November 23, 2017
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A Workaround for XML Files Too Big for Ajax to Handle

Learn how to transfer huge XML documents in PHP via a Web interface using Ajax and the GET method.

Add Custom Components to Your PHP Development with PRADO

PHP does not natively support custom tags, but that shouldn't stop you. Learn how to use custom components into your PHP development using the PRADO framework.

Meet PRADO, the Component-based PHP Development Framework

Find out how the component-based PRADO framework for PHP 5 enables rapid Web application development.

Working with the Symfony Components PHP Libraries

Discover how working with the Symfony Components library can simplify your PHP development.

Working with Zip Archives in PHP

When the time comes to manage Zip archives and their contents in PHP, you will need to use the PHP Zip archive extension. Learn how to use this extension and its methods in PHP 5.

Compose a MVC Paradigm for PHP with Symfony

Learn how the Symfony framework can enable you to simulate the MVC paradigm for PHP.

Create a CAPTCHA Script with PHP

Create your own simple CAPTCHA with PHP to protect your site from spammers and bots.

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