January 16, 2021
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Rob Gravelle combined his love of programming and music to become a software guru and accomplished guitar player. He created systems that are used by Canada Border Services, CSIS and other Intelligence-related organizations. As a software consultant, Rob has developed Web applications for many businesses and recently created a MooTools version of PHPFreechat for ViziMetrics. Musically, Rob recently embarked on a solo music career, after playing with Ivory Knight since 2000. That band was rated as one Canada's top bands by Brave Words magazine (issue #92) and released two CDs. Rob's latest, entitled KNIGHTFALL, was a collaboration between himself, the former Ivory Knight vocalist, and legendary guitarist/producer, Jeff Waters of Annihilator fame. Rob is available for short-term software projects and recording session work. to inquire, but note that, due to the volume of emails received, he cannot respond to every email. Potential jobs and praise receive highest priority!

Creating a Tree Diagram with D3.js

Learn to use Data Driven Documents (D3) to show a data set using a tree layout.

An Overview of D3.js Chart Types

Explore the world of charts, with D3 as your guide.

Working with D3 Time Series Axes

Learn how to use the scaleTime() function to present time series data on the x axis of a chart.

Writing Reactive Code with RxJS

Get a taste of reactive programming, and learn what RxJS can do for your JavaScript programming.

Applying Conditional Styles to Components Using Angular Declarations

Explore the ngClass and ngStyle styles in detail to ease your Angular woes.

Setting Client-specific Styles in Angular Using Less.js

What Makes a Real-time App

Discover some of the factors that make an application one of the real-time variety.

API Development with Swagger

Learn to use the Swagger CodeGen project to generate a REST client from the Swagger Petstore API example's OpenAPI/Swagger spec file.

Getting Started with Spring Boot

Use a Spring Boot Starter to get a basic Web app up-and-running in no time!

Develop More Flexible Node.js Web and Mobile Apps with Express

Learn how Express came about, what's good about it, and finally, how to create a basic app in just minutes.

Accelerating PHP Web Application Creation with Symfony

a Explore the Symfony universe and build a simple Web page that incorporates a controller and route.

Manage State in React Apps with Redux

Learn how to manage application state in a very simple React app that allows the user set the background color of a DIV element.

Coding Cross-platform Native Apps with Qt

Get better acquainted with the Qt cross-platform framework. You'll install the Qt Creator IDE and learn how to run the included example apps.

A PubNub Primer

PubNub provides realtime APIs and global messaging infrastructure to simplify coding your realtime apps. Use this info to become proficient with it.

An Introduction to Microservices

Learn what Microservices are, see their pros and cons, and observe a few frameworks and tools that help make developing Microservices easier.

Increase Code Quality with SonarLint

Learn how to install SonarLint in Eclipse and see how it helps you maintain code quality within your Java Projects.

Going Beyond Unit Testing with SpotBugs

Learn how to install the SpotBugs Eclipse plug-in and use it to identify issues in your Java program code.

Secure Your Web Apps Using the Servlet API

Configure a Banking servlet to invoke HTTP Basic Authentication using annotations.

Using the Google Any Voice Kit How to Run Google Assistant on Android Things

Follow up on the previous article and learn to configure the Google API Project to converse with Google Assistant.

How to Run Google Assistant on Android Things Using the Any Voice Kit

Developers can run Android Things on the Voice Kit with full functionality, including integration with the Google Assistant SDK.

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