May 27, 2019
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Facilitating Teamwork with XML and XSL

Learn to use XML and XSL in your Java projects to help designers and programmers co-exist on the same project.

Creating and Deploying Stateless Session Beans and CMP Entity Beans

Walk through the steps of creating a stateless session bean, a simple CMP (Container Managed Persistence) entity bean, then deploying everything on a JBoss application server with the support of MySQL.

An Introduction to Object-Relational Mapping with Hibernate

Store objects of any kind without the common data persistence problems.

Integrating your Java Application with Existing Network Management Solutions with JMX

Explore the possibilities JMX can add to your applications.

Building Messaging Systems with JMS

Discover how to build J2EE application components that create, send, receive, and read messages using JMS (Java Message Service.)

Deploying Java Web Start Applications on the JBoss Application Server

Walk through the deployment process and the subsequent automatic update of the client's GUI with the help of the Java Web Start technology.

BASIC and FORM-based Authorization in Your Web Application

Learn how to work with the simplest yet rather convenient method of authorization.

Creating a Trusted Applet with Local File System Access Rights

Quite often, programmers unfamiliar with trusted applets technology accept it as an impossibility to work with client files and search for other ways to work. Such ways exist and can be widely used in most variations.

Very Simple Object Access Protocol with Java

A primer on SOAP for the Java programmer.

How XSL and XML Help in Java's Conditional Compilation

Are you struggling because Java doesn't have directives and the use of a built-in preprocessor? Put your Java programs into an XML document, and, by using the necessary style tables with the help of help of an XSL processor, transform them into compiled Java applications.

Easy Development with the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL)

Learn how you can now use JSP for rapidly-built front ends that easily tap in to SQL databases.

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