection enhancements, new region availability, and new multi-region configurations.

Using JShell in Java 9 in NetBeans 9.0, Part 4

Learn to use JShell to run code snippets for classes, interfaces, and arrays.

Parity Launches Substrate Beta for Blockchain Development

The new open source technology stack is designed to make it easy to create a blockchain customized for a particular application.

An Introduction to the Java Security API

Java provides many options and features that make applications more secure. Learn about security features available.

Neurotechnology Intros Autonomous Robot Navigation SDK

The SentiBotics Navigation software development kit is designed to enable autonomous robot navigation.

SAP, Software AG Plan Open Platform for Smart Cities

The aim is to make it easier for cities and communities to implement their own Smart City projects.

Using JShell in Java 9 in NetBeans 9.0, Part 3

Learn how to run snippets for Java methods.

XebiaLabs Adds DevOps as Code Features

Developers can now manage key DevOps information the same way they manage application code.

GitLab, TriggerMesh Intro GitLab Serverless

Users can now deploy serverless functions and applications on any cloud or infrastructure directly from the GitLab UI.

How to Create a Scrollable, Updatable ResultSet Object in JDBC

When fetching a list of records through queries, we often need to store them in an object that allows back and forth traversing. Learn how here.

Salesforce Intros Lightning Web Components

The new offering is designed to make it easy for JavaScript developers to code on the company’s platform.

Using JShell in Java 9 in NetBeans 9.0, Part 2

Learn more about creating and using variables implicitly, performing String comparisons, and running Java statements.

MongoDB Adds Charts to Atlas Cloud Service

The new release enables Atlas users to visualize their data without having to install any additional tools.

Trello Adds Automation with Butler Acquisition

Once Butler is integrated into the solution, the company says, Trello will be the only tool of its kind to have native automation capabilities.

How to Protect a JDBC Application Against SQL Injection

Certain best practices are applied to Java code to guard against SQL injection attack. Discover the details with information about the threat.

Rust Team Introduces Rust 2018

Rust 1.31.0 is also Rust 2018, the first new edition of the programming language.

Using JShell in Java 9 in NetBeans 9.0, Part 1

Explore using JShell in NetBeans 9.

Unity Game Programming: Normalizing Game Speed Across Devices

Leveling the playing field: How to get different devices to respond at the same speed in Unity.

Understanding the Intricacies of Threads and Locks in Java

Discover the semantics of multithreaded programming in Java. The material is presented with code examples.

Predictim Fight Raises Questions about the Future of AI

Are the social media firms right to limit the startup's access to data?

AWS Unveils New Services at re:Invent

Several of the cloud computing giant's announcements include features or services of interest to developers.

AWS Launches Cloud Computing Service for Satellites

The company now has a ground station as a service offering.

Apple Announces Entrepreneur Camp for Women

Women who lead mobile development firms can apply for the program.

Getting Started with Spring and Vaadin

Both Spring and Vaadin can be used to create a Web application because they are Java frameworks, interleave well, and can work in a single ecosystem.

Supreme Court to Hear App Store Case

Users claim that Apple has an unfair monopoly.

Developer Tricks 560,000 Android Users into Downloading Malware

Two of the malicious apps were featured in the Play Store's trending section.

Is YAML Taking Over the World?

The JSON variant is becoming more popular as DevOps and infrastructure as code approaches spread.

Migrating a MySQL Database from CloudSQL To AWS RDS

Learn to migrate a MySQL database instance from Google CloudSQL to AWS RDS using Database Migration Service (DMS).

Microsoft Unveils Azure Blockchain Development Kit

The cloud computing service combines templates, serverless computing and Azure Blockchain Workbench.

Google and MotherCoders Offer Free Coding Training for Moms

The nine-week class will teach HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills — and it has free childcare.

Amazon Introduces Corretto OpenJDK Distribution

The company promises long-term support for Java users.

Microsoft Buys Bot Developer Xoxco

The software maker continues to invest in artificial intelligence technology.

The Accidental Cause of Google's Outage on Monday

Cloud computing and search services were knocked offline by an error in Nigeria.

SAP Purchases Qualtrics for $8 Billion

The big data analytics and machine learning space remains hot.

RunCode Offers Coding and Hacking Challenges

The contest previously known as Codewarz is back.

Gartner's Top IoT Trends for 2019

New technology will transform IoT development.

Develop More Flexible Node.js Web and Mobile Apps with Express

Learn how Express came about, what's good about it, and finally, how to create a basic app in just minutes.

Report: Python Has Highest Satisfaction Rating Among Programming Languages

Go also scored well in the survey.

Thoma Bravo Buys Veracode

The application security vendor used to belong to CA Technologies, which Broadcom recently purchased.

Tablet Sales Decline 8.6%

IDC says the tablet market is basically just like the PC market.

Virtual Reality 101: Creating a Basic Playing Arena in Unity

Learn how to create a play area or room in Unity.

Apple Services Revenue Hits Record-Setting $10 Billion

The company is aiming for $14 billion from the category by 2020.

HashiCorp Announces $100 Million in Funding

The open source DevOps and cloud computing tool vendor is valued at $1.9 billion.

Getting Started with Amazon ECS and Amazon Fargate

Learn about Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service), a managed service for Docker containers with support for many Docker container management tasks.

Microsoft Launches New AI Training Initiatives

The company wants to persuade professors to keep teaching instead of leaving for more lucrative positions.

Report: 55% of Developers Contribute to Open Source

Three-quarters of developers use open source software in their jobs.

IBM Buys Red Hat for $34 Million

The deal will benefit IBM's hybrid cloud computing business.

What is Spring Integration?

Obtain a basic understanding of Spring Integration and how it extends over the Spring programming model.

Azure, Google, Alibaba Increase Cloud Computing Market Share

Amazon still dominates the market.

Only 2% of Developers Exclusively Use Low-Code/No-Code Tools

Software developers use low-code and no-code tools, but not very often.

Migrating an Oracle Database to MySQL on AWS, Part 2

Perform the migration begun in a previous article, available here on Developer.com.

How a Dead Developer in a Parked Car Went Unnoticed for a Week

Although once highly successful, the aging software designer could no longer find work.

Linux Torvalds Returns to Linux

The Linux creator attended the Open Source Europe Summit.

What Is Spring Batch?

Learn about the Spring Batch framework, and read a description of the history of batch processing, and an overview of the framework's features.

Angular Releases Version 7.0

The update to the popular development framework focuses on performance.

Google Improves Android App Bundles, Instant Apps

The company is also enhancing its crash reporting and subscription billing features.

Atlassian Revamps Jira

The development tool has been redesigned to provide more developer autonomy.

Migrating an Oracle Database to MySQL on AWS, Part 1

Moving a database can be easier than you thought.

The GitHub Octoverse: 31 Million Strong

The code hosting service also debuted some new tools.

In Memory of Paul Allen, Programmer

The Microsoft cofounder wrote some of the original code for MS-DOS.

DARPA Wants Machines to Have Common Sense

The MCS program could move humanity closer to creating a general artificial intelligence.

Getting Started with JMS in Spring

Obtain an overview of JMS in Spring and its implementation. Appropriate examples are included.

Report: App Store Q3 Revenue Topped Google Play Sales by 93%

Mobile development firms get more downloads with Android apps, more money from iOS.

Microsoft Contributes Its Patents to Open Source

The company is joining the Open Innovation Network and will work to protect Linux from patent lawsuits.

Using Module Dependencies, Part 2

Explore configuring two earlier Java projects and running the main module application to demonstrate module dependency.

Survey: Lack of Skills Is Biggest Barrier to IoT

Companies are looking for developers and others with Internet of Things experience.

Google Shuts Down Google+

The company is taking several steps that will affect third-party developers creating apps for its platforms.

Swift Gains Popularity, Python Declines Slightly

Java keeps its place as number one on the Tiobe list.

IoT for Developers Using Microsoft Technology

Learn about some of the things Microsoft has been doing to help you build IoT solutions.

Node.js Foundation, JS Foundation Contemplate Merger

The two open source organizations are seeking feedback from the community.

Using Module Dependencies, Part 1

Learn about module dependencies in Java. There is an example in which one module has a dependency on another.

Cloudera, Hortonworks to Merge

The Hadoop rivals believe they will generate $1 billion in revenue by 2020.

Facebook: Third-Party Apps Not Affected by Privacy Breach

The bug that led to stolen credentials hasn't affected any third-party Facebook apps — yet.

MS-DOS 1.25 Is Now on GitHub

If you're feeling nostalgic for the 1980s, this code will take you back.

Eclipse Completes Takeover of Java EE/Jakarta EE

The non-profit foundation now controls all the components of Jakarta EE and the GlassFish application server.

Best Open Source Software 2018: Development Tools

Microsoft, blockchain, and JavaScript frameworks feature prominently among this year's winners.

Merging Data Files with Statistica, Part 2

Explore using case names and variable names with Statistica in your database.

Oracle Releases Java 11

This is the second update to the open source programming language this year.

Google Releases Android Studio 3.2

The newest version of the tool has more than 20 new features.

Virtual Reality 101: Building an Android VR App

Get a quick start towards building a VR app that will run on an Android phone.

Cloud Heavyweights Announce Data-Sharing Initiatives

Adobe, Microsoft and SAP are partnering to enable data sharing; so are Salesforce and AWS.

Chef Adds More Azure Integrations

The DevOps tools can help enterprises migrate apps to the Azure cloud computing service.

Tidelift Wants to Be 'Netflix for Open Source'

The startup will pay developers to maintain open source projects.

GitLab Raises $100 Million in Series D Funding

The development tool vendor is now valued at more than $1 billion.

CloudBees Launches New Suite for DevOps Teams

The group of tools supports continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Amazon Introduces APL Alexa Language, Other Tools

The company is adding Alexa to a lot more devices.

Merging Data Files with Statistica, Part 1

Learn about the range of features and GUI provided by Statistica to make it one of the most commonly used data science tools.

Google Updates Cloud Development Tools

The company made announcements related to Cloud Source Repositories, Cloud Build and Cloud Memorystore for Redis.

JavaFX 11 Reaches General Availability

The module is no longer a part of the JDK.

IBM Cloud Computing Service Helps Detect AI Bias

The SaaS offering adds transparency to automated decision-making.

Mirai Botnet Developers Sentenced to Help Feds

The former black hats avoided prison by agreeing to work with the FBI on cybersecurity.

Coffee Break: Developer Jokes and Puns

Take a break from the seriousness of coding and check out these jokes and puns!

Gartner: 28% of Enterprise IT Spending to be Cloud-Based by 2020

$1.3 trillion in spending will be directly or indirectly tied to cloud computing.

Linux Community Gets a Code of Conduct

Some developers are mad about being told to play nice.

It's National Coding Week

The effort aims to teach people of all ages about programming.

Linus Torvalds Takes Some Time Off

The irascible Linux creator wants to change his behavior.

Working with JavaMail and the Spring Mail APIs

Dive head-first into JavaMail, Spring, and the Sprint mail API and study a simple e-mail application that illustrates their distinctiveness.

Using a Java 9 Module as a JAR File

Explore creating a module in a Java project in Eclipse IDE and exporting the Java project to a JAR file. Then, you run the module application.

Accelerating PHP Web Application Creation with Symfony

a Explore the Symfony universe and build a simple Web page that incorporates a controller and route.

Apple Removes Infowars App from App Store

Web and mobile development platforms are cracking down on speech considered offensive.

Understanding Asynchronous Socket Channels in Java

Become more proficient with the concept of using asynchronous socket channels and see how they can be implemented in Java. There also is a sample.

Microsoft Promises to Fix Apps Broken by Windows 10 Upgrades

The software giant is making life a little easier for enterprise application development teams.

Migrating MongoDB to DynamoDB, Part 2

In this continuation of Part 1, learn to create and run a DMS migration to migrate data.

Report: IBM Secretly Used NYPD Camera Footage to Train AI Systems

The article is stoking concerns about privacy and artificial intelligence development.

Google Launches Dataset Search Beta

The new search engine could make it easier for data scientists and big data developers to find the information they need.

Atlassian Redesigns Bitbucket Cloud

The cloud development service now has a "code-first" user interface.

Wearables Market Continues Slow, Steady Growth

The Apple Watch is beating all the competition as Fitbit sales decline.

Status of the Developer World: August 2018

Read up on statistics and datapoints that will be pulled together into one place.

