June 16, 2019
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Making an Outsourced Project a Success

Are you currently outsourcing projects or plan to do so in the future? Gain control of the situation by following a few key rules.

Managing Risks on Software Projects

The chance of risk disappearing on projects is slim so it's better to be prepared...

Becoming a Successful Team Member

Many times your success within a company can depend on your ability to be a strong team player. It is important to keep this skill sharp.

The Importance of Post Project Reviews

There are still lessons to be learned after the project is completed.

Learning to Successfully Manage Teams and Delegate Work

If you are new to a management postion or find yourself struggling consider Murthi's advice.

Build Versus Buy-Making the Right Decision

If you are charged with making this big decision here are some issues to consider.

Working Successfully with Virtual Teams

Not everyone is working in Kansas anymore Toto.... Today your development team may be located throughout the world. Learn how to use this situation to your advantage.

Useful Estimation Techniques for Software Projects

Discover helpful techniques for planning software projects.

How Open Source Has Been Good for Software Companies

Sanjay Murthi weighs-in on how Open Source has affected the software industry.

Better Management for Software Projects

Management of software projects can be one headache after another. See how your team's ability to adapt to changes and new risks can increase your success rate.

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