November 18, 2017
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Understanding the Planning Process

The need to improve our software development processes is very real. Failure rates from 80 to 90 percent are commonly cited and generally accepted. To move beyond that and succeed you must start with solid planning...

Defining a Wireless Solution

Selecting the right components for a wireless solution requires navigating a complex and confusing maze of options and solution providers. In this excerpt from Just Enough Wireless Computing, Ian Hayes gives you details on defining a wireless solution using the right wireless technologies for your enterprise.

Introduction to the Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) Platform

You can do mobile development using Java. In this sample chapter, you will learn how about the java platform that has been created for pervasive devices. You'll also learn about configurations, profiles, and device application management systems. If you are thinking about taking your Java experience to the mobile platform, this is the place to start!

The Wireless World

The Web is going wireless. By 2003, more people will access the Internet via mobile phones than through computers. As you can learn from this sample chapter, the wireless world is going to impact everyone.

The M-Business Evolution

What are the global trends behind wireless data adoption? In particular, what are the drivers and barriers to adoption, the telecom regulatory environment, the changes occurring within the telecommunications industry and within enterprise IT departments, the wireless Internet value chain, the wireless companies comprising the value chain, and finally some of the key applications of M-Business within the enterprise? This sample chapters covers it all!

The Basics of J2ME

What is J2ME? How does it relate to the other versions of Java? What are the Java Virtual Machines? What is the overall architecture of Java and where does J2ME fit? Answers to these questions and more in this sample chapter from Core J2ME Technology and MIDP.

What Is Bluetooth?

This excerpt introduces Bluetooth. This includes an introduction to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, the technology, its chief characteristics and the history of its development.

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