Researcher Finds 390,000 Websites with Exposed Source Code

Some Web developers are making it too easy to access their Git repositories.

Tiobe: Python Becomes a Top 3 Programming Language

Julia is also growing in popularity.

Researchers Demonstrate Method for Hacking Voice Interfaces

"Skill squatting" could cause Alexa to serve malicious content.

Apple: iOS Apps Must Have Privacy Policy by Oct. 3

The mobile development industry will need to scramble to comply.

Migrating MongoDB to DynamoDB, Part 1

Learn to migrate a MongoDB database to DynamoDB on DMS.

Report: Elite DevOps Teams Deploy Code 46x More Frequently than Low Performers

Top-performing DevOps teams are also much better at leveraging cloud computing's benefits.

Eclipse Foundation Adds 16 New Community Members

More companies are getting involved with Jakarta EE and the Internet of Things.

Facebook Developers Accuse the Company of Political Intolerance

The social network — and other tech companies — are facing criticism from the right.

Switch Expressions Coming to JDK 12

The new feature could simplify Java coding and pave the way for pattern matching.

Manage State in React Apps with Redux

Learn how to manage application state in a very simple React app that allows the user set the background color of a DIV element.

Google Play Adds New Developer Features

New monitoring tools provide greater insight into app discovery.

IBM Releases Open Source Zowe Framework

The tool bridges the divide between the mainframe and modern applications.

Twenty-One+ Types of Testing All Developers Should be Doing

In the world of developing solutions, how many different types of testing can you name? Better yet, how many different types of testing do you do?

Microservice Manifesto: 6 Core Pillars

To be successful with microservices, you need to do more than change your application architecture.

What Is Spring Testing?

Here's an introductory idea about the testing support provided by the Spring framework and how it is applied with Spring Boot.

AWS Slashes Linux Lightsail Prices by 50%

The cloud computing service is competing with Digital Ocean, OVH and other virtual private cloud vendors.

Migrating MySQL to PostgreSQL on AWS RDS, Part 4

Run the DMS migration to perform the migration that was detailed in three previous articles.

Intel Bans Linux Developers from Publishing Benchmarks

It looks like the company doesn't want people to know how much its new security patches affect system performance.

Cloud Foundry: Java, JavaScript Most Popular Languages for Enterprise Development

The open source cloud computing project says enterprise application development teams are sticking to tried and true programming languages for cloud development.

Report: Facebook Developing Aloha Voice Interface

The company is also said to be creating a smart speaker.

The Coming Showdown Over App Store Commissions

A financial analyst warns that Apple could lose $16 billion if the mobile development industry revolts.

Coding Cross-platform Native Apps with Qt

Get better acquainted with the Qt cross-platform framework. You'll install the Qt Creator IDE and learn how to run the included example apps.

Microsoft Store Won't Accept Windows 8 Apps after Halloween

It will also stop accepting Windows Phone 8 apps.

Report: Women 79% More Likely to Make In-App Purchases

Mobile development firms might want to re-think their marketing.

Report: Apple Removes 25,000 Apps from Chinese App Store

Many of the affected apps relate to gambling.

Google Updates Firebase Mobile Development Platform

The platform now integrates with Crashlytics and has a serverless backend option.

Intel Buys Vertex.AI

The deep learning startup will become part of the chipmaker's Movidius unit.

Migrating MySQL to PostgreSQL on AWS RDS, Part 3

Create a DMS migration to perform the migration from MySQL to PostgreSQL.

Cisco Beats Earning Estimates on Strong Software Subscription Sales

Cybersecurity is also becoming very profitable for the company.

More than 70% of IoT Developers Have Experienced A Security Breach This Year

As a result, more than two thirds of IoT and mobile development pros are optimizing apps for security.

Smart Speaker Sales Likely to Climb 50%

Nineteen percent of American consumers are planning to buy one.

Sonatype DepShield Finds Open Source Code Vulnerabilities

The tool can help DevSecOps teams find security issues early in enterprise application development processes.

A PubNub Primer

PubNub provides realtime APIs and global messaging infrastructure to simplify coding your realtime apps. Use this info to become proficient with it.

RedMonk: Swift, Kotlin Growth Is Slowing

The firm sees little change in the most popular programming languages.

Did Tech Oversell AI?

IBM Watson hasn't improved cancer care — yet.

Amazon Aurora Goes Serverless

The cloud computing service makes it much easier to manage databases with variable or unpredictable workloads.

Google Releases Spring Cloud

The Spring framework meets cloud computing.

What Is Spring Security?

Discover Spring Security, and how it integrates with the Spring Web MVC framework. Examples are provided.

Is React Native in Trouble?

Several high-profile users have abandoned the mobile development framework.

Migrating MySQL to PostgreSQL on AWS RDS, Part 2

Learn to create instances of MySQL and PostgreSQL databases on RDS, and then connect to each.

Amazon Releases Visual Studio Code Extension for Creating Alexa Skills

Alexa is also coming to a car near you.

Play Store Visits Increase 30%

Google says it wants to help mobile development firms engage more deeply with app users.

Google Releases Dart 2

The company also updated the Dart Web Platform.

Female Developers Win World's Largest Hackathon

The Hajj Hackathon broke a Guinness World Record.

An Introduction to Microservices

Learn what Microservices are, see their pros and cons, and observe a few frameworks and tools that help make developing Microservices easier.

Maybe We Don't Need Quantum Computing After All

A teenaged developer has shown that regular computers can be just as fast for some problems.

Google Releases Android 9 'Pie'

It's a major update to the mobile operating system.

Python Gains Popularity in Tiobe Rankings

The programming language, which is popular for machine learning, could soon break into the top three.

An Introduction to Concurrent Collection APIs in Java

Study an overview of concurrent collection APIs in Java and see their use through an appropriate example scenario.

Uber Releases Fusion.js Open Source Web Framework

The tool helps create lightweight Web apps and minimize technical debt.

Migrating MySQL to PostgreSQL on AWS RDS, Part 1

Follow along and making migrating your database much easier.

GitHub Boosts Security

The code hosting site is creating its own version of HaveIBeenPwned.

Siemens Buys Mendix for $700 Million

The low-code development platform maker will remain in Boston and continue operations as normal.

Hottest Freelance Skill: Blockchain

Development skills dominate the list of in-demand freelance capabilities.

Gartner: Top Cloud Computing Firms Account for 73% of Market

Microsoft Azure is the fastest-growing IaaS vendor.

Serverless Inc. Launches Cloud Development Tools

The startup has acquired $10 million in funding.

Microsoft Releases TypeScript 3.0

The biggest change in the update is the new project reference capability.

Cloud Computing Revenues Climb 50%

Amazon Web Services is pulling away from the pack.

What Are Sequential vs. Parallel Streams in Java?

Gain a perspective about and see how parallel streams can improve performance. You'll also have appropriate examples to assist your learning.

Slack Is Buying HipChat and Stride, Will Shutter Both

Enterprise application development teams will soon have fewer choices for collaboration software.

Report: IBM Watson Recommended 'Unsafe and Incorrect' Cancer Treatment

The news could have broader implications for artificial intelligence development if it stokes fears about AI.

Using Oracle JDeveloper 12c with Oracle Database, Part 2

Learn how to query the database table and observe some of the query-related features.

Google Cloud Functions Reaches General Availability

The next step will be serverless computing with support for containers.

IBM Releases CloudNativeJS

The open source project offers tools for deploying Node.js applications in containers.

Google Launches Cloud Build Continuous Delivery Platform

Google Cloud Platform is increasing its offerings for DevOps teams.

IBM, Google Unveil Knative Open Source Serverless Project

The project will make it easier to use serverless cloud computing services with Kubernetes.

Quantum Katas Teach Quantum Programming

The tutorials are available for free under an open source license.

Alphabet Revenue Climbs 26% to Beat Estimates

The company's cloud computing business is growing even faster.

More People Search for Python than for Kim Kardashian

The programming language is experiencing a sharp uptick in popularity.

Report: Google Tried to Settle Before $5 Billion Android Fine

EU officials said the settlement attempt did not come quickly enough.

Understanding Callable and Future Interfaces in Java

Learn about this these advanced topics and see how to implement them in a Java program.

Using Oracle JDeveloper 12c with Oracle Database, Part 1

Explore using Oracle JDeveloper with Oracle Database 11g as a relational database management system (RDBMS).

CloudBees Improves Monitoring in DevOptics

The DevOps solution has new features to help enterprise application development teams improve processes.

Google Release Jib Java Containerizer

The open source tool is available through GitHub.

Multithreading in JavaFX

Better understand the principles of multithreading under the periphery of JavaFX programming.

GitHub Adds New Features for Enterprise and Business Cloud Users

Enterprise application development teams will find it easier to search and access open source repositories.

Microsoft Launches Free Version of Teams

The new pricing tier could help the company challenge Slack.

Developing a Module with Java 9 in Eclipse IDE, Part 2

Learn to use modules in Eclipse IDE with Java 9.

Intel Pays $100K Bounty for New Spectre Variants

Hardware flaws continue to plague the chip maker.

Broadcom Buys CA Technologies for $19 Billion

CA sells cloud computing solutions and developer tools, as well as enterprise and mainframe software.

CodeFights Renamed CodeSignal

The website now creates developer scores that are similar to credit scores.

Apple Reorganizes AI/ML Teams under John Giannandrea

The Google veteran will head the team managing Siri and Core ML.

Increase Code Quality with SonarLint

Learn how to install SonarLint in Eclipse and see how it helps you maintain code quality within your Java Projects.

Lawsuit Alleges Apple iPhone Throttling Violates Hacking Law

Several other groups have also sued the firm, but this line of reasoning is new.

Oasis Labs to Build Blockchain Cloud Computing Platform

The new cloud computing platform will offer high performance, security, privacy and built-in machine learning-based analytics.

Developers Fired for Twitter Feud with Customer

A female game developer who called out players for implicit sexism lost her job — and so did the man who defended her.

Unitary Fund Offers Grants for Quantum Computing Development

The grants could help fund open source projects.

What Is JPA Technology?

Study an overview and JPA's supporting implementation in Java.

What Went Wrong in the Gentoo Linux Hack

The attack on the GitHub repository could have been much worse.

The App Store Is Turning 10

The digital marketplace that launched the mobile development industry is having an anniversary.

Developing a Module with Java 9 in Eclipse IDE, Part 1

Discover the basics of creating and developing a module in Java 9. The Eclipse IDE is implemented.

DeepMind AI Beats Humans at Quake III

Developers are getting really good at creating bots that are really good at video games.

Researchers: Your Phone Apps Are Taking Screenshots and Sharing Them

And developers are reading your Gmail.

Going Beyond Unit Testing with SpotBugs

Learn how to install the SpotBugs Eclipse plug-in and use it to identify issues in your Java program code.

Facebook Buys Bloomsbury AI

The social media giant is making moves to respond to recent privacy and fake news scandals.

Google Cloud COO Departs

Diane Bryant accepted the cloud computing job just seven months ago.

Micro Focus Sells SUSE for $2.5 Billion

Swedish firm EQT Partners says it plans to expand the open source firm’s product line and hire more developers.

Building an Android Live Wallpaper

Learn to locate the live wallpapers available on your device, what the wallpaper APIs are, what the app looks like, and see a code walk-through.

Google Becomes a Platinum Member of the Linux Foundation

Sarah Novotny, Google Cloud's head of open source strategy, will join the foundation's board.

Gentoo Repository Hacked on GitHub

If you have recently downloaded anything from Gentoo's GitHub site, your system might be infected with malicious code.

Getting Started with Shareplex on Windows on AWS, Part 2

Learn to install Shareplex and start Shareplex service and test Shareplex by running some basic commands.

Apple and Samsung Settle Patent Dispute

The two smartphone makers have decided to bury the hatchet.

Google Wanted to Buy GitHub

Diane Greene revealed her thoughts about Microsoft's acquisition of the code sharing service and about rival cloud computing vendor Amazon Web Services.

DevOps Toolmakers Rake in Funding

CloudBees, Puppet and Codefresh closed large funding rounds.

Eclipse Launches Photon Version of IDE

The release train supports more programming languages, including Rust.

Secure Your Web Apps Using the Servlet API

Configure a Banking servlet to invoke HTTP Basic Authentication using annotations.

