January 21, 2019
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Octavia Andreea Anghel is a senior PHP developercurrently working as a primary trainer for programming teams thatparticipate at national and international software-development contests.She consults on developing educational projects at a national level. She isa coauthor of the book "XML Technologies--XML in Java" (Albastra, ISBN978-973-650-210-1), for which she wrote the XML portions. In addition toPHP and XML, she's interested in software architecture, web services, UML,and high-performance unit tests.

Consuming Web Services with PHP Using NuSOAP

Use the NuSOAP library to write a simple PHP Web service server and client. Also, write a PHP Web service server and a JavaScript client to use it.

Using PHP and Java in the Same App with PHP/Java Bridge

Learn how to use PHP and Java in the same application, where Java behaves as a pure business logic component and PHP behaves as an interrogator component.

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