February 16, 2019
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5 Cool PHP Image Manipulation Tricks

Learn five cool PHP image manipulation tricks using the popular ImageMagick utility.

CodeIgniter: Create Your Own PHP Registration System

Step-by-step instructions for creating a registration and login process with the CodeIgniter PHP Web application framework.

WordPress as CMS: Implement Custom Authentication

Need to customize your WordPress site's authentication but can't find a plugin? Learn how to implement custom authentication in WordPress.

Getting Started with Memcached Distributed Memory Caching

What exactly is Memcached? When and how should you use it? Get all the answers you need to begin using this powerful distributed memory caching system.

Web Storage API vs. Cookies for Browser Data Storage

The Web Storage API not only allows storing larger data in browsers but also in a more secure and efficient way.

PHP Development on the Facebook Platform: Building Your First App

With the Facebook API, you can create your own Facebook applications. Developing a practical Facebook app can even make you some money. Find out how it's done.

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