Report: 78% of Containers Live Less than an Hour

Docker is declining in popularity.

GitLab Leaves Azure for Google Cloud Platform

The source code management service appears to be distancing itself from Microsoft.

Tencent Now a Linux Foundation Platinum Member

The Chinese company is bolstering its commitment to open source development.

Exploring the Basics of Java Logging

Explore the basics behind logging in Java and see how it helps in Java development.

Oracle Revamps Pricing Model for Java SE

The company is moving from perpetual licenses to a subscription model.

Getting Started with Shareplex on Windows on AWS, Part 1

Learn about installing Shareplex on one of the most commonly used Cloud providers, the Amazon Web Services (AWS).

GitHub Says Proposed EU Law Would Cripple Open Source

The code repository service is opposing new copyright legislation.

Microsoft Buys Bonsai

The startup makes artificial intelligence for industrial systems.

Testing Vendors Tricentis, QASymphony Merge

The companies offer testing tools for DevOps and agile software development.

HPE Unveils GreenLake Hybrid Cloud as a Service Offering

The company will manage enterprises' hybrid cloud computing environments for them.

Open Development Kits for Virtual Reality

Check out a couple of open sourced options for doing Virtual Reality development.

Report: Some Enterprises Aren't Securing their Kubernetes Dashboards

Three hundred container orchestration dashboards running on cloud computing services didn't require any authentication for access.

Mendix Launches First AI-Powered Low-Code Dev Platform

Mendix Assist aims to enable enterprise application development.

Hortonworks Launches Data Platform 3.0

The big data vendor also has some new cloud computing partnerships.

What's New with Java EE 8?

Focus on a few notable changes to the platform with the introduction of Java EE 8.

Using Private Interface Methods in Java 9, Part 2

Create and run a Java application that makes use of private interface method/s.

Report: Mozilla Is Making a Voice-Based Browser

Scout could revolutionize the way people browse — and develop content for — the Web.

Oracle Adds More Services to Autonomous Cloud Offerings

Its cloud development platform is among the services getting autonomous capabilities.

Google Cloud Offers Preemptible GPUs at 70% Discount

The cloud computing service is making it very inexpensive to run artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics workloads.

Facebook Sonar Goes Open Source

The tool helps mobile development pros debug their apps.

Red Hat Launches Fuse 7, Buildah 1.0

The tools help enable DevOps practices and agile software development.

JetBrains Releases State of Developer Ecosystem 2018

Java, JavaScript and Python were the top programming languages.

Linux Foundation Supports Microsoft's GitHub Purchase

Microsoft is also buying a bunch of game development studios.

What Is Non-blocking Socket Programming in Java?

Learn more about the concept of non-blocking socket programming and its allied areas, and work through the accompanying examples.

Google Cancels Project Maven

The company will still work on artificial intelligence projects for the Department of Defense, however.

Using Private Interface Methods in Java 9, Part 1

Plunge into the private interface methods introduced in Java 9, with an example in Eclipse IDE.

What's Coming in Visual Studio 2019

The next version of the IDE will include performance improvements, better collaboration and AI-powered capabilities.

MIT Researchers Create Psychopath AI

They trained Norman on a subreddit.

SAP Launches Cloud Blockchain Service

The new cloud computing service will help enterprise application development teams create blockchain applications.

GitLab, BitBucket See Spikes in Usage

Some developers are leaving GitHub after the Microsoft acquisition.

What Is the Microsoft Graph?

Become proficient with the Microsoft Graph, the concept of connecting services and devices in an integrated manner to build solutions.

Microsoft Releases .NET Core 2.1

The application development framework is now faster than before.

The Biggest Announcements from Day 1 of WWDC 2018

Apple showed off iOS 12, macOS Mojave, Memoji and more.

Microsoft Buys GitHub

The software maker paid $7.5 billion for the code repository service.

Faces of Open Source Celebrates Noteworthy Developers

A new photography project calls attention to the heroes of the open source movement.

Mary Meeker Delivers 2018 Internet Trends Report

Web developers should take note.

Git Patches Serious Security Vulnerability

Install the updated software now.

Kubernetes Adds Containerd Support

The container orchestration project now works with a runtime other than Docker.

Survey: Companies Complain of Cloud Computing Sticker Shock

Enterprises are migrating to the cloud but keeping some on-premises deployments.

How to Multicast Using Java Sockets

Learn more about the overall concept of sockets in general and multicasting in particular, and see how it can be implemented by using Java sockets.

KKR Buys BMC Software

The company offers many different kinds of enterprise software, including development tools.

Call for Code Initiative Asks Devs to Create Disaster Relief Apps

IBM is contributing $30 million to the effort, which includes a coding contest.

Migrating an Oracle Database from AWS EC2 to AWS RDS, Part 4

Migrate ongoing changes to the data created in the previous articles.

Java Will Eliminate Serialization Feature

The change could dramatically improve security in the programming language.

GitLab Adds Push Mirroring to Open Source Edition

An update to the popular version control software also has security and automation improvements.

Slack Adds Actions for Developers

The popular collaboration platform has new integrations with many popular development tools.

IBM to Hire 1,800 AI, Blockchain, IoT Staffers in France

The company is looking for developers with skills in emerging technologies.

Adobe Buys Magento for $1.68 Billion

Adobe is adding e-commerce capabilities to its cloud computing services.

Student Earns $36,337 Bug Bounty for Google App Engine Vulnerability

The young developer stumbled onto a major flaw in the cloud computing service.

Microsoft Buys Semantic Machines

The startup makes conversational AI.

Parallel Programming Basics with the Fork/Join Framework in Java

Explore the concept of parallel programming with the help of the Fork/Join Framework in Java.

Everyone Can Code Coming to Schools for the Blind and Deaf

Apple's developer education program will offer classes in eight schools.

Migrating an Oracle Database from AWS EC2 to AWS RDS, Part 3

Create and run a replication task to migrate existing data, continuing the work from the two previous articles.

Senate Votes to Restore Net Neutrality Rules

The measure still faces a long, hard fight before it could become law.

React, Python, JavaScript Top List of Desired Dev Skills

Mobile development, Web development and cloud computing skills are on the list.

Amazon Sumerian Hits General Availability

The cloud computing service helps developers create AR, VR and 3D content.

Tencent Made $3.4 Billion from Mobile Games Last Quarter

Mobile development is paying off in a big way for the Chinese tech giant.

Microsoft Kinect Died, but Rises Again as Project Kinect for Azure

Will the new iteration of this device be the one to succeed?

Report: App Store Redesign Promoted App Discovery

Mobile development firms have seen more browsing-related downloads.

Google's Military AI Controversy

Employees are quitting over Project Maven

Facebook Suspends About 200 Apps over Privacy Concerns

The company is investigating whether developers misused data.

Interthread Communication in Java Multithreaded Programming

Discover what Java has to offer for interthread communication in a multithreaded programming environment.

Microsoft Announces Windows Developer Awards 2018 Winners

Developers chose the winners by casting votes online.

Google Faces Criticism for Duplex AI App

People are saying the AI is deceptive and terrifying.

Migrating an Oracle Database from AWS EC2 to AWS RDS, Part 2

Explore migrating an Oracle Database from EC2 to RDS.

Google Buys Velostrata

The Israel-based startup offers cloud migration tools.

Red Hat Previews OpenShift Cloud Functions Serverless Platform

The open source serverless computing tool supports hybrid cloud environments.

Apple Sets July Deadline for iPhone X and iOS 11 Support

Mobile development firms have just a couple of months to update their apps.

Google's Announcements for Developers at I/O

Artificial intelligence and mobile development were key themes at the annual event.

Interpreting Sensor Data in Android

Determine what sensors your mobile device has, and then learn to leverage them.

Report: Software Bug Led to Fatal Uber Accident

The vehicle believed a pedestrian was a "false positive."

Microsoft to Pay Developers 95% of Windows Store Revenue

The company also has big plans for its cloud computing services.

Slack Releases goSDL Secure Development Tool

The Web-based tool is available under an open source license.

Amazon Opens Up In-Skill Purchasing for Alexa Skills

Developers now have another way to monetize their voice apps.

Portrait of a Python Developer

The scripting language is now used most frequently for data analysis.

Migrating an Oracle Database from AWS EC2 to AWS RDS, Part 1

Learn to migrate an Oracle database from EC2 to RDS.

Stack Overflow Debuts Private Websites for Teams

The new subscription service will give enterprise application development teams a way to ask questions and share information about internal code.

Gartner: 77% of CIOs Have No Interest in Blockchain

Only 1 percent of enterprises are currently using the technology.

Zuckerberg Thanks Developers, Asks Them to Stick with Facebook

Everyone at F8 got a free Oculus Go.

Survey: IoT Devs Love AWS, Java

MQTT and Raspbian are also popular among Internet of Things developers.

Mark Zuckerberg to Deliver Keynote at Today's F8 Developer Conference

The Facebook CEO faces more intense scrutiny than in years past.

CoreOS Launches Kubernetes Management Tool

Operator Framework is available under an open source license.

Report: Apple Working on VR/AR Headset

The device reportedly will have an 8K display for each eye.

Understanding Byte Streams and Character Streams in Java

Become more proficient with stream handling in Java.

Amazon, Microsoft Report Cloud Computing Revenue Growth

Azure sales climbed 93 percent; AWS was up 49 percent.

LinkedIn Open Sources CSS Tools

The new tools can speed the performance of CSS at scale.

Chinese Startups Hire Young Women as 'Programmer Motivators'

The companies say it relieves developers' stress to have beautiful women around.

Pluralsight Technology Index Finds High Demand for Java, HTML, C++

JavaScript, blockchain and jQuery also made the list.

Gartner: AI Will Be Worth $1.2 Trillion This Year

Enterprises could gain $3.9 billion in value from artificial intelligence by 2022.

Android NDK Basics

Cover the fundamental steps required in NDK development and observe the key resources to further explore the advanced aspects of the toolsets.

What's Coming Next for Jakarta EE and GlassFish?

The open source project is focusing on cloud development and microservices.

GitLab Releases Open Source Web IDE

The cloud development tool is also part of GitLab 10.7.

Pivotal Goes Public

The company is best known for its Cloud Foundry cloud development platform.

Autoboxing and Unboxing in Java

Autoboxing and auto-unboxing streamline the coding of algorithms, removing the tedium of manually boxing and unboxing values.

Apple Releases FoundationDB Under Open Source License

The company acquired the distributed database in 2015.

Creating a Java Application in Oracle JDeveloper, Part 2

Create a Java class that implements the interface created in Part 1 of this series.

Google Releases Grasshopper Learn-to-Code App

The mobile app teaches novices the basics of programming with JavaScript.

Eclipse, Linux Foundations Launch IoT Tools

The open source community has a new IoT programming language and a new IoT hypervisor.

Docker Releases Enterprise Edition 2.0

The containerization solution now includes a secure version of Kubernetes with commercial support.

An IRS Web App Broke on Tax Day

Everyone has an extra day to file.

The Internet of Things: Is This the Year?

IoT technology continues to grow. Is 2018 the year it becomes significant enough for everyone to recognize it?

Mozilla Announces WebAssembly Studio IDE

The new development tool could spur greater adoption of the WebAssembly standard.

Google Launches 2 New DIY AI Kits

The new tools help makers and students learn about artificial intelligence.

Report: More Than 3,300 Android Apps Are Illegally Collecting Kids' Data

Researchers using an automated tool flagged a host of apps for potential COPPA violations.

Using Appdynamics with Xamarin Forms

Learn how to integrate app dynamics with the Xamarin mobile app to do verbose logging and crash reports.

CA Technologies Buys DevSecOps Firm SourceClear

SourceClear's technology helps enterprise application development teams find vulnerabilities in open source code that they are using.

W3C WebAuthn Standard to Promote Strong Authentication

The standards body is working with the FIDO Alliance on the project.

Creating a Java Application in Oracle JDeveloper, Part 1

Over a span of two articles, learn to create a Java application in JDeveloper.

Apple Warns Mac Users It Is Phasing out 32-Bit App Support

The company is putting pressure on developers to upgrade their apps.

Gartner: Public Cloud Computing Spending to Rise 21.4% in 2018

IaaS is the fastest-growing segment of the market.

Most Successful Tech Founders Are Older than You Think

The stereotype of the hot young developer starting a wildly successful tech firm is more myth than reality.

