December 10, 2018
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Web Services Tutorial: Understanding XML and XML Schema-Part 1

Now that you have an overall understanding of Web services and an introduction to XML, move on to the core building blocks. XML Schema is one of the key components of XML.

The Role of Taxonomies in UDDI: tModels Demystified

As Web services become more pervasive, software developers need to understand how to take advantage of the subtleties of the Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration registry (UDDI) to make services more easily found during searches. Recent experience is showing that business classification in UDDI is best achieved through the appropriate use of the tModel data structure.

Key Features of UDDI4J Version 2

As Web services come online, UDDI registries are increasingly important and useful to software developers. Now, there are new features in the UDDI4J API that will improve the programming and capabilities of Web services.

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