October 17, 2017
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EJB Design Guidelines

Keep in mind two important design considerations when working with entity beans.

EJB Container Security

See how EJB security is implemented using the container's support for security specified within the EJB specification. The EJB framework is designed to have security built within the container allowing the implementation of security to be effortless.

Transactions in EJB

Transactions play an important role in most application development projects. This is not different when developing an EJB-based solution. Transactions can be complex features to implement, but EJB-based systems require that the vendors implement transaction processing within the container. This does not mean, however, that you do not have to be concerned about transactions.

Advanced Container-Managed Persistence

See how, with EJB 2.0, the bean developer can implement most persistence requirements using container managed persistence.

Developing a BMP Bean

Build a BMP bean and contrast the process with previous work with the CMP bean. In the case of a BMP bean, you must produce the appropriate persistence code for our bean instead of the container accomplishing that task for us.

Developing a CMP Bean

Discover how to build, deploy, and use CMP (container managed persistence) beans to split the work between the component developer and the container within your Java application.

Developing Entity Beans

Gain the capability to manipulate the data stored within a data store through a standard interface instead of having to send manipulation calls directly to the data source in any manner.

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