Report: 85% of Enterprises Say COBOL Apps Are Strategic

The old-school programming language still plays a huge role in enterprise application development.

Leading Edge Topics Developers Should be Watching

A half dozen core topics worth watching are presented for your consideration.

Microsoft Open Sources Original File Manager

The code is nearly 30 years old but can compile and run for Windows 10.

Rubrik Launches Cloud Development Platform for Data Management Apps

The tool aims to help enterprise application development teams create new apps for handling their data.

Exploring Context Dependency Injection (CDI) 2.0 of Java EE 8

Explore the CDI 2.0 update and its implication on Java EE enterprise development.

GitLab Adds Google Kubernetes Engine Integration

The new container orchestration support is aimed at helping DevOps teams.

Gartner: IoT Security Spending Will Reach $1.5 Billion in 2018

Microsoft is investing big in IoT as well.

The App Store Is Shrinking

Mobile development firms aren't creating as many new iOS apps, and Apple is getting rid of outdated ones.

Microsoft Launches Professional Program in AI

The training will allow outside developers to take the same classes Microsoft employees take.

Apple Hires Former Google AI and Search Head

The iPhone maker poached John Giannandrea from Google.

Virtual Reality 101: Understanding the Types of Lighting

Learn about five different light approaches for your virtual worlds. You'll learn what each type is, its importance, and how it differs from the others.

Mozilla Unveils Firefox Reality, a Mixed Reality Browser

It's an open source effort to create cross-platform, mixed reality technology.

Shakeups on Google's AI Team

The reorg points to the growing importance of artificial intelligence at Google.

How Atlassian Migrated to Cloud Computing and Microservices

The software and development tool vendor rearchitected its code and moved to AWS.

Developers Must Lock Magic Leap Headsets in Safes

The augmented reality device maker is serious about keeping its secrets.

Microsoft Reorg Eliminates Windows Group

The software giant will focus more on cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Android Studio 3.1 Improves Support for C++, Kotlin, SQLite

The updated mobile development platform offers incremental improvements over Android Studio 3.0.

Microsoft Adds Private Testing for Windows 10 Apps

The new feature should make it easier to perform beta testing.

Oracle Wins Appeal in Never-Ending Java Copyright Case

The case could have far-reaching implications for software developers, particularly those involved in mobile development.

Facebook Adds Data Misuse Category to Bug Bounty Program

The social network will pay for information about third-party apps that are violating its terms of use.

Linux Foundation Announces Deep Learning Foundation

The new organization's first project is an AI platform created by AT&T and Tech Mahindra.

Report: CI More Common Than CD

DevOps and Agile software development teams favor some practices over others.

Data Scientists Predicted Facebook's Cambridge Analytica Scandal in 2009

Mobile development and data science pioneers foresaw privacy challenges — and the resulting call for regulation.

Exploring the Servlet 4.0 APIs of Java EE 8

Explore the overall concept behind the changes to Servlet 4.0 and the its APIs. You'll also get a glimpse at the HTTP changes involved.

GitLab Adds GitHub Support

Now developers can use GitLab's CI/CD features with GitHub repositories.

IBM Launches New AI Tools for App Development

The firm is also open sourcing some of its machine learning tech.

GitHub Found 4 Million Vulnerabilities in its Repositories

Only about a third of project owners are fixing the security flaws.

The Open Source Rookies of the Year 2018

This year's winners include projects related to automation, network virtualization, blockchain and more.

What Will the Facebook Scandal Mean for Developers?

There may have been more than one development firm using Facebook data in ways that violated the terms of service.

Google Play Store Adds a 'Try Now' Button for Games

The beta feature could boost downloads.

Oracle Releases Java 10

The update features local-variable type inference, Application Class Data Sharing (CDS) and a root certificate capability.

IBM Launches Cloud Private for Data

The cloud computing platform includes data science, data engineering and app development capabilities.

Creating Standalone Web Applications with Spring Boot

Learn how Spring can be used to create a Web application packaged with a Web server that runs with a single click.

Android Wear Is Now Wear OS

Google is distancing its wearables platform from its smartphone OS.

GitHub Sounds Alarm on Proposed EU Copyright Rules

The website says it would be impractical to scan uploaded code for copyright violations.

Creating an Amazon Aurora Cluster

Learn to use Amazon Aurora, a relational database that is available only on Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS).

CodeMentor Launches Dev Protocol, a Blockchain Tool for Reputation Management

The platform aims to bring greater meritocracy to software development.

France Sues Google, Apple over App Stores

The country's finance minister says the tech firms are engaging in abusive practices.

Female Microsoft Employees Complained to HR 238 Times in 7 Years

Very few of those incidents resulted in the software developer taking action.

WWDC 2018 Scheduled for June 4-8 in San Jose

Mobile development pros can enter the lottery for tickets through March 22.

Google Working on Alternatives to AMP

Web developers might not need to follow Google's AMP recommendations to be ranked highly in mobile search.

Stack Overflow: Developers Love Kotlin and Rust

Devs love their machine learning tools, but aren't so fond of some mobile development platforms.

How to Measure Development Speed

Report says enterprise application development teams should track mainline branch stability, deploy time and deploy frequency.

What Is Spring Boot?

Discover more about the Spring Boot Project and how it contributes to a simpler Spring programming model.

Ruby Gains in Popularity Rankings

Java, JavaScript still lead the pack.

Using Jenkins with Kubernetes AWS, Part 3

Learn to run the Jenkins pipeline explained in an earlier article to install Kubernetes and subsequently test the Kubernetes cluster.

JavaFX to Be Decoupled from the JDK

JDK 11 won't include the tool for developing rich Internet apps.

What's New in the Android P Developer Preview

The notch is here to stay.

GitHub Open Sources Tool for Open Source Licensing

Licensed could make it easier to monetize open source projects.

Google Partnering with DoD on AI

Developers who work for the company are said to be less than thrilled about the news.

Integrating Fingerprint Authentication with App Login for iOS and Android

Follow this code to use a plug-in available for Xamarin Forms that enables fingerprint detection.

Microsoft to Integrate Azure Stack and Azure Government

The company is making a serious bid to capture more hybrid cloud computing business.

Sauce Labs Launches Continuous Testing Cloud

The new cloud computing service was designed to support DevOps practices and Agile software development.

CloudBees Gets on Board with Kubernetes

The container orchestration platform continues to grow in popularity.

Biggest DDoS Attack Ever Strikes GitHub

The attack was mitigated within eight minutes.

Using Jenkins with Kubernetes AWS, Part 2

Follow along to configure a Jenkinsfile for a Jenkins pipeline and create a Jenkins pipeline.

Amazon Will Pay for Alexa Skills Targeting Kids

It's not clear how Amazon decides how much money it will give developers.

Female Google Software Engineer Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

The former employee says the company has a "bro culture."

More Developers Using Go Language at Work

The programming language continues to grow in popularity.

Google Unveils Beta Version of Flutter Mobile Development Framework

The tool supports native, cross-platform rapid development.

Accessing Contacts Data on Android Devices

Learn how to utilize Google's contacts data to our software's benefit.

Microsoft Releases Quantum Development Kit for Linux and MacOS

The new kit is a whole lot faster than the last one.

Java EE Is Now Jakarta EE

The Eclipse Foundation has a new name for the open source project.

More Smartphones to Feature 'Notch' Design

Mobile development pros that disliked the strange screen shape on the iPhone X are in for more bad news.

Exploring REST APIs with Spring MVC

Become more proficient with using the Spring MVC framework in your Web-based Java projects.

Rovio Loses Half Its Value

The mobile development firm was once worth $1 billion.

Bad Coding Leaves 34,200 Ethereum Smart Contracts Vulnerable to Exploit

Smart contracts might not be so smart after all.

Using Jenkins with Kubernetes AWS, Part 1

Follow along and learn to automate the Kubernetes installation process using a Jenkins Pipeline.

Gartner: Smartphone Sales Drop for the First Time Ever

It's unclear whether the declining phone sales will impact the mobile development industry.

Microsoft for Startups to Give Away $500 Million in Cash, Services

Participating companies will get free development tools and cloud computing services.

AI Developers Are Getting Desks Next to Their Bosses

Google, Facebook and even Overstock.com are placing big bets on artificial intelligence.

Chef InSpec 2.0 Speeds DevSecOps

The open source compliance tool has been updated with new cloud computing features.

W3C Publishes 3 WebAssembly Drafts

The standards body is making progress towards WebAssembly specifications.

New iPhone Apps Must Support iPhone X Screen

Beginning in April, Apple will impose more restrictions on iOS developers.

Working with JDBC and Spring

Delve into the pros and cons of using JDBC with Spring. Also, there are appropriate examples and code snippets to guide you.

Amazon Revamps Alexa Skills Developer Console

The cloud computing giant is making it easier to create skills for its smart speakers.

Using JDeveloper with MySQL Database and Oracle Database on AWS RDS, Part 3

Learn to use JDeveloper with Oracle and on RDS.

Blazor UI Framework Brings .Net to the Browser

The new tool could simplify some Web development.

Demand for Blockchain Developers Skyrockets

Employers have 14 jobs for every blockchain developer in existence.

HackerRank Raises $30 Million in Funding

The developer job site has received $58.2 million in all from investors.

Are Websites Dying?

One CEO believes Google and HTML have led to bad Web design and poor customer experiences.

Google Cloud Adds TPUs

The hardware accelerators are designed for machine learning workloads.

GitHub Identifies Key Open Source Development Trends

Tools that enable cross-platform development are becoming increasingly popular.

Oracle Cloud Becomes More Autonomous

The company's application development tools are getting machine learning capabilities.

Working with the JavaFX UI and JDBC Applications

Learn to create a database-driven application with JavaFX as the GUI framework.

Vote for Java EE's New Name

The options are Enterprise Profile or Jakarta EE.

Using JDeveloper with MySQL Database and Oracle Database on AWS RDS, Part 2

Connect to a MySQL database on RDS with JDeveloper.

EFF Cofounder John Perry Barlow Dies at Age 70

Some credit Barlow for making the Internet what it is today.

Survey: Developer Ecosystems Need Good Content

More devs want learning opportunities than want to make money.

The Leading Contributors to Open Source, Ranked

Microsoft leads the pack.

CloudBees Buys Codeship

The CEO called it "the most impactful acquisition in CloudBees' history."

Apple Mixup Sends Developers Info on Apps They Don't Own

Developers are worried about the data breach.

Cisco: Cloud Computing to Account for 95% of Data Center Traffic by 2021

Enterprises are moving to the cloud.

March's Pwn2Own Will Have $2 Million Prize Pool

The hacker event will take place March 14-16 in Vancouver, BC.

Understanding the Basic JavaFX Classes and How to Use Them

Dive into the basics of the JavaFX classes, especially with respect to the use of fundamental classes and how they are used in programming.

Smartphone Sales Drop 6.3%

Apple may now be the leading vendor worldwide, depending on which report you believe.

Cloud Computing Spending Climbs 46% in Q4 2017

Microsoft, Google and Alibaba all increased their market share.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Mobile App?

About eight weeks, on average.

IBM Cloud Adds Superfast GPUs

The cloud computing vendor is offering bare-metal servers with Nvidia V100 GPUs.

Using JDeveloper with MySQL Database and Oracle Database on AWS RDS, Part 1

Explore using JDeveloper with Oracle and MySQL databases on RDS.

Google, MobileIron to Partner on SaaS Marketplace

The two will launch an online store offering cloud-based applications to businesses.

Red Hat Acquires CoreOS

The Linux vendors are both heavily involved in Kubernetes.

Learn to Code While You Fly

Code.org has a new partnership with Alaska Airlines.

Microsoft Buys PlayFab, Will Integrate Game Tools Into Azure

Microsoft is adding a game development platform to its cloud computing service.

The Best Places to Work in Tech

Cloud computing, social media and software development firms dominate the list.

Developers Know JavaScript But Prefer Python

They want to learn Go next.

Survey: 87% of Organizations Using Multiple Clouds

A majority use between two and six cloud computing services.

Mendix Development Platform Comes to IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud will offer a low-code cloud development service that integrates with Watson.

IDC Predicts Rise in SaaS Spending

Cloud-based software should see revenues of $100 billion this year.

Using Oracle JDeveloper with MySQL Database Service on Oracle Cloud Platform, Part 3

Learn to query the table created in earlier parts and how to export the result set to a SQL script.

