May 19, 2019
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Rob Gravelle has created systems that are used by Canada Border Services, CSIS and other Intelligence-related organizations. As a software consultant, Rob has developed Web applications for many businesses and recently created a MooTools version of PHPFreechat for ViziMetrics.

Handling Android Things Peripheral Events

Android Things apps have to communicate with an astounding array of peripheral devices, from buttons, temperature readers, and speakers, to handheld GPSes.

Building an Android Things Application

Learn how to connect an LED to a button's KeyUp and KeyDown events.

Getting Started with Android Things Development

Get started working with Google's Android Things and learn how to set up the required hardware and software.

Password Hashing Using JAAS

Learn how to write a utility for storing the user credentials into a database with a hashed password.

AspectJ 101: Creating a Project with Eclipse AJDT

Learn how to create an AspectJ project using Eclipse AspectJ Development Tools (AJDT) and the Prototype JavaScript framework.

Using Servlets and JSP to Give Users Control Over Their Presentation Locale

Most international websites allow visitors to select their preferred language and/or country. Find out how to do the same in Java Servlets and JSP.

Using Java 6 to Access Translatable Text in XML Files

Learn how to use the Java 6 ResourceBundle.Control object in conjunction with the properties class to access XML files.

Isolating Locale-specific Text in International Java Applications

Learn how to isolate locale-specific text in international Java applications using ResourceBundles and Properties files.

Top 10 MySQL GUI Tools -- Plus One for the Command Line

Here are ten outstanding graphical interfaces for MySQL management, development and administration, as well as one great MySQL toolkit with a wealth of command-line tools.

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