June 16, 2019
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Add Authentication and Facebook Connect to a Rails-based Social Networking Application

Learn how to set up authentication for signup, login and Facebook Connect on a Ruby on Rails-based social network.

Generating Open Flash Charts from Rails Application Data

Use an Open Flash Charts plugin for Rails that uses JSON to convert values from a database into Flash objects.

Automate Rails Application Deployment with Capistrano

When you're ready to deploy your Ruby on Rails application, Capistrano can make the process much easier.

Using Phusion Passenger to Deploy a Rails Application on Apache

Ready to deploy your Rails app? Learn how to set up Phusion Passenger, configure Apache Web Server, and deploy multiple Rails applications on Apache.

Apply Behavior Driven Development to Ruby on Rails with Rspec

Learn how to do apply Behavior Driven Development (BDD) to your Rails projects with the Ruby-based BDD framework RSpec.

Testing Views and Integration in Ruby on Rails

Learn how to test views in a Rails application, as well as how to test how well the different parts of the application are integrated.

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