Electron Framework Contains Critical Vulnerability

If you use the popular framework to create apps, you need to install a patch.

Report: Bug Hunters Make More Than Software Engineers

White hat hackers can make a good living with bug bounties.

Watson and Einstein Get Married

IBM and Salesforce have inked a partnership that will result in more collaboration on cloud computing and AI.

Sundar Pichai: AI Is More Profound Than Fire or Electricity

The Google CEO sat down for an interview with Recode’s Kara Swisher and MSNBC’s Ari Melber.

How to Create a PDF Document from a Java Program Using iText

Delve into the tool called iText, which enables a Java programmer to create PDF documents through Java code.

IBM Annual As-a-Service Revenue Tops $10.3 Billion

The company is earning more than expected with cloud computing.

The Top Freelance Development Skills of 2018

Angular 2 and React Native are at the top of the list.

Security Researcher Earns $112,500 in Android Bug Bounties

Guang Gong found a remote exploit chain that could compromise Pixel phones or other Android devices.

Report: App Downloads Topped 175 Billion in 2017

The mobile development industry generated $86 billion in revenue for the year.

Exploring the Android Speech API for Voice Recognition

Read about the Android Speech API, used for voice recognition, that automates recognition and translation of spoken language into text.

CSSC Outlines Cloud Security Guidelines

Enterprises need to take steps to ensure data protection in the cloud.

Google Launches Cloud AutoML

The cloud computing service allows users to train machine learning models without writing code.

AWS, Google Announce New Cloud Computing Zones

Google is also investing in undersea cables for improved connectivity.

How to Become a Developer When the Only Technology You Own Is a Feature Phone

While living in rural Nigeria, Elvis Chidera learned taught himself Java on a Nokia phone.

How to Create an Excel Document from a Java Program Using Apache POI

Learn to use Java programming to manipulate Microsoft Excel documents.

New Google Framework Tests Docker Images

The new tool makes it easier for enterprise application development teams to verify the contents of containers.

Report: Mobile App Usage Growth Slows

Shopping apps saw more sessions, but other categories like games and sports apps declined.

Using Oracle JDeveloper with MySQL Database Service on Oracle Cloud Platform, Part 2

Probe some of the database features in JDeveloper to connect to the MySQL database service and create a table, add table data, and query the table.

PowerShell Core Reaches General Availability

The open source scripting language runs on Windows, macOS or Linux.

Which Companies Had the Most Patents in 2017?

IBM led the way again.

A Profile of MDickie, the Best Worst Game Developer

Can his games really be so bad if so many people play them?

71% of IT Decision-Makers Say Lack of Cloud Skills Has Led to Revenue Loss

Demand for people with cloud computing skills is soaring.

React Growing 5x as Fast as All JavaScript Packages

The framework is popular for desktop, Web and mobile development.

Exploring the Module APIs in Java 9

Explore the Java 9 Module APIs classes and some of the methods. There also are examples to give you an idea of their overall functionality.

IDC Predicts Skyrocketing Sales for Wearables

The good news for the mobile development industry is that full-featured smartwatches could become more popular.

Using Oracle JDeveloper with MySQL Database Service on Oracle Cloud Platform, Part 1

Diver deeper into Oracle JDeveloper, a Java IDE with support for Java EE and Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF).

Tiobe Names C Programming Language of the Year

The once-fading programming language has recently made huge gains in popularity.

Cloud Computing Vendors Respond to Meltdown and Spectre

The security vulnerabilities affect nearly every computing device on the planet — and that includes cloud services.

The Fastest-Growing Android SDKs

The popularity of various SDKs points to some trends in mobile development.

Apple Buys Buddybuild

The startup makes mobile development tools.

What Is a Custom Runtime Image in Java 9?

Take a holistic look at the features of custom runtime images introduced with Java 9.

The Facebook Developers Who Work With Advertisers

The social media giant has 100 engineers working on tools and products for advertisers.

New Board Game Teaches Kanban Principles

Motor City offers a different approach to learning some agile software development techniques.

Source Code for Trump Sites Includes Messages Blaming Obama, Clinton for Errors

Someone is hiding Easter eggs on GOP-related websites.

Museum to Release Source Code for Apple's Lisa OS

The original Lisa cost $10,000, but you can get the code for free.

6 Programming Languages that Saw Big Changes in 2017

Several popular languages gained new features for enterprise, web and mobile development.

AI is Coming to Hyundai and Kia Vehicles

You can see the technology in this January's CES.

Free Cloud Stuff for Developers

Discover some of there free Cloud services, functions, and tools offered by many of the top Cloud providers.

How Disney Supports Girls Who Code

Participants get a sneak peak of upcoming Star Wars attractions, as well as hands-on experiences with tech.

Only 17% of Developers Are Using AI or ML, Survey Finds

A majority also aren't implementing continuous delivery.

Google Pushes Developers to Use Newer Android APIs

Mobile development firms have a year to comply with new Google Play rules.

The Impact of the Cloud on Software Development

Developers are moving from a MTBF mentality to a MTTR mentality. Moving to the Cloud is facilitating that move.

Survey Predicts More Workloads Will Migrate to the Cloud

Cloud computing experts believe Azure and Google Cloud will grow rapidly over the next two years.

Google Will Require All Android Apps to be 64-Bit

The company says 64-bit apps offer better performance.

Apache Kafka on Azure HDInsight Reaches Production Status

Microsoft is also decreasing fees for its big data cloud computing tools.

Using Oracle JDeveloper 12c with Oracle Database 12c on Oracle Cloud Platform, Part 3

Create a connection to the database service instance created by using the Quick Start wizard with the Oracle Service Name connection parameter.

Forrester: 42% of Enterprises Deploying Agile and DevOps Together

However, it is hard to scale agile software development throughout a large IT organization.

New iOS App Is Controlled by Users' Eyebrows

Will facial recognition be the next big thing in control interfaces?

Apache Releases Hadoop 3.0

It's the first major update for the big data framework since 2013.

How Modules Are Packaged in Java 9

Learn briefly about the key aspects of packaging in the JAR and JMOD file formats, and how to create the packages.

The 7 Most In-Demand Programming Languages

These are the languages that can help you get hired.

How TensorFlow Helped Discover 2 Planets

NASA used Google's artificial intelligence software to examine starlight.

W3C Announces HTML 5.2 Specification

And HTML 5.3 is now a public working draft.

C Experiences Sharp Rise in Popularity

C is back.

Google Will Open an AI Lab in China

The company hopes to attract local talent to work on artificial intelligence research.

Using Oracle JDeveloper 12c with Oracle Database 12c on Oracle Cloud Platform, Part 2

Learn how to modify access rules for the database services to enable access to the services.

All Chicago Public School Students Will Learn Swift

The new coding education initiative could spur greater interest in mobile development.

Apple's App Store Now Has Pre-Orders

Developers can start getting paid for apps before they're even released.

CA Study Highlights Problems in Enterprise Application Development

Developers aren't ready to handle AI, IoT, agile or DevOps.

Microsoft Previews Quantum Development Kit

For now, the new quantum computing tools are available for free.

Exploring the Intricacies of Module Access in Java 9

Explore the specific access mechanism of the open and opens modules.

AWS Will Teach Cloud Computing to High School Students

Amazon is expanding its AWS Educate program.

Acronym Anarchy: Cloud Acronyms - How Many Do You Know?

Acronyms have always been out of control in the tech world. Can you look through the anarchy and identify what these Cloud computing acronyms stand for? 

Survey: 76% of Enterprises Have Apps Developed Outside IT

More than a third of survey respondents say citizen developers are faster then enterprise application development teams.

Cloud Foundry to Get a Serverless Service

AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions and Microsoft Azure Functions are getting some new competition.

Microsoft Unveils IoT Central

The new SaaS offering is a low-code app development tool.

Using Oracle JDeveloper 12c with Oracle Database 12c on Oracle Cloud Platform, Part 1

Create an Oracle Database 12c instance on Oracle Cloud Platform and use JDeveloper 12c to connect to the database and create a database table.

How to Do DevSecOps, According to Gartner

The analyst firm expects 80 percent of rapid development teams to use DevSecOps by 2021.

Google AI Creates 'AI Child' That Outperforms Human-Made Tools

Machines might be better at creating other machines than humans are.

Code.org Has Raised $12 Million

The money will help fund efforts to teach more young people how to program.

The Best Android Apps of 2017

The mobile development firms behind these apps earned kudos from Google.

Dealing with Module Dependency in Java 9

Peruse the key aspects of module dependency and discover how it is realized in Java programming.

Amazon Launches AWS Cloud9 Cloud-Native IDE

The new IDE integrates very tightly with other Amazon services.

Adding Basic Android Text-To-Speech to Your Apps

Learn to implement Android's Text-To-Speech functionality into your apps.

Microsoft, SAP Expand Cloud Computing Partnership

SAP S/4 HANA is coming to Azure, and the two companies are using each other's cloud services.

AWS Launches Bare Metal Instances

The cloud computing service made several other announcements during re:Invent.

Report: Developers Need More Security Training

CA Veracode survey suggests developers want to write secure code, but they don't know how.

Developing with Live Video Technology

Developers who are building with WebRTC are completely reinventing the way we think about live video and its impact on app and Web site experiences.

Tech Giants Collaborate on Open Source License Enforcement

Large companies say more predictability in open source licensing will accelerate innovation.

Facebook AI to Detect Suicidal Posts

The new Facebook feature is reigniting discussions in the developer community about appropriate uses of AI.

Amazon Unveils Sumerian AR/VR Development Platform

The cloud computing service will allow developers to create virtual reality apps in just a couple of hours.

Exploring the Java Monitoring APIs and Java Management APIs

Learn about the Monitoring and Management Services feature, as used in Java programming.

Top 10 Web Application Vulnerabilities

These are the big mistakes that Web developers need to avoid.

Hackers Used Private GitHub Site to Gain Access to Uber Systems

Uber paid the hackers $100,000 and attempted to keep the breach a secret.

Migrating Your Cassandra Cluster

Discover a rapid rollback strategy to return to your original Cassandra Cluster configuration, up until the moment the migration is completed.

Google's Fuschia OS Will Support Swift

Will the new operating system be able to run iOS apps?

Windows Compatibility Pack Allows Devs to Move Code from .NET to .NET Core

The two sets of development tools are becoming more closely aligned.

Metavine Unveils Cloud-Based Blockchain Development Stack

The cloud computing company offers low-code and no-code development tools.

Tencent Is the First Chinese Tech Company Worth More Than $500 Billion

The mobile development firm is known for its games and social networking apps.

An Introduction to the Mockito Framework for Java Testing

Focus on unit testing with a mocking framework in general, and on the Mockito framework in particular.

What Tools and Technologies Are Java Developers Using Now?

Kotlin, Spring and Intellij IDEA have a lot of fans.

The Programmers Who Sent Men to the Moon

Writing the code that ran the computers of the Apollo mission was an incredibly difficult job.

Technologies Targeted by Developers: Where Do You Stand?

From Artificial Intelligence to Bots to Mixed Reality, there are numerous leading-edge technologies. Find out which have the attention of developers!

GitHub Unveils Teletype Code Collaboration Tool

The new open source tool works with the Atom text editor.

Microsoft Launches Visual Studio Tools for AI

The company's IDE is getting better support for collaboration and artificial intelligence.

Who Are the Bug Hunters?

People who earn bug bounties are young and highly educated, and they love a challenge.

Using Docker on Azure Container Service with Swarm Cluster

Learn to use Docker on the Swarm created on the Azure Container Service, which was created in an earlier article.

Scripting Languages Fall out of Favor

Perl, PHP and Ruby are experiencing popularity declines.

HPE Launches Blockchain-as-a-Service

The beta service will be ready for production enterprise use early next year.

Robotics, Blockchain Top List of In-Demand Freelance Skills

Cloud computing, augmented reality and deep learning were also in the top 10.

Exploring Java Unit Testing with the JUnit Test Framework

Read an overview of the JUnit testing framework, the de-facto standard of Java unit testing.

Facebook Revamps Buck Build Tool

The open source tool now provides faster compilation times for Android apps.

IBM Launches 20-Qubit Quantum Computing Cloud Service

But the new technology still faces many hurdles before it's ready for widespread use.

Seven Ways to Refactor Java switch Statements

Learn more about switch statements, and also about some alternatives that eliminate or hide them entirely.

40% of Quick Base Users Are Women

No-code development tools appeal to a broad base of citizen developers.

80% of Consumers View AI Positively

People don’t know what artificial intelligence is, but they like it.

OAuth with Xamarin Forms Passive Authentication for iOS Apps

Learn how to do a passive authentication in Xamarin Forms for iOS.

Survey: 93% of Developers Evaluate Software

Developers look for good documentation and a clean startup process when evaluating software.

Salesforce, Google Announce Cloud Computing Partnership

Salesforce customers will get free access to G Suite.

Salesforce Launches Low-Code Mobile Development Tool.

It is also upgrading its AI capabilities.

Will AI Replace AI Developers?

Google, Facebook and Microsoft are investing in meta-learning technology.

Getting Started with Java 9's JShell

JShell is a Java tool shipped with JDK 9, and provides a command-line interface to interact with the Java platform.

Synopsys Buys Black Duck for $565 Million

The deal highlights the growing importance of open source code for enterprise application development.

What's Coming for Visual Studio Code in 2018?

The free IDE will promote "happy coding."

Working with a Camera in Android

Harness the basics of what the Android Camera API can do, and see some code to assist you.

IBM Renames Its Cloud Computing Service

Bluemix is dead. Long live IBM Cloud.

Are Capsule Networks the New Neural Networks?

AI expert Geoff Hinton is taking a new approach to computer vision.

Developers Hate Perl

They aren't too crazy about Delphi or VBA either.

Creating a Docker Swarm Cluster on Azure Container Service

Learn to use Azure Container Service (ACS), an optimized container hosting solution for commonly used open source container orchestrator tools.

Report: AWS Has 35% of IaaS Market

Despite Microsoft's impressive numbers, Amazon continues to dominate cloud computing.

Webalo Launches No-Code IIoT App Dev Tool

No-code mobile development meets the Industrial Internet of Things.

Report: Developers Want Jobs with Work/Life Balance

A high-quality codebase is the second most desirable job trait.

Java 9 Structural Changes in the JDK and JRE

Explore the key structural changes brought to the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) and JDK due to modularization.

Report: Average US iPhone User Will Spend $88 Per Year on Apps by 2020

Back in 2012, the average spend was only $12.

Break Down the Walls! How to Unsilo Your Data

To solve the data siloing problem, you need fluid, adaptable processes and a unified system of records.

HPE Launches AI Tools

The company wants to encourage more enterprises to deploy deep learning technology.

Google Releases Android Studio 3.0

The company is also rolling out a preview of Android 8.1 Oreo.

90% of the Public Cloud Runs on Linux

Microsoft is no longer a top contributor to the Linux kernel.

'App of the Day' Increases Downloads by 1747%

When Apple features a game or app in the App Store, downloads skyrocket.

Using kubeadm to Install Kubernetes

Kubernetes 1.4 introduces a new tool, kubeadm, to bootstrap a Kubernetes cluster.

Q3 2017 App Downloads and Revenues Reach Record Highs

The mobile development industry continues to thrive.

Report: AI Specialists Making Up to $500,000

High demand and short supply are leading to skyrocketing paychecks.

Apple and Samsung Are Going Back to Court -- Again

Following a new Supreme Court decision, Samsung wants Apple to give back some of the money the Korean company paid in a patent lawsuit.

The Most Popular Languages, Projects and Tools on GitHub

JavaScript, TensorFlow, Microsoft Visual Studio Code and Kubernetes are very popular on the code sharing site.

Understand JVM Loading, JVM Linking, and JVM Initialization

Java Virtual Machine does a lot of behind-the-scenes work to execute a binary class file submitted to it for execution. Glimpse JVM's initial stages.

AlphaGo Zero Beats the Original AlphaGo 100-0

The new artificial intelligence program relies on reinforcement learning.

Multiple Changes Coming to Google Play

Google is promoting Instant Apps, reducing fees for subscriptions and starting a bug bounty program.

The Hard Things about Hard Integrations

Enterprises face integration challenges today from the huge number of SaaS/Cloud apps they use and the data that comes with them.

Docker to Include Kubernetes

The container orchestration tool will be integrated with both free and paid versions of Docker.

Report: 88% of Java Apps Include Vulnerable Open Source Code

Enterprises often rely on Java components with known security flaws.

Woz U Will Train Developers and Tech Support Pros

Steve Wozniak wants to offer affordable training for people interested in technical careers.

Exploring the Android SDK and AVD Managers

Learn about two useful tools that will keep your development packages up to date and to emulate the testing devices.

Tim Cook: Learning to Code Is More Important Than Learning English

The CEO calls on people everywhere to learn basic programming skills.

'Git Bomb' Vulnerability Could Crash Systems

GitHub has released a patch for the flaw.

What Is the Java 9 Module System?

Gain an overall picture of the module system as incorporated in Java 9.

Grafeas Standardizes Container-Based Software Supply Chains

The open source tool will make it easier to manage applications built on microservices and containers.

AWS, Microsoft Partner on Gluon Machine Learning Library

The two cloud computing giants want to make artificial intelligence more accessible for developers.

Top 20 Open Source Development Tools

These open source IDEs, version control systems, text editors, frameworks and DevOps tools are among the most popular in use today.

Survey: 40% of Developers Skip Testing to Release Faster

Enterprise application development teams are feeling pressured to release code right away.

GitHub Adds Dependency Graph, Security Alerts

The open source hub is making it easier for developers to track dependencies.

Andela Aims to Train 100,000 African Software Developers

The startup trains programmers and places them in contract jobs with large companies.

Java Comes to Azure Functions

Microsoft's serverless computing platform now supports the world's most popular programming language.

Reactive Programming with RxJava

Take advantage of RxJava to implement asynchronous data flow using the Java Programming Language.

Is Kotlin Overtaking Java for Android Development?

Interest in the newer programming language has skyrocketed.

Visual Studio Code Adds Code Folding

The code editor now boasts faster performance.

Twitter Bot Records GitHub Developer Swears

If you've posted profanity on GitHub recently, this bot tweeted about it.

Software Industry Contributes $1.14 Trillion to Economy, Report Says

Ten million people are employed thanks to software development and distribution.

Modularity in Java: Java 9 Modularity versus Prior Versions

Look back on the principles of modular programming from the threshold of a new era that is dawning with Java 9.

Report: Apple Allowed Uber to Take Screenshots of iPhone Screens

The mobile development team at the ride-sharing service had a special "entitlement."

Getting Started with Docker for Windows

Docker for Windows makes it feasible to run a Docker daemon on Windows Server 2016. Learn to harness its power.

Dice: iOS Devs Earn More than Android Devs

Mobile development pros in New York see a particularly big bump in pay if they specialize in iOS.

Gartner's 2018 Top Tech Trends

Artificial intelligence and cloud computing aren't going away anytime soon.

Research: Functional Languages Lead to Better Code Quality

The choice of programming language has a small but real effect on code quality.

How to Choose Open Source Software Components

Open Source Software has completely changed software development. It's now common to see software products with thousands of open source components.

Walmart Labs Releases Electrode Native

The open source tool helps simplify the process of updating mobile apps.

Oracle Launches New Cloud Development Tools

Many of the new tools support DevOps and Agile software development.

Microsoft Releases Java Debugger for Visual Studio Code

To use it, you'll also need a Red Hat extension.

The Impact of Oracle's Java EE Move to the Eclipse Foundation

Java EE finally moved to the Eclipse Foundation as its new home. Examine the ramifications of the move.

80% of Enterprises Dissatisfied with Cloud Migration Services

They aren't all that happy about cloud security either.

Hired: Freelance Software Engineers Make More than Full-Timers

Contract developers can make about $71 per hour.

Setting Up Windows Server 2016 on Amazon EC2

Explore starting a Windows Server 2016 instance on AWS EC2 and accessing the instance with Chrome RDP.

Java Survey Finds Growing Use of IntelliJ IDEA

The Kotlin programming language also has a lot of fans.

An AI God?

A notorious self-driving car engineer has founded a religion based on artificial intelligence.

Google Compute Engine Moves to Per-Second Billing

AWS made a similar move last week.

The Best Open Source Development Tools of 2017

Several popular programming languages and some Microsoft tools made the list.

Domain-driven Design: Understanding Bounded Context and the Context Map

Learn to use domain-driven design to focus on bounded contexts and context maps.

SUSE Updates Container as a Service Offering

The cloud computing service is based on Kubernetes.

Microsoft Developing a Quantum Computing Language

The quantum computing project could lead to huge advances in artificial intelligence.

Azure Adds Availability Zones to Improve Resiliency

The service uses redundant power, cooling and networking to help prevent cloud computing outages.

GitLab 10 Adds DevOps Features

The platform is far more than just an open source version control system.

Understanding the Java Labeled Statement

Learn about Java's "labeled" feature and how to use it in your own programming endeavors.

Google Cloud Platform Adds More GPUs

The cloud computing service will offer faster performance for artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads.

Oracle Releases Java SE 9 and Java EE 8

Modular Java is here at last.

Xamarin Forms: Refresh Data Using MessagingCenter

Learn to use Xamarin Forms' MessagingCenter's publish and subscribe model to refresh shopping cart data.

Puppet Buys Distelli

The automation vendor has acquired more tools to support agile software development and DevOps.

IBM Open Sources WebSphere Liberty

Open Liberty supports microservices development.

Oracle's Plan to Beat AWS

The company plans to compete aggressively on cloud computing prices.

Domain-driven Design: Aggregates with Ruby

Learn about methods to facilitate distilling domain knowledge to solve complex domain problems.

iOS 11 Brings Changes to App Store

Mobile development firms are getting more space to advertise their wares.

Malicious Modules Found in Python Repository

Python developers may have unknowingly incorporated the malicious code into their projects.

Using Different Types of Java Loops: Looping in Java

Dig into the concept behind looping in Java and learn about the various types of loops you can use.

Modern Software Development Strategies Lead to 70% Higher Profit Growth, Report Says

Enterprises that have modernized their application development experience tangible business benefits.

Atom Becomes an IDE

The GitHub code editor is getting a host of new features.

AIDE (Android IDE) - Android Programming IDE Overview

Check out the details on AIDE the Android IDE.

App Inventor - Android Programming IDE Overview

Check out the details on App Inventor, one of the top rated Android IDEs for developers.

Appcelerator Titanium - Android Programming IDE Overview

See the details on Appcelerator Titanium, one of the top rated Android IDEs for developers.

Cordova - Android Programming IDE Overview

Check out the details on Cordova, one of the top rated Android IDEs for developers.

Komodo - Android Programming IDE Overview

See the details on Komodo, one of the top rated Android IDEs for developers.

NetBeans - Android Programming IDE Overview

See the details on NetBeans, one of the top rated Android IDEs for developers.

PhoneGap - Android Programming IDE Overview

Review PhoneGap, one of the top rated Android IDEs for developers.

IntelliJ IDEA - Android Programming IDE Overview

When it comes to programming Android, IntelliJ IDEA is considered one of the top IDEs.

Visual Studio (with Xamarin) - Android Programming IDE Overview

When it comes to Android development, one of the top IDEs is Visual Studio with Xamarin.

Eclipse - Android Programming IDE Overview

Get the details on Eclipse as it relates to Android Development.  

Android Studio - Android Programming IDE Overview

Get the details on Android Studio, one of the top IDEs identified by Codeguru for IoT development.  

Top Android IDEs for Developers

Discover the most popular Android Integrated development environments for doing Android Mobile development.

Oracle Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Support for Kubernetes continues to grow.

The Eclipse Foundation Will Take Over Java EE

The platform may get a new name.

What Developers Need to Know About the iPhone X

The new screen size will bring some headaches for the mobile development industry, but the AI capabilities offer new opportunities.

Tip for Porting Legacy ASP.NET Apps to ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of the best practices and tools to ensure that the process of migration of your legacy ASP.NET application to ASP.NET Core is seamless.

Linus Torvalds Wants to Get Young Hackers 'On Our Side'

The Linux creator is also in favor of corporate involvement in open source development.

GM Donates $255,000 to Black Girls Code

The organization will launch a chapter in Detroit.

Python Named Fastest-Growing Programming Language

Developers are asking a lot of questions about Python on Stack Overflow.

Using the Java Bit Manipulation Operators

Probe the use of the bitwise operators available in Java.

Java, C, C++ Continue to Dominate Language Rankings

While Java isn't as popular as it once was, it will be difficult for other programming languages to overtake it.

Red Hat Debuts Open Source AWX, Ansible Tower 3.2

The firm is updating its DevOps configuration management tools.

Database Services on AWS and Oracle Cloud Platform

Learn about the databases available on the AWS and Oracle Cloud Platform cloud providers.

Java to Get Twice-Yearly Releases

OpenJDK builds will move to a GPL license.

IBM, MIT Announce $240 Million AI Lab

The new facility will be located in Cambridge.

ComScore: App Discovery Is Waning

However, mobile users are becoming more open to push notifications.

Microsoft, Huawei Ink Cloud Computing Deal

Microsoft could expand its reach in China.

Implementing Domain-driven Design: Important Blocks of Model-driven Design

Learn about several important blocks of Model-driven design and how to avoid reconceptualizing the domain on your own.

Putin: 'Whoever Leads in AI Will Rule the World'

Elon Musk says artificial intelligence will lead to World War III.

Unstructured Content: An Untapped Fuel Source for AI and Machine Learning

Advancements in AI and ML make it possible and affordable to sift through vast amounts of unstructured data.

Report: Nearly 60% of Custom Enterprise Apps Created Outside IT Department

"Citizen developers" are becoming increasingly important for enterprise application development.

IDC: Wearable Device Market Grew 10.3%

Mobile development firms might want to consider making apps for smartwatches.

How to Create Java API Documentation

Study of some key norms that are usually maintained to create standard Java documentation in source code and the usage of the javadoc tool in general.

CloudBees Boosts DevOps Capabilities in Jenkins

The continuous integration server is getting better at supporting collaboration.

Google Launches Android AR SDK

ARCore will enable mobile development firms to add augmented reality features to Android apps.

Seven Key Benefits of Open Source Software

Here are seven key benefits of using open source software.

Skype Gets a Real-Time Code Editor

The Skype Interviews feature could make it much easier to conduct long-distance technical interviews.

Apple Shows Off Crop of AR Apps

IKEA, Food Network, the Walking Dead and others have augmented reality apps ready to launch when Apple releases iOS 11 next month.

Using Jenkins on Google Container Engine

Learn to run Jenkins using the Docker image "Jenkins" on the Kubernetes cluster.

VMware Expands Its Cloud Computing, Container Partnerships

The company is working with AWS, Google and Pivotal on new projects.

Apple, Accenture Announce Mobile Development Partnership

The two companies will help enterprises build iOS apps.

Infighting Leads to New Node.js Fork

The popular open source project's leadership is finding it difficult to get along with each other.

Programming a Snackbar into Your iOS App

Snackbar is a default control available in Xamarin Android. It is useful to display in-app notifications. Learn to create a snackbar for iOS.

Report: 73% of IT Managers Looking to Hire Developers

DevOps and cloud computing skills are also in high demand.

Samsung Heir Gets 5-Year Prison Sentence

Lee Jae-yong was found guilty of bribery, embezzlement, illegally transferring assets overseas, concealing criminal proceeds and perjury.

Five Brand-spanking New PHP 7 Features Every Developer Needs to Know

Learn what's new in PHP 7, and why you need to start using it.

Google Adds a Firewall to App Engine

Developers can now block or allow access to the cloud development platform based on IP addresses.

Gartner Predicts Strong Market for Smartwatches

Bluetooth headsets will also experience significant sales growth.

Unity Game Engine Has Remote Vulnerability

If you use the Unity engine, it's time to update.

Getting Started with Kubernetes on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The process of installing Kubernetes on CoreOS on AWS is simplified by following these steps.

Red Hat, Microsoft Expand Partnership

The former foes are working together on containers, cloud computing and development tools.

Google Announces Android Oreo

Instant Apps could be the most significant change in Android 8.0 for mobile development firms.

A Step-by-step Guide to Creating NetBeans Web Apps

Learn how to create a Web application in NetBeans using the bare minimum of tools and technologies.

Oracle Wants to Give Java EE to a Foundation

The change would make James Gosling very happy.

Go, Scala Are Highest Paying Languages in the US

Worldwide, Clojure and Rust top the list.

Where More Developers Are Being Hired (and Where They Are Not)

Developers may be looking in the wrong place during a job search. Here's how to find out where to look for that perfect opportunity.

Code Quality Platform Codacy Raises $5.1 Million

The tool helps shrink delivery cycles by automating code reviews.

Visual Studio, Eclipse Top List of Popular IDEs

Android Studio was a distant third.

Using Jenkins on the Google Container Engine

Use Jenkins on the Google Cloud Platform and make use of the Google Container Engine.

High School Student Earns $10,000 for Discovering Bug in Google App Engine

The vulnerability in Google's cloud computing service could have led to data leaks.

Red Hat Updates Development Tools

The 2.0 version of the DevSuite includes a new container tool and offers better integration with other Red Hat software.

Study Finds IoT Skills Gap

Enterprise application development teams need more big data analytics and embedded development expertise.

Android Development: Tracking Target Apps When Sharing Information

Learn to take the appropriate actions when a target application is selected while file sharing.

DeepMind AI Can't Beat Starcraft II — But It Can Dream

The company is working with video game developers to advance artificial intelligence.

AWS Joins CNCF Kubernetes Group

The move comes as a surprise because the cloud computing leader doesn't currently have a Kubernetes service.

Getting Started with the Java Spring Framework

Learn more about the Java Spring framework from the perspective of one who wants to get an overall picture of Spring before diving deep into it.

Parent Sues Disney over Mobile App Tracking

The outcome of the case could affect the use of advertising SDKs in children's apps.

Agile Tool Vendors CollabNet, VersionOne Merge

The combined company will still be called CollabNet.

An Introduction to Oracle Mobile Cloud Service

Become even more knowledgeable about Oracle's Mobile Cloud Service.

Google Fires Software Engineer Who Wrote Controversial Memo

James Damore is considering legal action against his former employer.

JetBrains Rider Offers an Alternative to Visual Studio

The new IDE supports C# and other Microsoft programming languages.

Survey Finds Limited Benefit from Partial DevOps Adoption

The study recommends an "all-in approach" to DevOps.

SharePoint Development in 2017

Look at the development models available in SharePoint and Office 365 development and learn why one would choose one model versus another.

Java, C Drop in Tiobe Popularity Rankings

The two languages are the least popular they have ever been.

Google Play Downranking Buggy Apps

Mobile development firms have new incentive to make sure their Android apps aren't crashing often.

10 Ways Developer Hiring Has Changed

As might be expected, the hiring trends for developers are changing. Here's how to keep abreast of the differences from years past to today.

VR Tops List of Fastest-Growing Job Skills

Artificial intelligence skills like natural language processing and neural networks also ranked high.

Survey Details Benefits of Low-Code Platforms

The tools are speeding the process of development.

Samsung Still Dominates the Smartphone Market

Smartphone sales continue to rise.

Apple Forecasts Strong iPhone Sales for the Coming Quarter

An expected release of new hardware in September could be a boon for the mobile development industry.

Exploring the Java Networking APIs

Explore some of the key points of network programming through the lens of Java APIs.

Visual Studio Mobile Center Adds CodePush Capabilities

The tool will simplify app updates for mobile development firms.

Facebook Acquires Ozlo AI Startup

Ozlo's conversational capabilities will become part of Messenger.

Microsoft's Plan to Build an AI Cloud

The cloud computing vendor is building out its FPGA capabilities.

Apple Pulls VPN Apps from Chinese App Store

The decision will make it more difficult for Chinese iPhone users to evade censorship laws.

AWS Maintains Sizable Lead in Cloud Computing Market

The biggest cloud computing vendors are growing their market share at the expense of smaller firms.

Report: Execs Prefer Third-Party Firms for Mobile Development

But apps created by external vendors are not meeting expectations.

Ten Security Issues Developers Overlook While Developing Apps

Hundreds of thousands of mobile applications are downloaded by Internet users every day. Learn where problems may occur and to secure your apps.

Microsoft Azure Launches Lightweight Container Service

Azure Container Instances does not require an orchestration solution.

IEEE Spectrum Ranks Python as Top Programming Language

C and Java also received very high scores in the index.

Using the Google Container Engine on the Google Cloud Platform

See how to set up the Google Container Engine so that you can use it to run Jenkins.

Microsoft to Release AI-Based Bug Finder This Summer

The fuzzing service attempts to find security vulnerabilities that haven't been previously detected.

Zuckerberg, Musk Argue Over AI Threat

The two tech CEOs are polar opposites in their views on artificial intelligence.

Machine Learning, Data Science Offer Top Dev Pay, LinkedIn Says

Developers in these fields are also less experienced than other types of developers.

Digging Deep into Java Recursion

Unravel some key aspects of the recursive technique in the light of Java programming.

Beijing Lays Out Plan to Become AI Development Leader

Will our robot overlords be speaking Chinese?

Cloud Computing Helps Microsoft Double Its Quarterly Profits

The software giant's quarterly earnings easily beat analyst expectations.

Displaying Push Messages in a Custom UI (Xamarin-Android)

Learn to display a popup dialog when a notification is received and the app is open.

Report Identifies Top Mobile Development Security Mistakes

Android and iOS apps have different types of vulnerabilities.

Open Container Initiative Releases 1.0 Specifications

The group now has industry standards for Linux-based containers.

Anatomy of a Software Development Role: Data Scientist

The expansion of data requires a set of techniques and skills that are unlike historical approaches to data that we have been using.

Elon Musk Advocates for AI Regulation

The CEO painted doomsday pictures of killer robots roaming the streets.

Tiobe: Go Now a Top 10 Language

A year ago, the Google-backed language ranked 55th.

Dev Bootcamp Goes out of Business

Is this the beginning of a trend for learn-to-code schools?

IDC: Cloud Computing, Mobile Lead to Increases in IT Spending

Software spending will also be strong.

Using the Google Any Voice Kit How to Run Google Assistant on Android Things

Follow up on the previous article and learn to configure the Google API Project to converse with Google Assistant.

Amazon Plans Alexa Dev Days

Because 15,000 apps aren't enough.

What Is Functional Programming in Java?

Break into functional programming, from the perspective of using Java.

Oracle Unveils Open Source Container Tools

The tools address security and performance issues.

Using Advanced Oracle JDeveloper Features for MySQL Databases

Learn about more of the other features in JDeveloper that can be used with MySQL.

Google's DeepMind Opens Canadian Office

The artificial intelligence unit is closely affiliated with the University of Alberta.

Sending Notifications to Mobile Apps from Azure Function Apps

Learn to integrate a service bus with a function app to send push notifications to your mobile app.

Samsung Announces Record-Setting Profits

The Korean firm had quarterly income of 14 trillion won.

Understanding Java Wrapper Classes

Learn more about the classes provided in the standard API library.

Gartner Predicts Decline in Device Shipments

PC shipments will fall, but smartphone sales will increase slightly, the market researchers say.

Report: EU Considering Another Huge Fine for Google

This antitrust action concerns the Android operating system.

Baidu Buys AI Startup Kitt.ai

The Chinese search giant is building a chatbot development platform.

Intel Announces IoT Layoffs

One hundred forty workers in California and Ireland will need new jobs.

Using Oracle JDeveloper Snippets with MySQL

Learn about snippets, which can be used with MySQL databases.

DeepMind's Use of Patient Data Ruled Illegal

The ruling could impact other developers using health data to train artificial intelligence apps.

Cloud Computing Leads to Layoffs at Microsoft

The sales team is getting a shakeup as the company delivers more software through the cloud.

The Full Package: Essential Soft Skills Every Budding Coder Must Have

What are the essential soft skills that every budding coder should focus on developing, before they step out into the world of work? Learn them here.

Microsoft Buys Cloudyn

The startup offers cloud computing monitoring and budgeting tools.

Working with JavaFX Chart APIs

Delve into key aspects of the chart APIs of JavaFX and learn how to implement them.

Eclipse Foundation Releases Oxygen Train

The open source IDE now has updated programming language support and better container security features.

Java Community Approves Modularity Proposal

Java 9 is back on track for delivery this fall.

Using Oracle JDeveloper SQL Worksheets

Learn what JDeveloper SQL Worksheets are, and how to start using them today.

Report: Global App Economy to be Worth $6.3 Trillion by 2021

The average mobile user contributes $.80 per hour to the app economy.

More Than 60% of People Believe Humans Will Love AI by 2050

A majority believe artificial intelligence will make life better.

Google Calls for New Cloud Data Regulations

The Web giant says existing laws are outdated.

The Most Popular Android SDKs

More mobile development firms are using the Firebase SDK.

Implementing Azure Push Notifications in Your Android Apps with Xamarin Forms

Walk through the steps to integrate an Android App with the Azure notification service.

IBM Debuts Microservices Builder

The tool simplifies the process of building apps based on microservices application architecture.

DHS Contest Seeks AI for Identifying Weapons in Airports

First place wins $500,000.

Working with JavaFX UI Layouts

Learn to create striking, yet functional, UI layouts in JavaFX.

Apple Reportedly Cleaning Clone Apps out of App Store

Hundreds of thousands of iOS apps have been removed.

Mobile Gaming Sessions Decline, Revenue Increases

Time spent with games remains about the same.

Survey: Python Now Most Popular Development Tool

Git, Visual Studio and Eclipse are next on the list.

Using MySQL Databases in Oracle JDeveloper

Learn to connect to and use a MySQL database in JDeveloper.

Splitting Fact from Fiction: The Role of the Citizen Developer in the Enterprise

Discover the role of the citizen developer on the ever-changing landscape of software development.

The NSA Launches a Public Github Page

The intelligence agency is letting the open source community in on some of its secrets.

Google Releases 2 More Computer Vision Tools

The company’s machine learning tools are getting better at object recognition.

Displaying Dynamic Navigation Information in Android Apps

Solve the problem of dynamic navigation on your Android device with Xamarin Forms.

Coders Who Use Spaces Instead of Tabs Make More Money

The strange effect holds true across countries and development platforms.

AWS, Azure Top Magic Quadrant for IaaS

Google, Alibaba, IBM and Oracle all trail the cloud computing leaders.

How to Code Java Clipboard Functionality

If you want to use clipboard functionality in a custom user component developed in Swing, AWT, or JavaFX, you'll need to add some Java code.

IBM Bluemix to Connect with BMW CarData

The cloud development platform will soon have access to data from connected cars.

Report: Amazon Wants to Buy Slack

The rumored price tag is $9 billion.

Android Excellence Program Spotlights Top Apps and Games

The curated collection will update quarterly.

How to Run Google Assistant on Android Things Using the Any Voice Kit

Developers can run Android Things on the Voice Kit with full functionality, including integration with the Google Assistant SDK.

Open Source Community Brings Visual Studio Code to Chromebook, Raspberry Pi

The IDE now runs on ARM hardware.

Atlassian Rolls Out DevOps Bundle

DevOps and agile software development teams can now easily adopt all of Atlassian's team tools.

Google Finalizes Android O APIs

Mobile development firms can start updating their apps for the new OS.

Junior Data Scientist Glut Leads to Dip in Pay

Data scientist salaries are still among the highest in IT.


Learn what's up with blockchain technology, and why you should know about it.

Google Play May Penalize Incentivized Installs, Ratings, Reviews

The company doesn't want mobile development firms to attempt to manipulate app placement in the store.

Understanding Java Process and Java ProcessBuilder

Discover some of the common functionalities of the process APIs to understand them in Java.

Cisco: IoT Will Account for Half of All Connected Devices by 2021

Connected homes will likely drive much of that growth.

Azure Thwarts 1.5 Million Cyberattacks Per Day

Keeping Microsoft's cloud computing service secure is a costly endeavor.

Google Announces Spinnaker 1.0 Continuous Delivery Tool

The open source project supports multiple cloud computing services.

Handling Android Things Peripheral Events

Android Things apps have to communicate with an astounding array of peripheral devices, from buttons, temperature readers, and speakers, to handheld GPSes.

Google Increases Top Android Bug Bounty to $200,000

The company wants to focus more attention on finding TrustZone, Verified Boot and Android kernel exploits.

WWDC 2017: Apple's Announcements for Developers

The company is revamping the App Store and making incremental improvements to its operating systems.

Microsoft Updates Cognitive Toolkit

The open source artificial intelligence (AI) tools were formerly known as the Computational Network Toolkit.

GitHub Survey Highlights Gender Imbalance in Open Source

The report also revealed that poor documentation plagues the open source community.

The Role of JavaScript in Cognitive Application Development

Cognitive computing is widely used to cover a whole array of technologies that are combined to solve problems by simulating the human thought process.

Everything You Ever Needed to Know about Vim in a Keyboard Overlay

Helpful tool makes it easier to get to know the complicated text editor.

Report: Android Users Download More, Spend Less

Android device owners still seem to be more cost-conscious than iPhone owners.

How to Add Java Print Services to Your Java Application

Learn to use the Java Print Services API in a Java application.

GitHub Goes Down One Day After Setting Goal of 'No Outages'

The latest downtime at the popular code repository had unfortunate timing.

Apple Has Paid $70 Billion to Mobile Developers

App downloads continue to grow.

Andy Rubin's Company Unveils Essential Phone

No word on when the device will actually go on sale.

Report: 42% of People Say They Can't Live Without Mobile Apps

Nearly half of those surveyed would rather lose their pants than their phones.

Cheating Runs Rampant in College Coding Classes

At elite universities, a growing number of computer science students are getting caught violating academic codes.

JavaScript in 2017: Beyond the Browser

As technology evolves, so does JavaScript.

83% of Orgs Benefit from Cloud and DevOps Together, Study Says

CA Technologies finds tangible business benefits from combining cloud computing with DevOps approaches.

Google, IBM, Lyft Launch Istio Open Source Microservices Platform

The tool helps manage applications in containerized microservices environments.

Red Hat Buys Codenvy

The open source software vendor is adding to its lineup of development tools.

Understanding Java Tree APIs

Create non-linear data structures, called trees, to organize your data objects.

Google AI Beats Best Human Go Player

AlphaGo continues its winning streak.

Report: Software Vulnerabilities Climb 30%

Those vulnerabilities were involved in a lot of data breaches during the first quarter.

Toyota Announces Blockchain Push

The distributed ledger technology could help bring autonomous vehicles to the road.

AWS Launches Training and Certification Portal

The website aims to make it easier for developers and IT professionals to improve their cloud computing skills.

Using Kubernetes (K8s) on IBM Bluemix

Learn about installing and using Kubernetes on IBM Bluemix.

Google I/O Attendees Get Google Free Home Speaker, Cloud Computing Credits

The company wants to compete with Amazon in IoT.

GitHub Launches Marketplace for Development Tools

The store will sell tools to assist with DevOps, agile software development, project management and more.

Don't Ask an AI to Paint Your House

There are some things that artificial intelligence still cannot do well — like naming paint colors.

Play Awards 2017 Winners

Google says these are the best Android apps of the year.

Understanding JDBC Connection Pooling

Learn to use the connection pooling mechanism and apply it to a Java application.

Native GitHub Integration Comes to the Atom Text Editor

The change could increase productivity for developers who use Atom.

Developer News from Google I/O

Artificial intelligence, mobile development, virtual reality and cloud computing were hot topics at the event.

VMware Buys Apteligent

The startup makes tools for mobile development and analytics.

The Repository Pattern in PHP

A repository represents an architectural layer that handles communication between the application and data source.

Pirated Software Compounds Ransomware Attack in China

Government institutions, schools and large companies throughout the country have fallen victim to the attack.

TIBCO, Apple Make Data Science Acquisitions

TIBCO bought Statistica; Apple bought Lattice.io.

Puppet Unveils Lumogon, Cloud Discovery

The DevOps tool maker is tackling containers and cloud computing infrastructure.

Android O to Improve Update Process

The mobile development industry is hoping that Google has found a solution to its Android fragmentation problem.

A Kaizen Approach For DevOps: How to Help Teams Find and Fix Their Own Problems

Investigate the concept of kaizen, which aims to eliminate waste and make organisations leaner.

Survey: Half of Enterprises Struggle to Link Agile, DevOps to Business Outcomes

Companies are using IT-related metrics to determine the value of their DevOps and agile software development efforts.

Building an Android Things Application

Learn how to connect an LED to a button's KeyUp and KeyDown events.

Microsoft Courts Developers at Build 2017

The company showed off AI tech, a new database and Visual Studio for Mac.

NVIDIA to Train 100,000 AI Developers

Enterprises are looking for freelancers with artificial intelligence skills.

Google's OSS-Fuzz Finds 1,000 Bugs in 5 Months

The project uncovered flaws in popular open source projects like LibreOffice and Wireshark.

What's Coming in Bootstrap 4?

Raise your hand if you've been to the Bootstrap site (getbootstrap.com) and seen the notice that version 4 is coming!

Amazon Launches the Echo Show

Just when you got used to not having a home phone, Amazon rolls out a home IoT device that makes calls.

Rumor: Google May Be Developing a New OS Called Fuchsia

Will the new platform compete with Android?

Microsoft Funds AI Startups Agolo and Bonsai

Bonsai makes development tools for AI management.

Apple App Analytics Now Has Discovery Data

It's getting easier for mobile development firms to see how users are finding their apps.

Using Couchbase Server on AWS

Discover the Couchbase Server Community Edition 4.5.0 on AWS, a distributed, NoSQL database based on the document model.

Cyberattack Exploits Software Update Process

The WilySupply cyberespionage campaign delivered malware alongside software updates.

Steps to Digitally Transform Your IT Department with Citizen Developers

You can dramatically increase the pace of your digital transformation while slashing IT costs by using "Citizen developers."

Red Hat Announces Ansible Integration

The new capabilities will improve the company's support for DevOps.

Infosys to Hire 10,000 US IT Workers

The new employees will work on artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing and big data projects.

Red Hat Launches OpenShift.io

The new cloud development platform helps create containerized applications.

Apple Reports Q2 2017 Earnings

IPhone sales were down slightly, but the App Store continues to do well.

Creating a JDBC Application in NetBeans: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a JDBC application in NetBeans is easy if you keep things simple.

Report: 33% of Organizations to Deploy Cloud Workloads Next Year

Sixty-seven percent have seen internal workloads move to the cloud.

Researchers Discover Vulnerability in 1600+ Android Apps

Some mobile development firms are not securing ports properly.

Report: Facebook Used AI to Target Insecure Teens

A report in The Australian is generating major controversy for the social network.

Implementing Apple Pay with Xamarin

Learn to integrate Apple Pay with the Xamarin iOS.

Mobile App Downloads Increased 15% in Q1

Consumers spent $15 billion on apps.

The 3 Biggest Clouds Report Earnings

AWS is generating $14 billion per year.

Using RapidMiner with MySQL Tables

Learn about two more processes, APPEND and UPDATE, as used with RapidMiner and MySQL tables.

Ne-Yo Invests in a Coding School

Students only pay tuition to the Holberton School after they get jobs.

Enterprise Mobile Goals: Productivity and New Revenue Opportunities

Executives are looking to mobile development teams to help boost the bottom line.

Oracle Adds AI Capabilities to Cloud Computing Offerings

The enterprise software company is only the latest to jump on the machine learning bandwagon.

Getting Started with Android Things Development

Get started working with Google's Android Things and learn how to set up the required hardware and software.

Linux Foundation Announces EdgeX Foundry IoT Project

The open source effort will focus on Internet of Things standards.

Oracle Proposes Hardware Acceleration for Java Streams

Project Trinity could speed up bulk data processing.

How Uber Tried to Trick Apple

The ride-sharing service's mobile development team violated App Store rules—and they got caught.

Introducing JEE Application Session Beans

Explore some key information to use session beans in an enterprise application.

3 More Microsoft AI APIs Reach General Availability

The software giant is also incorporating AI capabilities into SQL Server.

Merging Database Tables with RapidMiner

Learn to use RapidMiner to merge MySQL database tables within the Apache Hadoop software.

AWS Unveils New Cloud Development Tools

The cloud computing service added 1,000 new development features over the past year.

Programming Language Popularity Varies by Time of Day

Coders are looking for information on Microsoft tech during the day, but Web frameworks and Haskell dominate at night.

Intel Cancels Developer Forum

The chip maker may hold several smaller events for developers.

Facebook F8 Conference Focuses on AR, VR

The social network also released some new open source tools for Web and mobile development.

The State of Webhooks in the API Economy

Expose your APIs to Webhooks! They allow for streamlined communication between you and partners, and give reason to implement your API integrations.

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